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Amazing Drone Footage Takes you into the Heart of China

china drone

In a country as big as China, it isn’t difficult to find amazing places to get aerial footage. In the two years that I have been living in Beijing I have had the opportunity to film in the “Avatar” mountains (Zhangjiajie), Tibetan Plateau ( Jiuzhaigou), Shangri-La in Yunnan, and of course the Great Wall (still working on the clip). One ... Read More »

FAA Announcing No-Drone Zones

In more recent news, the Federal Aviation Administration has released some new flight rules that are, at the very least, very restrictive for certain areas. While no-drone zones aren’t anything new, we have some new areas on the updated list. A map data of restricting residential drones has been pushed for the purpose of keeping them out of military bases ... Read More »

Best RC Dragster – Top 5 RC Dragsters for Sale

Dragster RC cars are some of the best cars you could ever get when it comes to racing. Although, finding the best RC Dragster – Top 5 RC Dragsters for sale can be difficult, but luckily we have found the best of the best and compiled them all to fit into a single page. RC Dragsters are designed to do ... Read More »

Drones Meet the Wild West in Innovative New Short Film

Technology is nothing to fear–at least, according to documentary producer turned film director Vanessa Elliott. Instead, Elliott’s new short film, “The Lone Drone,” imagines a more promising future relationship between humans and tech. “The Lone Drone” is a short, live-action film set in the not-so-distant future, where autonomous drones are as commonplace in households as televisions are today. The story ... Read More »

The New DJI Spark – Is It Legit?

After this week’s recent leak there have been possibilities coming out of the floodgates like no tomorrow. DJI filed for a trademark application this month for the name of “DJI Spark” which may be their newest drone. Information continues to be released over the past couple of days, which is leaving everyone asking the same questions – is this new ... Read More »

U.S Drone Registration Rate Soaring

Drones are gaining ground where popularity is concerned at an incredible rate. Within the last 3 months alone there has been an increase of approximately 100,000 registered drones in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration has reported that in just as little as 15 months there have been over 770,000 registrations for drones in the United States, and that ... Read More »

Heliguy Steps To Becoming a Certified Drone Pilot in the UK

Coming into the new year in 2017 there is huge growth in the usage of unmanned aircraft in various commercial sectors. This is becoming more and more mainstream. Businesses are looking to supplement their services with drone capabilities, however their is limited understanding of what steps are required before commercial usage is permitted. Even for readers outside of the Civil ... Read More »