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Wings, Google’s Drone Delivery Service, Takes Flight In Australia

Look there! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a burrito? It sounds ridiculous, but for some inhabitants of Australia, this situation will soon become reality. Alphabet Inc., the multinational conglomerate that owns Google and its subsidiaries, is rolling out its own take on a drone delivery program called “Wing.” The subsidiary, founded in 2014 to explore ... Read More »

Drones Lead The Way At Fortune’s Brainstorm Health Conference

universal health care with drones zipline

Last week, Fortune Magazine’s fourth annual Drones Lead The Way At Fortune’s Brainstorm Health Conference. The twofold mission of this event, as described in its website, was “to determine how technologies can actually move people to better behavior–and better health” and to determine “how we can best harness the power of business to improve health’s bottom line.” The conference featured ... Read More »

UPS Drones Deliver Blood Samples Across North Carolina

blood drone delivery UPS in north carolina

Every few weeks, it seems like some new corporate giant is stepping into the realm of drone delivery. In the past we’ve written about Amazon, Uber, Airbus, Aha.is, DHL Express, and many more. It’s gotten to the point where those in the know can track a recognizable pattern: massive tech company announces an extremely ambitious drone delivery program with an ... Read More »

SETI Institute Creates “Space Drones” To Explore The Moon And Mars

lidar exploring iceland cave with drone

Could there be life on other planets? Are we, as humans, alone in this universe? Questions like these have been the subject of hundreds of science fiction films and thousands of crackpot conspiracy theories. But the SETI Institute – a grant-funded non-profit founded in 1984 – is actually exploring said questions through rigorous scientific theory in partnership with NASA. They ... Read More »

These Tiny Claws Could Improve Drone Landing And Takeoff

drone with tiny claws perches like bird

We’ve written before about the concept of “biomimetics” – the school of thought that believes technology should be created to imitate natural functions and processes. In our line of work, it mostly refers to drones that attempt to improve efficiency by copying the work of natural evolution, as seen in test products like the DelFly Nimble, which flaps its wings ... Read More »

Tests Show Drones Could Perform Shore-To-Ship Package Delivery

airbus shore to ship drone package

Autonomous drone delivery is one of the hottest topics in the modern drone industry – and even outside of it! Whether it’s the failed Amazon drone delivery proposal, Uber Eats’ insanely ambitious three-year plan, or any other high-profile project, everyone wants to know which company is going to be the first to take drone delivery into the mainstream. Well, there’s ... Read More »