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Heliguy Steps To Becoming a Certified Drone Pilot in the UK


Coming into the new year in 2017 there is huge growth in the usage of unmanned aircraft in various commercial sectors. This is becoming more and more mainstream. Businesses are looking to supplement their services with drone capabilities, however their is limited understanding of what steps are required before commercial usage is permitted. Even for readers outside of the Civil ... Read More »

NFL Football Stars Get Bombed By Ball Dropping Drone

  Over the past few years, viewers have had the pleasure of watching stellar teams such as Denver and Seattle face off in the Super Bowl, and others such as Green Bay and New England play unbelievable offense, inching them closer to playoffs and year-end glory. Last Thursday, there was definitely something modern and high-tech abuzz during the Pro Bowl ... Read More »

China’s JD is Expanding its Drone Delivery During 2017

  In the United States, drones are not scheduled to start delivery service for around 3-4 years, but it comes as no surprise to many that it is already taking place in China. Chinese company JD.com has begun the trial of its delivery service in rural areas of the nation, with test drop-off points outside of metropolis Beijing during November. ... Read More »

The PowerRay Underwater Drone is the New Angler’s Go to Choice

Drones can be a great way of making a fortune, in advertisements, mapping, aerial inspection, possible delivery of parcels, precision in agriculture as well as pilot training, photography and fishing. The world of fishing has been dragging in technological development. With the technological development in fishing comes the PowerRay drone, an underwater robot that can do more than many angler ... Read More »

Drone Crashes Into Space Needle in Seattle

  In recent news, just before New Year Celebrations began a drone crashed into the top of the Seattle Space Needle. The drone was hovering above as two workers were preparing for the New Year’s Eve fireworks display. They said that it was hovering and suddenly lurched forward and crashed into the building. A thirteen-year-old boy was an eyewitness to ... Read More »

Dji Phantom 5 Rumors And Leaks

  The DJI Phantom 5 has a complete turmoil of rumors and supposed leaks, but is any of it true? We scoured the internet to find all of the rumors, leaks, and allegations that are surrounding the drone that has everybody at the edge of their seats.     The Supposed Release Date and the Price Range   One of ... Read More »