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Top 3 Drone Videos of the Week

Drone videos are the newest rave as people continue to add to the drone hobbyist community. The drones that they purchase are equipped with WiFi cameras that are able to take incredible still shots as well as action videos. These creative pilots are posting their latest videos online to allow the world to view the incredible sites that they are ... Read More »

AT&T COW Drones Help Puerto Ricans with Cell Service

We’ve seen all of the amazing advancements that drones have made in both deliveries and security, but now we’re beginning to see that there is no limit to the services that they can provide. Amazon is using drones for delivery while other companies are considering them and emergency services are using drones for a variety of reasons. The rise of ... Read More »

French Authorities are Using Drones to Catch Dangerous Drivers

We’ve all seen how drones are continuing to help in many aspects of life. Not only are they being used for personal hobbies, but there are also many companies that are using them to assist with day-to-day things. Security companies are using them keep an eye on things, and places like Amazon are even using them to deliver orders. They’ve ... Read More »

Incredible Timelapse Footage Made with Drone

So many people have recently taken to the skies with their drones. Getting imagery is one of the common goals among those that fly drones since, depending on the type of drone being flown, excellent shots can be captured. Enthusiasts fly their drones at a variety of angles as well as heights in an effort to achieve the perfect shot. ... Read More »

Altair Aerial U818Plus Drone – Full Review

Altair Aerial is a drone company that’s completely stormed the gates recently. At this time of writing, they currently have two drones, the AA108 and the U818Plus, but today we’re going to focus on the U818Plus. Altair Aerial is a small company born and based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. One of the best things about this company is that they ... Read More »

New Drone Simulator From Epson and DJI

Virtual or augmented reality is something fun that has recently gained popularity through the use of virtual reality headsets that work with various gaming systems. The are becoming more and more affordable, allowing many people that would have thought to never have the opportunity, the ability to enjoy virtual reality in their own homes. The new drone simulator from Epson ... Read More »

Knowing all About FAA Drones Integration Program

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, was given three months to launch the UAS Integration Pilot System. Since they were prepared and waiting for this to happen, they were ready to make the launch only days after being given White House approval. One of the main goals of this is to promote aviation in the U.S. unmanned aviation industry, which ... Read More »

Drone Captures Teen Saving a Man from Drowning in Jupiter, FL

Drones are definitely growing in popularity as more enthusiasts see how fun they are to fly. They’re used to take video of things like sports, are used for surveillance by some security companies, and are even being used to deliver goods that are purchased online. Their ability to be flown so easily has people taking them on flight more often ... Read More »

Incredible Drone Footage of Mysterious Inland Lakes in Iceland

Drones are part of the newest technology craze nowadays. They are perfect for providing surveillance and even video footage of places that are hard to reach. In fact, their video footage is so outstanding that it is being used by investigators and even considered being used for emergency calls. When tragedy strikes, it’s also one of the best tools for ... Read More »