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Best Drone for Photography : 5 Crucial Things to Know

Best Drone for Photography

When you think of drone photography, you probably immediately think of the DJI line of drones. After all, they just so happen to be some of the most popular photography drones in the world. From the DJI Mavic Air, DJI Sparkor the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, you name it. These UAVs have proven to be both stable, affordable and easy ... Read More »

Drone Academy : Why Participate and What Do You Learn?

Drone Academy

No matter your proficiency level and experience as a drone pilot, there are many good reasons you should consider attending a drone academy. Yes, you might have been flying for several years now and think that drone academy lessons are best suited for beginners and intermediaries but did you know that there is a new Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 ... Read More »

DJI Drone Comparison: All DJI Drones Compared in Buying Guide

All DJI Drones Compared in Buying Guide

DJI features several drones that vary in prices, ranging from their Inspire 2 which is a professional drone that takes high-quality videos and can be used to transport a professional camera to take smooth videos even in harsh conditions, to the Spark, which is a selfie drone that reacts to your gestures. In between these two drones, DJI offers a ... Read More »

Aerial Photography Drone:Top Product Picks and Expert Opinions

Aerial Photography Drone

An experienced photographer knows that it’s important to have a vast array of different types of drone shots in their portfolio; that way new clients can see that their aerial photos will be unique. Using a drone for aerial photography is a great way to expand your knowledge and all around further develop your skillset as a photographer. However, keep ... Read More »

Surveillance Drones: Best Options for Sale – Our Top Picks

Surveillance Drones

There are all types of drones that you can buy. There are aerial photography drones, inspection drones, racing drones and also surveillance drones. Surveillance drones are used by freelance drone pilots, law enforcement agencies, and the US Army for many different reasons. Some people worry that these drone operations are used to invade people’s privacy, but this shouldn’t be an ... Read More »

Best Commercial Drones Overview: Top 5 Models for Commercial Use

Top 5 Models for Commercial Use

Commercial drones are starting to be used more by large companies who are looking for ways to improve their services and lower labor costs. Amazon, for example, has been talking about using drones for same-day product delivery, or even for same-hour delivery, aka Prime Air. Commercial drones can be used for many other services too, like for farmers who want ... Read More »

Best Drone Controller in 2019: How Do I Choose?

Best Drone Controller

Looking for a drone controller (which is also called a radio transmitter) can be difficult because of all the specifications you have to compareto find the best one. Each controller is different from the next. There’s not exactly a very best controller to buy; it really depends on what type of drone you’re going to be controlling. Some drones have ... Read More »