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Drones Can Save an Entire Forest from the Sky

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Partnering with Worldview International Foundation, BioCarbon Engineering is set to speed up the process of planting trees with the hopes of reforesting huge portions of land. Based in Oxford, England, BioCarbon Engineering was founded in 2015 and has successfully tested drones in both England and Australia. Working to restore a damaged ecosystem takes a large amount of manpower, money and ... Read More »

A Drone Walking Your Dog?

Whether the weather is getting in the way or you just do not feel like taking Fido out for his daily jog, there’s a drone for that. Taking the dog for a walk is probably not the chore that you want to handle when the winter winds begin to blow. Drone’s Direct has the cure for your pet’s problem with ... Read More »

University of Colorado Using Drones to Measure Soil Moisture

The University of Colorado Boulder has a research team that is developing technology to help farmers who want to gain a better look into their water management systems. Poised to save farmers money and time, the University of Colorado Boulder program is sending drones to a test farm in Yuma. These drones are a part of Project Drought that is ... Read More »

British Drone Users Must Register and Pass Safety Test

Drone users in Britain are not just able to fly a drone freely without first registering them and passing a safety test that is administered. Anything that weighs more than 60 grams and hits a plane that is in motion, can cause serious damage to the plane and leave it along with its passengers in a dangerous situation. In the ... Read More »

How Underwater Drones Can Save Our Oceans

The co-founder of BluEye Robotics, Christine Spiten has always loved the water and ocean. She has traveled throughout all of the Atlantic Ocean and even lives on a ship that allows her to have access to the water and quickly drop underwater drones into the ocean as she pleases. As an avid lover of the water, she is behind a ... Read More »

New Cyborg Technology Develops a DragonflEye Miniature Drone

Although a cyborg drone still seems like a flight of fantasy, the research company Draper and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at Janelia Farm have stepped into the future of autonomous flight with an exciting new technology. Saddled with a tiny backpack, dragonflies are the carriers of the technology in HHMI and Draper’s DragonflEye project. Preparing to produce dragonfly ... Read More »

Drone Picture Contest Winners by Dronestagram

Drones have opened up the door for us to see the world from a completely different view. Typically, we only see what is right in front of our faces or near us, but drones allow us to view this beautiful Earth from above. Dronestagram, an online forum and community that is dedicated to drone photography and aerial images has released ... Read More »

Drone Racing League 2017 | Gab surges ahead with steady style

The Drone Racing League 2017 season kicked off this last weekend on ESPN and ESPN 2. Drone racing is a new sport airing its second season on ESPN over the next two weeks. Participants use “Quads” or drones, which are remote control helicopters with four rotors each. They pilot them remotely using First Person View (FPV) goggles through gates or ... Read More »

Drone Laws in North Carolina

Flying a drone in any state can be tricky. You not only have to abide by the laws in place from the FAA, but you also have to look out for any relevant laws put forward by the state, as well. Flying Over North Carolina If you’re a drone user currently living in the state of North Carolina, then you ... Read More »