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Artist Uses Drones to Light Up the Sky with Giant Shapes

Many artists have used drones to create colorful light shapes in the sky. Drone light shows have become popular recently sparking much interest among people. Russell Klimas was curious in seeing just what kind of fun shapes he could create. He took drawing shapes in the sky to the next level by creating fun and elaborate shapes such as Pikachu, ... Read More »

Best Remote Control Boats For Kids | 2019 Reviews

Looking for some fun remote control boats for kids? If so, you’re in luck. There’s never been a better time to get into this thrilling RC toy hobby – modern remote control boats are safer, more durable, and cheaper than they’ve ever been before. You can find great radio controlled boats for kids as young as 6 and as old ... Read More »

Best RC Boats | Remote Control Boat Reviews

RC boats are becoming one of the most popular categories of remote control vehicle. From serious professional racers to hobbyists, everyone with access to water can enjoy a radio controlled boat for sale. The gear available today is nothing like the old-fashioned versions that you saw at amusement parks during yesteryear, and the designs are very sleek. But with so ... Read More »

Drone Footage of Snow Storm Blanketing Vermont Town

The severe weather that brought a snow storm to St. Albans, Vermont a few days ago on January 20th was captured in breathtaking fashion. The storm covered the area for miles, creating a white blanket that shrouded Vermont. Thought it was difficult to drive, one drone user took to the skies to capture the storm and show a side that ... Read More »

DJI Facing Massive $150 M Fraud

SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd., who we all know as just DJI, is facing a massive fraudulent case at the moment. The drone manufacturing giant has reported a number of fraud cases from within the company. This was discovered during a routine internal probe done by DJI, who controls up to 70% of the consumer drone market. According to Bloomberg ... Read More »

Dronethusiast Roundup | The Best Drone Videos Of January 2019

Welcome to the Dronethusiast Roundup, a new regular article series that Dronethusiast will be creating to showcase some of the great writing and video production from content creators across the Internet. These are the videos and articles we love sharing around the office – only now, we’re sharing them with you. I think there’s no denying that drone video is ... Read More »

DJI Announces New Smart Controller For Mavic 2

Well, how about that. Mere hours after we reported on Drone DJ’s story that we wouldn’t see the long-fabled Mavic 2 pro controller at CES 2019, DJI announces that very item. We work on the facts we have at time, folks…although I’m sure none of our readers are disappointed by this surprise announcement. The DJI Smart Controller is a $650 ... Read More »

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