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Drone Laws in North Carolina


Flying a drone in any state can be tricky. You not only have to abide by the laws in place from the FAA, but you also have to look out for any relevant laws put forward by the state, as well. Flying Over North Carolina If you’re a drone user currently living in the state of North Carolina, then you ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Michigan

Like every other state in the nation, Michigan has their own set of state laws, rules, and regulations, aside from those enacted by the FAA, regarding drones that all users must abide by. Understanding and respecting them will ensure that you stay out of trouble and have an enjoyable flight. Flying Over Michigan Michigan is a beautiful state with so ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Georgia

Understanding and respecting the rules, regulations, and any existing laws in the state of Georgia that have been put in place for drone use is very important as a user. Because the popularity of drones, both residential and commercial, have risen quickly over the years, each state has made steps to ensure everyone is safe. Flying Over Georgia Georgia has ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Ohio

Knowing the laws, rules, and regulations for flying a drone in the state of Ohio will ensure that you keep yourself out of trouble when flying your drone. Abiding by the local law and regulations where drones are concerned is important for not only your safety but the safety of the general public, as well. Flying Over Ohio Chagrin Falls ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Illinois

FAA rules and regulations aside, each state has their own legalities where flying a drone is concerned. Educating yourself on the existing laws and regulations will ensure that you have a safe, legal flight each time you’re out in the field – literally! Flying Over Illinois Northerly Island in Chicago is one of the best areas to fly a drone ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Pennsylvania

Flying a drone in Pennsylvania is definitely not for the light of heart. Though it’s a beautiful state, there are a lot of underlying issues where drones are concerned. Users should take extreme caution where they fly to ensure that no problems arise. Going forward, understanding the limits and regulations for drone use in Pennsylvania will ensure that you have ... Read More »

Amazon’s Drone Delivery – Avoiding Birds and Buildings

Want that new pair of Lularoe leggings right now? Amazon’s drone delivery service has you covered. Although delivery by drone is a relatively new concept, Amazon is forging ahead with its plans to get this fleet of high-flying messengers off the ground quickly. Utilizing a research and development team based in Paris, France, Amazon is busy building an entire air ... Read More »

World’s First Drone Jump

Forget old-fashioned sky-dives from an airplane and jump into the type of adventure that comes with a new age of technology. The world’s first drone jump executed and planned by Aerones brought Ingus Augstkalns to 1082 feet where he sailed gently to the earth using his parachute. The jump began on a on a Latvian radio tower operated and owned ... Read More »

Drone Video Footage – Elk City, OK Tornado Devastation

caused by a tornado that ripped through and destroyed at least 40 houses. One person died in this terrible tragedy, and at least 20 more people were injured. Video captured by the drone shows the horror of a storm that unleashed its fury on both of the towns of Carter and Elk City. Flying over the massive wreckage, the video ... Read More »

Drone Laws In New York

Studying and educating yourself on the laws of the state you reside in, which is New York, in this case, is extremely important as a drone user. Though New York’s laws, or lack of, will no doubt surprise you, you will still have to be very careful. Flying Over New York New York is very strict on where drones are ... Read More »