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New DJI Product About to Take Flight

A new drone is about to hit the market from leading manufacturer DJI, as revealed by a short teaser video released on January 16. Very little is known about the type of drone consumers can expect to be unveiled next week, but the rumors are already flying. Set to release the details at their own event hosted in New York ... Read More »

Boeing Designed and Built New Cargo Drone Prototype

As we enter the year 2018, it’s clear that drones and the great technological advances that they bring to the table are certainly here to stay. Although they are a popular pastime for hobbyists and people that simply enjoy flying them leisurely, they are also extremely popular in business and day-to-day use. As they continue to advance and have new ... Read More »

Yuneec Unveils New and Improved Drones for 2018

Yuneec International has officially unveiled three new drones during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). One of which includes the new Typhoon H Plus is arguably one of the top drones that will soon be available in the market even though it was debuted for the first time in 2015, but enough information wasn’t given at that time. The Typhoon H ... Read More »

GoPro Stops Karma Drone Production

GoPro is a common household name to many around the world. The company is especially well-known to those that enjoy adventure and living life in the outdoors. When you think about GoPro, you typically think about their excellent lineup of cameras that capture first-person views. When you’re looking for a camera to attach to your helmet, you’re most likely going ... Read More »

Best drone photographs of 2017

It is amazing to see the images that are captured by drones. If it weren’t for these incredible machines, it would be nearly impossible to capture some of the photos that they have been able to. When you think about it, drones are able to take pictures and videos from a height that is far less than that of an ... Read More »

New Solar Cell Drone Development

Drones are currently being used for a variety of functions throughout the world. Common jobs that they currently have are surveillance and security, delivery services, and even some emergency services. Even hobbyists enjoy flying their drones just to pass the time. One common problem across the board for anyone that flies drones will consistently be noted as the battery life ... Read More »

Missing WWII Hunter was Found by Drone

Drones are being used more and more each day as they prove to be useful in a variety of situations. They are working excellent as security patrol for many companies and are also being explored for use by retail giants as a method of delivery for product orders. One thing that is clear they are great for is to be ... Read More »

FAA Bans New Sites for Flying Drones

Many new drone pilots don’t realize that there are certain laws that drones must abide by. They are not supposed to fly a certain height, depending on the area, and they are not permitted within certain areas such as those near airports. Pilots that don’t follow these rules risk safety to others and can be fined and even jailed, depending ... Read More »

Drone-Catching Eagles are being retired by Dutch Police

Although they sound like something straight out of a Hollywood film, drone-catching eagles are actually something that has been used by the Dutch police. Many may wonder why something like this was needed, and even how these birds were taught to do their job. Police in the Netherlands began the training of these birds in 2016, but have now determined ... Read More »