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Drone hits a plane in Canada

drone hits a plane in canada feature

As drone usage continues to increase, the regulations for flight will also continue to increase and there is clearly a serious need for them to. New safety standards that are currently being proposed in various countries will include that each drone is registered by the owner. This will help authorities impose fines and prison sentences to those that break the ... Read More »

New DJI Technology Offers a System to Track and Identify Drones

Over the past few years, drone technology has improved dramatically. With all of the updates, the amount of drone pilots have also increased tremendously. Drones are being used for many business solutions and are even in the process of being used to assist with emergency calls. Enthusiastic drone hobbyists are also increasing by the day because of all the neat ... Read More »

Yamaha Will Launch a New Drone in 2018

Yamaha has raised the bar for drones used in the agricultural field. They announced their new YMR-01 multi-rotor drone will be hitting the shelves in 2018. The launch was debuted at the Next Generation Agricultural Expo Tokyo and impressed audiences since it is the first multicopter that has been shown by Yamaha. In 1989, Yamaha entered the drone marketplace and ... Read More »

How Drones Might Save Your Life in the Future

Drones are being used commonly now to deliver goods from online markets, cruising long flights for surveillance purposes, and even assisting with spraying crops with chemicals. They operate much faster than the standard user-driven vehicle and can easily avoid any traffic or delay since they zip through the sky. With all this taken into consideration, it’s no surprise that a ... Read More »

DJI Launches Privacy Mode for its Drones

Most drones on the market upload the videos that they take during flight directly to the Internet. For most users, this isn’t an issue because they are regular consumers that are piloting their drone for fun and catching videos of nature or sporting events. For pilots that are using drones for security and surveillance jobs, this creates an issue because ... Read More »

Amazing Drone Footage of Westminster Abbey in London

Westminster Abbey is one of the most recognized churches in the world. It is located in Westminster, London and was founded more than 1,000 years ago. The building itself is one of the most famous landmarks recognized in the United Kingdom. Westminster has been the host of more than 16 royal weddings since its completion, and has many areas that ... Read More »

Dubai’s Flying Taxi

Dubai is well on its way to having the first flying taxi. The Volocopter has been recently debuted to Dubai as the first autonomous flying taxi. Within the next five years, it is the company’s hopes that these will easily replace taxis. Flying to your next short stop is going to be as easy as summoning an Uber. That’s the ... Read More »

Atlas Dynamics Nest Refuels Drones in Remote Locations

Atlas Dynamics is known for making drones that are primarily used by businesses and have 4 to 5 hours of flight time. These drones are typically seen being used for security, agriculture, inspection, and emergency situation. This is due to their ability to stay in the air for extended periods of time. The Atlas Dynamics Nest has been designed to ... Read More »

Parrot Releases New Bebop 2 Power

Most drones on the market now do not offer a long flight time, with most not quite lasting half an hour. This is also true for the original Bebop. With the release of the new Bebop 2 Power, there is a flight time of up to 1 hour with optimal flying conditions. That’s right. Just as the name indicates, the ... Read More »

Getting Your Drone License – What It Is And How To Get It

The first ever drone license, also known as a remote pilot certification, was launched by the FAA in the United States during August of 2016. The Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate is the certification that gives drone users the ability to take an exam on a federal level and further classify themselves as a licensed commercial drone pilot in legal ... Read More »