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The Best Drones With Cameras [2017] – Top 24 Drone Reviews


There are a handful of different types of drones out there. Camera, toy, military grade, nano, mini, micro, and more are all defined as categorizing drones. Camera drones specifically, however, are usually way more thorough because of what they are. There are multiple categories of drone cameras, such as professional, toy, FPV, and micro drones with cameras.
Within this article, we will be taking a look at the different categories of toy drones further to explain what they are, and then moving on to some of the best in their category later on.

Table of Contents

  1. FAQ About Drones with Cameras
  2. The Best Professional Drones with Cameras
  3. The Best Toy Drones with Cameras
  4. The Best FPV Drones with Cameras
  5. The Best Micro Drone with Cameras
  6. Conclusion About The Best Drones with Cameras




Professional Drones with Cameras

This category is better for those who need it for commercial reasons, possibly for recording clips for an advertisement or a picture for their business’ profile, for example, or for residential fliers who want the best camera drone on the market. These camera drones for sale are professional in all aspects, with both the camera and the drone being high tech in accordance with the design.
Overall, professional drones with cameras are of high quality. They have some of the best cameras that money can buy onboard and ensure perfect stability for aerial photography and videography purposes through the gimbal and gyro axis.

Toy Drones with Cameras

This category of drones includes drones that are more for recreational and hobby purposes. For example, hobbyists collect toy drones and create a collection. They are typically very cheap, some you can find for $20, and are made for both indoor and outdoor use depending on the brand and manufacturer.
While toy drones are mostly aimed at kids who are either just starting out with drones, and even adults who want a smaller, cheaper, easier drone to fly for their collection or whatever the case may be. Either way, these drones are less professional and more for fun.

FPV Drones with Cameras

FPV is short for “first-person video”, and when paired with a drone you get a remote-controlled aircraft that lets you see the view point from the air. They are also known as UAVs, or “unmanned aerial vehicles”. These drones are relatively popular with those who would rather get the best in-flight experience possible.
For example, some drones incorporate games with the flying experience. In this case, you can race, go through hoops, you name it. This is all while flying in an FPV experience, thanks to the technology within the drone.

Micro Drones with Cameras

Micro drones, also known as MAVs or “micro air vehicles”, are smaller drones that tend to focus more on the flight aspects instead of the camera, but they still have one onboard. While the cameras aren’t always the greatest in terms of quality, some of them are still pretty good.


FAQ About Drones with Cameras

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Now we move onto some of the questions that are frequently asked about drones with cameras.

Does every drone with a camera take pictures and film?

No, not exactly. If a camera has a drone then, yes, it takes pictures, but some do not always have video capabilities. If you are looking for one that has both then ensure you find the answer before you make your purchase.

How do I get and save pictures and video from the drone?

There are two answers to this question. First, a lot of drones either come with or a require an SD card for the purpose of saving and storing pictures and footage from all flights, which will be uploaded onto a laptop or PC. Second, some use applications that save and store both photos and videos, which can be watched and shared directly from it.

How can I protect my camera?

Because the cameras on drones can be tricky to protect, a lot of products have been created for this very purpose. For example, there are lens hoods available, as well as protectors that slip directly onto the lens.

How much does a drone camera weigh?

The weight of the camera on your drone of choice depends on the drone you have chosen. Some weigh very little, and some weigh quite a bit. Again, it all depends on the drone you’re looking at.

What’s the highest quality a drone with a camera can film?

The highest quality resolution you can find in a drone would obviously have to be 4K.


The Best Professional Drones with Cameras

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Now we will review the best professional drones with cameras currently available. Which drone with camera will be your choice?


DJI Phantom 4

Read Reviews About DJI Phantom 4
This quadcopter for sale packs quite a punch. The battery allows for up to 28 minutes of flying with a very reasonable recharge time. In fact, this drone can last for up to 5 kilometers, which is pretty decent. The outdoors positioning module consists of both GPS and GLONASS for better accuracy and stability when in the air, with a top speed of 45mph.
The onboard camera captures videos in 4K resolution at 30fps, as well as slow motion at 1080p for 120fps. It also has some incredible features, such as the Vision Positioning System, for example, which provides a reliable, safer flight both indoors and outside.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 5350mAh battery

 1 hour charge time

 Weighs 8.8 pounds

 12.8”x8.66”x14.96”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 One-touch controls
 Multiple modes for different areas of flying
 Features that make flight easier and more accurate

 Issues with it being crash-proof as advertised
 Longer setup time that requires additional tightening when compared to other models, such as the Phantom 3


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DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Read Reviews AboutDJI Phantom 3 Professional
The Phantom 3 Pro boasts approximately 23 minutes of flight time, comes with 4K video resolution and 12MP still photos, both at 30fps. The operating range is 2,000 meters, which is very decent for a drone of this type, being one that is made for aerial photography.
This one sports multiple features that aid with getting the best shots, including GPS-assisted hovering through GPS and GLONASS. You also get Return to Home, Point of Interest, Ground Station, Follow Me, and more.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 4480mAh battery

 1 hour charge time

 Weighs 9.2 pounds

 18”x13”x8”

 6-axis gyro

 8 channels

 An affordable drone considering what it brings to the table
 Easily controlled
 Has a very stable system that makes flying easier

 With videos, you will sometimes see the wings of the craft, which can be problematic for some
 Can be very stubborn in cold temperatures, so the batteries may need to be warmed up beforehand


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DJI Inspire 2

Read Reviews About DJI Inspire 2
The DJI Inspire 2 is leaps and bounds better than it’s brother, the first Inspire, and includes revamped features. The flight time is approximately 27 minutes, which is quite impressive. The operating range is approximately 7,000 meters, which is something rarely seen in other drones.
The video resolution is an extraordinary 5.2K RAW, which can later be converted to 4K if need be, with 30MP still photos. Spotlight Pro, Quick mode, Composition mode, Point of Interest, Waypoint, and QuickSpin are just a few of the many features available.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 4280mAh battery

 1 hour and 30 minute charge time

 Weighs 7.2 pounds

 48cmx47cmx32cm

 6-axis gyro

 8 channels

 Handy Apple ProRes Codec integration
 A very improved drone when compared to the first
 Comes with multiple safety features

 Can ruin “flyby” shots because of the obstacle avoidance system
 Focusing has yet to be improved
 Very high price, close to $3k


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DJI Inspire 1

Read Reviews About DJI Inspire 1
The DJI Inspire 1 may already have an improved brother, the Inspire 2, but it’s definitely still worth considering. You can only get up to 18 minutes of flight time, or approximately 15 if there’s wind, but it’s still got a great camera and is perfect for aerial photography.
The camera can record videos at 4K resolution, has 12MP still photos, and a 360-degree range. You are able to record 4096×2160 at 25fps in 4K or 1920×1080 at 60 fps HD. The lens is a 9 element rectilinear wide angled lens, which is pretty impressive. You can also get a wireless, live HD video transmission through the DJI Lightbridge application.
While this is a more camera oriented drone, there are plenty of useful features. These features include Failsafe, Vision Positioning System, Orbit mode, Follow Me, to name a few.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 4500mAh battery

 1 hour and 40 minute charge time

 Weighs 6.2 pounds

 17.2”x17.5”x11.8”

 3-axis gimbal

 8 channels

 Multiple improvements through entire drone, even though the next generation has come out, that being the Inspire 2
 Great camera capabilities and quality, also is detachable
 Can remain stable in certain weather conditions where others would fail
 Strong durability through carbon fiber landing gear

 Very high price for the drone and all other accessories needed
 Disappointing battery life
 If the ground isn’t flat the landing gear will be automatically triggered
 No system for obstacle avoidance


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Yuneec Typhoon H

Read Reviews About Yuneec Typhoon H
The Yuneec Typhoon H presents a next generation step forward in terms of aerial photography. It comes with a 360-degree anti-vibration gimbal and landing gear that retracts for the purpose of taking 360-degree filming and photography. Paired with 12MP stills and 4K ultra HD resolution recording, it’s one heck of a camera drone.
It features 8 smart flight modes, auto takeoff, auto landing, and an automatic return to home feature when the battery gets too low. The 5-rotor fail-safe and 6-rotor safety measures ensure that crashes are avoided as much as possible, especially with the ultrasonic collision prevention system.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 5400mAh battery

 2 hour charge time

 Weighs 12 pounds

 21.2”x17”x12.5”

 3-axis gimbal

 16 channels

 Propellers fold down for easy storage and compact needs
 One-touch controls for ease of use
 Obstacle avoidance system
 Robust landing system that’s practically fool proof

 It’s made of plastic, so cannot withstand a large or multiple small crashes
 Very large landing gear


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Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon

Read Reviews About Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon
Though there are quite a few cons to this drone, which you will see in a minute, the Yuneec Q500+ makes up for it with the camera specs. This is the perfect drone for someone who cares more about the camera than the drone itself. You get 16MP stills and 1080p full HD video resolution that can be adjusted to 48, 50, or 60fps.
The camera includes a custom case, a 5.5” tablet display, and an onboard microphone. You also get a 5.8GHz integrated download link for the purpose of streaming and viewing your flight on the Personal Ground Station, your transmitter, which pairs well with the ProAction SteadyGrip capability.
You also get 25 minutes of flying, which is pretty decent when you look at the amount of time it takes to charge for a full battery. While there are limited features, the ones you do get are pretty useful where aerial photography is concerned. You get Smart mode, Angle mode, Home mode, Follow Me and Return to Home.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 5400mAh battery

 1 hour and 20 minute charge time

 Weighs 2.5 pounds

 22.2”x16.5”x9.4”

 3-axis gimbal

 10 channels

 The streaming quality to a phone or tablet is pretty decent and doesn’t lag too badly
 Does not require a separate smart device, although you can use one if you wish
 The camera is pretty impressive compared to everything else, considering it’s the main focus
 There is a Personal Ground Station capability that’s basically all-in-one

 It’s a large drone, so the speed is affected
 The transmitter is a bulky size, bad for smaller hands
 Setting up Follow Me usually takes more than one try
 Waypoint navigation is not supported
 Changing positions in the air is not possible, meaning getting a response from the air is not supported and must be done while the drone is on the ground


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Walkera Voyager 3

Read Reviews About Walkera Voyager 3
The Walkera Voyager 3 has somewhat set the stage for other aerial photography drones. It focuses on both camera and drone aspects to create the perfect camera quadcopter. You can get between 20 to 25 minutes of flight time depending on certain weather conditions.
The camera only gives 1080p HD resolution with 60fps, but it’s still a very decent level of quality that is just under 4K. Both the camera and the gimbal can be removed easily, and the transmitter is also pretty decent. It uses a 5.8GHz frequency with LED indicators and comes with a 5” display screen.
You also get a handful of features as well, which include Follow Me, one-key Go Home, one-key landing, and one-key takeoff, to name a few. There is also a dual-navigation Russian GPS system that uses both GPS and GLONASS. The landing gear is retractable, too.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 3000mAh battery

 1 hour and 50 minute charge time

 Weighs 8 pounds

 30”x15”x12”

 3-axis gimbal

 12 channels

 The gimbal and the camera can be removed
 The 3D design is perfect for the purpose, that being aerial photography and videos
 It’s very resistant to damage and crashing
 The 360-degree rotation allows for a camera view that is unobstructed
 The DEVO F12E transmitter is very high tech
 One-touch controls

 Only has a range of 1000 meters, which is somewhat disappointing considering the price and the hype
 Because the battery is one that is very uncommon, finding a replacement can be extremely difficult


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Thunder Tiger Robotix

Read Reviews About Thunder Tiger Robotix
The Thunder Tiger Robotix is the absolute perfect camera drone for those who want to be able to provide their own camera. The Morpheus series of gimbal are designed for those who are dead serious about aerial photography and have any GoPro camera from the Hero series.
You can get a maximum of 25 minutes of flying time, which may be affected by the GPS and certain weather conditions. For example, should a gust of wind hit the drone, the GPS system will automatically stabilize the drone, but this will drain the battery faster. Either way, this is a cool feature.
Once you have a GoPro hooked up and are ready to go, you can use the TTR Hero application to monitor your distance, altitude, battery level, and more. Follow Me, Landing, Return to Home, and Waypoint Groundstation are the included features. Interestingly enough, Waypoint Groundstation allows support for up to 16 Waypoints that are preset by you before flying, which is pretty neat.

The following is a list of the specifications:

force1 u45w blue jay specs

 6000mAh battery

 1 hour and 20 minute charge time

 Weighs 12.5 pounds

 21.1”x6.4”x18.2”

 3-axis gimbal

 6 channels

 Comes with a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer made perfectly for GoPros, including the GoPro Hero 3 and the GoPro Hero 4 Black
 GPS automatically stabilizes the drone from any forms of turbulence, such as wind, for example
 Has a retractable skid for landing, which stays out of your shot’s way when taking photos or recording
 Enlarged frame plates for providing a better amount of space for the electronic system
 Able to easily install auxiliary equipment for bettering aerial photography

 Does not come with an onboard camera, so you must provide your own
 The price is very high for a camera drone that does not actually come with a camera, so may not be worth it unless you have the extra cash to get a Go Pro, which are expensive, or you have one on hand already

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The Best Toy Drones with Cameras

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Interestingly enough, most assume that camera drones are all professional, high-tech pieces of hardware, but that’s not exactly true. Toy drones are generally more for hobbyists or those who want a casual drone, but toy drones with cameras give you the best of both worlds.


Force1 UDI U818A Black

Read Reviews About Force1 UDI 818A Black

Much like the UD45W Blue Jay, the UDI U818A has plenty of bang for your buck, a lot of awesome photography capabilities, and some great tech specs. You can expect to have up to 9 minutes of flight time on a single charge, which is a reasonable amount of time.

The HD onboard camera boasts 1280p x 720p resolution at 30 fps, which is fantastic for those who are interested in the aerial photography aspect that this drone has to offer. Though it’s described as being a 2MP stationary camera, it takes some pretty good footage.

If all of that isn’t enough to sway you, then the bonus VR headset that’s included with the drone definitely will! You can view your live flight footage while it’s up in the air and get to sit in the pilot’s seat yourself.

The following is a list of the specifications:

force1 udi u818a black specs

 350mAh battery

 40 minute charge time

 Weighs 5.4 ounces


 6-axis gyro

 4 channels


 Custom Route Mode, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, and 1-Key Takeoff/Landing are the included features
 It comes with 2 LiPo batteries for added flight time
 You can use the WiFi FPV capabilities with the VR for more fun
 There is an extra power bank included


 Reports of 1/4 motors do not work sometimes
 The Takeoff button can have issues if you’re taking off – not landing

force1 udi u818a black drones with camera

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Force1 UDI 818A HD+

Read Reviews About Force1 UDI 818A HD+

This quadcopter is fairly similar to its sibling, the UDI 818A with WiFi FPV, but the UDI 818A HD+ has many differences that make it an awesome alternative. For one thing, it’s much cheaper than the $150 818A, with this one costing just under $100.

With this drone, you get up to 9 minutes of general flight time that can be doubled, thanks to the extra battery included in the package. The forward-facing HD+ camera offers 1280p x 720p at 30 fps.

The full LCD screen displays all of the information you’ll need for a full, complete flight status to ensure that you’re fully in control while in flight.

The following is a list of the specifications:

force1 udi 818a hd specs

 500mAh battery

 90 to 120 minute charge time

 Weighs 4.6 ounces

 13”x3”x13”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels


 Headless Mode, 360° stunts, and a Low Battery Alarm are the included features
 Comes with a removable 4GB Micro SD card for footage storage
 Equipped with a USB Data Cable and a Data Port for sharing JPEG and AVI files
 Has LED lights for low visibility flying
 Crash-resistant plastic frame with performance-enhancing elastic


 The charger can malfunction and say the battery is fully charged when it’s not
 Slight winds can pose a challenge for the drone’s flight

force1 udi 818a hd+ green drones with camera

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Force1 U45W Blue Jay

Read Reviews About Force1 U45W Blue Jay

The Force1 U45W Blue Jay is a fantastic choice for a drone that has both an onboard HD camera and WiFi FPV capabilities and features. Everything that this drone has to offer pairs perfectly with the camera, for one.

You should expect to get up to 8 minutes of flight time, which isn’t a lot, but if all you’re using it for is photography purposes, that’s a decent amount of time to do it in. The camera itself is a 2MP stationary with 1280p x 720p at 30 fps.

Altitude Hold, Live Video, Custom Route Mode, 1-Key Takeoff/Landing, and Headless Mode are the handful of features that the drone has to work with. It’s ready-to-fly, great for both beginner and experienced pilots and has a lightweight design.

The following is a list of the specifications:

force1 u45w blue jay specs

 500mAh battery

 70 minute charge time

 Weighs 4.1 ounces

 14.4”x4”x13.8”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels


 You can perform a number of 360° rolls, flips, and stunts
 The Live Video capabilities allow you to watch your live flight transmission on your smart device
 The drone is compatible with a VR headset that links with the controller
 It comes with an extra battery and a power bank


 Issues with the drone connecting to the controller properly have been reported
 Reports of it flying out of range

force1 u45w blue jay drones with camera

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UDI 818A

Read Reviews About UDI 818A
The UDI 818A is a pretty neat little drone, but it’s more for those who don’t really care about long flight times, aren’t looking for a high-tech camera, and just want something to mess around with every now and then.
You get up to 9 minutes of flight time, have a 640x480p camera, and video capabilities that lack audio as there is no microphone. You can do flips in the air at the touch of a button on the transmitter, and there is a button that lets you share a video on social media instantly. The LED lights located at the center of each propeller and the headlight are pretty useful for flying at night, too.
Even though it’s a pretty durable drone material wise, there is a protective pop guard ring around each propeller to ensure that damage is minimal should a crash occur.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 500mAh battery

 2 hour charge time

 Weighs 1.8 pounds

 14.6”x4”x13.5”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 Holds up very well should an impact or crash take place
 A great choice for beginner drone users
 Has a very stable system that bleeds into flight performance

 Though it’s stable in other aspects, it’s definitely not in certain weather conditions
 The camera is low resolution
 The 2GB memory card isn’t very useful, especially where quality is concerned
 Extremely long battery time for such a short flight time


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Hubsan H107C+

Read Reviews About Hubsan H107C+
Hubsan is a drone manufacturing company that is known for more professional models, but the H107C+ is pretty advanced for a toy camera drone. You only get up to 8 minutes of flight time, but the charge time is pretty decent in comparison.
Where toy camera drones are concerned, this is one of the best. The camera gives you a choice between a wide or narrow-angled range with the lens. You can also take up to 2MP 1600×1200 stills and 720p HD videos, which is pretty impressive considering it’s a toy drone and one that’s under $100.
You are able to switch between two control sensitivity levels, being Expert and Normal, which can help you improve your flying skills. It’s also one of the only toy drones that’s capable of performing aerial flips without taking a nose dive into the ground, thanks to it having a superbly stable design.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 520mAh battery

 80 minute charge time

 Weighs 1.1 pounds

 4”x1”x4”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 You can customize the control sensitivity to your liking
 The camera is a wide angled one, which is pretty advanced for a drone its category
 The altitude hold is pretty decent for what this drone is worth and includes

 The price tag is pretty high for what it is and comes with


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Tarantula X6

Read Reviews About Tarantula X6
The Tarantula X6 is a pretty basic toy camera drone, so don’t expect too much. You can get up to 10 minutes of flight time, it has a decent ability to resist wind, and has a flight speed that can be fully adjusted to your preference or skill level. It zips around fairly quickly but turns will have to be practiced quite a bit.
While it does not have a whole lot of features, Orientation mode is pretty useful. It ensures that your drone stays within connection range and won’t fly off on you. The LED lights are great for night flying, especially when the battery is low and you need to ground it quickly. It can do the basic flip approximately 1 meter off the ground to ensure it doesn’t collide.
The camera is pretty decent but nothing to get too excited about. With 1080x720p you get up to 5MP at 30fps, or you can go with 720x720p to get 2MP at 60fps. The camera features a wide-angled lens, as well.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 1200mAh battery

 80 to 90 minute charge time

 Weighs 2.6 pounds

 18.5”x12.5”x3.7”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 If you’re not happy with the onboard camera, you can easily attach a Mobius camera without weighing it down too much
 LVC alarm is present onboard, which will start to blink at the appropriate time
 Compatible with DeviationTX
 Even though it’s a larger size drone it can flip pretty well in the air

 There is no On switch, so every time you want to turn it on or off you have to remove the battery cover and plug in or unplug the battery itself
 Very fragile, cannot withstand too much of a beating or a heavy crash
 Battery will fall out mid flight if you do not use the screw that keeps it in place, which can be overlooked unintentionally


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Syma X8HG

Read Reviews About Syma X8HG
The Syma X8HG is the revamped original X8H, which as improved by miles. People who want a more serious camera drone with a small price tag but a camera that is still good enough to be up to serious user’s standards.
The onboard camera has both 720p and 1080p resolution at 30fps. Videos are 1MP while stills are 8MP, which makes it one of the best toy camera drones currently on the market today.
You are able to switch between the two resolutions using the literal switch that can be found on the bottom of the camera. Overall the camera was designed specifically for this drone, so using a different one wouldn’t make any sense. You can, however, bring your own camera into play and remove the one onboard with a GoPro, for example.
Where features are concerned you get nothing but the basics. Altitude hold, Headless mode, and basic tricks are all you’re going to get, but doing aerial flips are not recommended with this drone because it tends to plunge down when it happens.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 2000mAh battery

 3 hour charge time

 Weighs 3.5 pounds

 19.6”x19.6”x7.4”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 Comes with a 4GB SD card and a card reader
 Excellent camera for a drone of its category
 Incredibly affordable price for everything you’re getting
 You can remove the onboard action camera to replace it with your own

 Very horrendous charge time for such a short flight time
 No FPV capability even though you’d think it would have it
 The gimbal is fixed, which is disappointing


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Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Read Reviews About Parrot AR Drone 2.0
Though it’s somewhat of a disappointment, 12 to 15 minutes of flight time is definitely made up when you see what the camera can do. Thankfully you can upgrade your drone with a 2500mAh battery that will last a little longer.
However, this is still a great toy camera drone, especially for beginners. It’s incredibly durable, easy to use, and has a great camera. In fact, the camera is pretty close to the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ but costs a whole lot less. With the camera, you get 720p of HD quality, and you can even get a FPV system through the application.
The AR FreeFlight application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and lets you control your drone in flight. You’ll be able to control your drone, see what it’s seeing without recording anything, and more.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 1000mAh battery

 1 hour and 10 to 30 minute charge time

 Weighs 4.8 pounds

 23”x23”x5”

 3-axis gyro

 6 channels

 It’s a very durable drone that can withstand multiple crashes, especially if a beginner is on the controls
 The FPV flying experience is pretty good
 Is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices
 The controls are very easy to use and master, also great for perfecting your skills if you’re a beginner or want a practice drone

 Battery life is terrible for the amount of money you’ll spend on it
 There are issues with the WiFi connecting properly, which can be a problem if you are trying to stream online or upload a video right away


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Read Reviews About JJRC H26WM
The JJRC H26WM is a great drone for beginners or those who want a casual drone to zip around with. The camera is pretty decent but nothing too fancy, so don’t expect the world from it. The maximum amount of flight time you can get is approximately 7 minutes, so having an extra battery is a good idea. The camera allows for 2MP in FPV which swings around in all directions.
One-key return, 360 rolling action, CF mode, and multiple direction flying are all of the features that you can expect. While basic, some of them do help to enhance your flying experience, which is always good.
You are able to connect your smartphone, tablet, or any smart device in general to the application for a better flight experience. There is a mount for your phone on top of the controller for a more secure connection, too.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 1200mAh battery

 2 hour charge time

 Weighs 2.8 pounds

 15.7”x13.4”x5.9”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 Includes some pretty cool effects with lighting that are great for aesthetic and flying at night
 Controls are very easy to understand and master quickly
 Able to connect with your smart devices

 The assembly instructions will definitely be confusing for beginner drone users
 The propellers must be put in place precisely or it won’t move off the ground at all
 Issues with the drone connecting to the app on smartphones have been reported
 Very long charge time for such a small amount of flight time


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The Best FPV Drones with Cameras

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FPV camera drones are definitely where it’s at. While they rank basically the same as professional camera drones, FPV drones are more for people who want an in-depth experience that enhances the entire idea of a camera drone. They have better specs, flight times, and a lot more.


Force1 U28W Wifi FPV

Read Reviews About Force1 U28W

The U28W is another remarkable drone that comes from the Force1 fleet. It’s perfect for all skill levels and makes for a day of great fun. You can get up to 5 minutes of approximate flight time on a single charge, which isn’t all that great, but that’s why it comes with a second battery!

The HD camera boasts 720p resolutions with a 120° wide angled camera front that pairs incredibly well with the WiFi FPV feature. You can even use a VR headset with this drone, as well!

The other features that this drone has are Altitude Hold, 1-Key Takeoff and Landing, Custom Route Mode, and even Live Video using a smartphone or smart device.

The following is a list of the specifications:

force1 u28w wifi fpv specs

 500mAh battery

 Charge time will vary

 Weighs 1.2 pounds

 9.4”x9.1”x3.7”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels


 Altitude Hold makes the drone a perfect choice for beginners looking to learn
 Comes with a 4GB Micro SD card for footage storage


 The durability factor isn’t all that great

force1 u28w wifi fpv drone with camera

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DJI Mavic Pro

Read Reviews About DJI Mavic Pro
The DJI Mavic Pro is a serious piece of hardware that has an even more serious camera onboard. Once the propellers are retracted it’s practically the size of a water bottle, if not smaller. This ensures that you don’t need a protective case or any other bulky piece of gear that seriously restricts where you fly it.
You are able to get up to 27 minutes of total flight time on a single charge, which is a great amount of battery time. There are separate batteries that can be purchased for more air time, as well.
The camera records at both 1080p at 96fps or 4K at 30fps with 12MP stills. You can also stream your flight feed directly to social media websites, including Facebook, if you wish to do so, as well. You can zoom in up to 20” for closer shots without sacrificing the quality, use Adobe DNG RAW format, and have access to the 79-degree angled view.
The transmitter allows for a smart device connection, be it your smartphone or tablet, which will act as a screen for flight. This is beneficial for a better flying experience and will allow you to become more in tune with the drone.
Just a couple of the many features include OcySync transmission technology, Return to Home mode, FlightAutonomy technology, Precision Hover, ActiveTrack, Gesture mode, Tripod mode, and Tapfly.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 3830mAh battery

 1 hour and 15 minute charge time

 Weighs 1.6 pounds

 9.7”x9.7”x4.5”

 6-axis gyro

 8 channels

 You have multiple options in terms of what you use as the transmitter, whether it be your smartphone, the actual transmitter, or both combined together
 Holds up quite well in windy weather, does not shake too badly and you can barely notice the movement if it does
 The process of setting up is surprisingly very easy
 The compact design is seriously impressive and very beneficial to users

 High winds are most definitely a problem, mostly because of the actual drone size and because of the small gimbal
 Frame rates higher than 60fps will be a problem and limit the full use of the camera
 “Hand catching” is basically impossible


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Yuneec Breeze

Read Reviews About Yuneec Breeze
The Yuneec Breeze is like an oasis when it comes to FPV camera drones. Even though you only get up to 12 minutes of flight time on a single charge, there is still plenty to do in that time.
The camera is a piece of artwork in itself, bringing 13MP stills, 4K video resolution, automated flight modes to help enhance your photos and videos, and live 720p HD streaming. You can share your photos and videos directly from the app to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp and more through a WiFi or data enabled connection. Where recording a video is concerned you have a choice between 1080p and 720p HD settings.
The features that you get are pretty basic and can be found in most drones of its kind, but they are the butter to the drone’s bread. Orbit mode, Journey mode, Follow Me, Selfie mode, and Pilot mode are just a few of the many included features.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 1150mAh battery

 40 minute charge time

 Weighs 3.3 pounds

 196mmx196mmx65mm

 3-axis gimbal

 10 channels

 You don’t actually need to carry the transmitter around, you can use your smart device instead
 The compact design means you can take it literally everywhere without having to lug around a protective case or bag unless you really want to
 Has great quality and camera specs overall
 Indoor flying is available and safe, thanks to a couple of the features that support it properly

 Connecting to the WiFi can sometimes be spotty, especially if the connection you are trying to make isn’t fast enough to handle the drone and the WiFi specs that it needs


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Parrot Bebop 2

Read Reviews About Parrot Bebop 2
With the Parrot Bebop 2 you are getting up to 25 minutes of battery life, Cockpit glasses that allow for a fully submersed flying experience, and a newly revamped controller from Parrot that has been making all the difference in the way their drones fly.
This drone uses up to 7 sensors at once to ensure that your flight is a stable one, shoots full HD videos in 1080p, has a wide-angled camera that is built-in on board, and boasts 14MP stills, each at 30fps. You can choose between DNG, JPEG, and RAW formats, as well.
You can use the FreeFlight Pro application to store and save your routes, videos, photos, and all other forms of drone data. You can also access Flight Plan within the app, which will aid you with camera angles, speeds, altitudes, and much more. Other than that you have access to features such as Return to Home, for example.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 2700mAh battery

 1 hour and 10 minute charge time

 Weighs 1.1 pounds

 15”x3.5”x12.9”

 3-axis gimbal

 6 channels

 Has an excellent battery life
 The smart device controls are fairly easy to learn, especially considering that most generally aren’t in this case
 The overall video quality is definitely a strong pro because of how good it is

 The sensitivity for the touch controls on the screen can lack the needed sensitivity to respond instantly depending on what you are using
 Based on images found from users the camera struggles to eliminate flares within the lens


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UDI U842 Predator

Read Reviews About UDI U842 Predator
Even though the UDI U8542 Predator’s battery only lasts approximately 10 minutes long, you can still have plenty of fun with it. The camera isn’t the greatest but it’s still pretty decent. You’ll get an HD camera that uses 720p at 30fps for both stills and videos, which isn’t too bad.
This FPV drone focuses more on the actual drone than it does the camera aspects, however, considering you get more features and capabilities. You can use a FPV real time HD live transmission with your mobile device using the FPV WiFi feature, have Headless mode, a low voltage alarm, 360-degree flips, and gravity induction that allows you to fly at all angles and in every direction.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 1000mAh battery

 2 hour and 50 minute charge time

 Weighs 0.7 pounds

 19.1”x19.1”x4.8”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 Blade cover aid in protecting the propellers from damage during landing and crashes should they occur
 The smartphone and smart device application is very easy to use, definitely a lot better than using the transmitter
 The pictures come out incredibly clear

 There are no assembly instructions so you have to kind of wing it when building it, which can be a problem for beginners who don’t know much about putting drones together
 Windy conditions will create a problem as the drone is incredibly light, weighing less than a pound, and will not hold up well
 Almost scary amount of charging time for such a small, micro amount of flight time


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Walkera Scout X4

Read Reviews About Walkera Scout X4
The Walkera Scout X4 is definitely a neat little drone. You are able to switch from 8 motors to 8 motors, considering it’s a hybrid FPV camera drone, and get up to 25 minutes of unloaded flight time.
The transmitter features automatic takeoffs at the push of one button, you can circle a set waypoint with a radius that you predefine yourself, and the GPS has a heightened accuracy to ensure that flight modes go perfectly.
The camera is an iLook+ 1080p that gives you 13MP stills with a 4032×3024 resolution, as well as 1080p 30fps videos. There is an included mSD card for the purpose of recording video, and the G-3D gimbal allows for better stabilization and 2- axis controls.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 5400mAh battery

 1 hour and 30 minute charge time

 Weighs 14 pounds

 7”x35.5”x18.5”

 G-3D gimbal

 12 channels

 A DEVO F12E radio transmitter is needed, which is one of the best ones you could possibly get

 There have been more than a couple of issues reported, so definitely not a drone for beginners as they will most definitely struggle
 The transmitter and battery needed it, not the drone battery, are not included and need to be bought separately
 Very heavy weight, definitely a large and in charge drone


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Hubsan H502S

Read Reviews About Hubsan H502S
For those looking for a basic done that has FPV camera capabilities that are still pretty decent, but at a fair price, the Hubsan H502S is definitely the way to go. There are minimal features, mostly just the GPS function, which is a nice touch that makes all the difference, and you get up to 12 minutes of flying time on a single charge. You also get Return to Home, Follow Me, one-key control, the whole set.
The transmitter features an LCD screen with a resolution that is 640x480p, which is pretty neat and good to have when you’d like to see what your drone is seeing while in the air. It’s small, however, only being 4.3”.
The built-in camera only offers 720p in HD which isn’t something to get too excited about, but it’s great for someone who wants to take random aerial shots while flying. The lightweight air frame allows for decent durability, but we don’t recommend smashing it up to test that.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 610mAh battery

 2 hour and 50 minute charge time

 Weighs 2.5 pounds

 7.2”x7.2”x1.9”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 Because it’s kind of a sluggish drone, the Return to Home feature can be an absolute life saver
 The GPS hold feature is great for windy weather
 The pictures are very detailed with the FPV screen and the camera despite their size and quality
 One of the cheapest FPV camera drones you are going to find just about anywhere that has some real quality to it

 It can be difficult to get it back down considering it’s not the fastest, in fact it’s pretty slow, so be careful of how far and high you let it go and remember to keep a close eye on the battery


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The Best Micro Drone with Cameras

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Quality camera drones don’t always mean they have to be a larger size. Micro drones have been storming the market over the past while and it’s definitely not difficult to see why. Even though they are small and look like they’ll break on instant impact during a crash, some of these have some of the best cameras you could ever find.


EACHINE E10C Mini Quadcopter

Read Reviews About EACHINE E10C

The EACHINE Mini Quadcopter is a lot of fun and action packed into 5 minutes of flight time. The tiny 2MP camera can both take pictures and videos, includes 3 modes for different flight speeds, and can even roll 360-degrees in the air. It also has an LED light that is perfect for night flying, or just knowing where this tiny drone is, too!

The following is a list of the specifications:
 150mAh battery

 35 minute charge time

 Weighs 15 grams

 2.4”x2.4”x1.1”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 Includes an LED light that helps you keep an eye on it at all times, especially when you are flying in the dark or at night
 Has a quality camera that still gets some good shots despite the very tiny size and 2MP resolution
 Has a very good flight time to charge time ratio

 You are unable to take the battery out to switch it with a different one, which could be annoying for a user who wants to try out a different one


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Hubsan X4 H107C

Read Reviews About Hubsan X4 H107C
The Hubsan X4 H107C has super stable flight capabilities, gives you approximately 10 minutes of flight time, includes gyro sensitivity that can be adjusted based on your personal preference, and a 0.3MP camera that can record video and take picture paired with a Micro SDHC card. The only feature that seems to exist, and is worth mentioning, is that it can do a 4-way flip, which could be fun and something interesting to add to a video.
To expand more on the camera, you will get 2MP stills at a 1280x720p HD resolution, with the record bit rate standing at 10.477mbps and 30fps, which is pretty good for a drone of this size and price range.
The blue LED light is helpful to see where your drone is at all times, because you can lose track of it considering the size, while the red LED light is to indicate whether the camera is recording or not.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 500mAh battery

 30 minute charge time

 Weighs 1.1 pounds

 2.7”x2.7”x1”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 Comes with a formidable motor that is great for takeoffs and vertical climbs
 Comes with a free extra set of propellers, which is always handy in case a crash occurs and the original ones are toast
 There is an advanced mode available for intermediate and expert level fliers

 The camera cannot be controlled from a remote location, which is definitely annoying


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Inductrix FVP BNF

Read Reviews About Inductrix FVP BNF
Unless you want a drone that can actually stay in the air for more than maybe 3 minutes, this one may not be for you. While the Inductrix FVP BNF is definitely a very cool looking drone, the flight time is no more than 3 minutes. Some users have only gained 90 seconds from it before it died.
However, it does have some super cool aspects to it, like the 4.3” monitor that comes with it and the 40-channel receiver. You will, however, need a camera for the mount, which can be a problem.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 200mAh battery

 25 minute charge time

 Weighs 3.2 ounces

 3.9”x3.9”x2.7”

 6-axis gyro

 40 channels

 It has a very short charge time
 Comes with up to 40 channels, which is insane considering it only lasts for less than 5 minutes and is as big as a toddler’s hand

 Lasts for up to 3 minutes in the air
 Very unclear camera specifications that is definitely annoying


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HVR Mini Drone

Read Reviews About HVR Mini Drone
The HVR Mini Drone is the smallest indoor and outdoor drone not only on the market, but in the world. Picture this, put two quarters in a line and that’s the size of this insanely small drone. You can get between 4 to 5 minutes of flight time, which is expected for a drone of this size.
There is a one-touch recording button that will begin recording from the sky, a 4GB Micro SD card is included so you don’t need to be worried about that, and videos can be viewed later on by using VLC Media Player on your PC or laptop. The resolution isn’t the greatest, only standing at 640x480p, but it still gets some pretty decent shots.

The following is a list of the specifications:
 Built-in rechargeable battery, mAh unknown

 20 minute charge time

 Weighs 6.4 ounces

 5.2”x4”x4”

 6-axis gyro

 4 channels

 It’s a great drone for beginners to learn the ins and outs of drones, as well as being perfect for the pros who just want something small and cheap to mess around with

 Assembly for the propeller blades is required, and because of what is needed it can be confusing for some


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Conclusion About The Best Drones with Cameras

There are literally hundreds of camera drones out there currently on the market, but we’ve managed to track down the top ones that offer the most to drone enthusiasts like us. You will also learn how to work with a drone camera when you use the U818A drone.

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