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What makes Dronethusiast the premier site for drone news, reviews, and buyer’s guides? A passion for our work and a dedication to excellence that has been a part of our brand since our founding in 2012. Here are the editorial guidelines we follow to make sure we’re providing content that you can trust:

Each of our articles is written by an actual drone enthusiast with multiple years of experience flying drones.

In addition, we only hire experienced professionals with multiple years of experience in their chosen field (writers, site administrators, etc.) to the Dronethusiast team. We don’t just hand a megaphone to any tech blogger with an interest in drones. You can read about our team’s expertise in detail here.

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Our news articles contain citations and state clearly where the information we’re reporting on was originally published.

We don’t review any product (drone, accessory, or otherwise) without the input of someone who has actually flown it.

When writing about regulations or statistics involving the drone industry, we use citations from authoritative sources.

We work hard to keep our product guides updated with the latest drones and products – providing an ongoing service to our readers, not a static article we write and forget about.

When we write news, we never simply report press releases. We always make sure to have something interesting and relevant to say about the state of drone culture and technology in the year 2018.

We always write from a position of passionate enthusiasm, but without turning every review into a sales pitch.

We always write from a position of deep technical knowledge, but without making our articles too jargon-heavy for a newcomer to read.

We know that the best way to attract readers is by providing quality content that they want to read, not by using tricks to artificially inflate views. We hope that you’ll agree.