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Spanish Architects Use Mud-Spraying Drones To Build Home

A Spanish Architecture firm MuDD has used drones that spray a cement-like substance onto fabric to construct lightweight structures. The method eliminates the need for expensive construction equipment and could be used, not only to create temporary shelters in humanitarian disaster areas but also large structures in modern cities in the future, the designers say. MuDD presented prototypes during Milan’s ... Read More »

Amazon Reveals Latest Version of Prime Air Delivery Drone

While onstage at its Re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, Amazon has at last unveiled its latest version of its Prime Air delivery drone. This drone is a hybrid aircraft that’s capable of verticle takeoff and landing as well as sustained forward flight. The company says it wants to launch a delivery service using the drone in the coming months. However, ... Read More »

IBM is giving away 1,500 free drones for disaster relief

IBM’s Developer Drone Drop 2019 contest is officially underway. Now, through June 16th, the company will be giving away 1,500 drones to developers who enter. IBM hopes coders and developers will use them to deliver AI-powered solutions to the problems caused by natural disasters. The contest started a couple of weeks ago, but there’s still plenty of time to sign ... Read More »

Dutch Scientists Create World’s Smallest Autonomous Drone

Scientists at TU Delft have developed what is claimed to be the smallest autonomous racing drone in the world. The drone is very small with a diameter of 4-inches and weighing in at 72 grams. It used a single camera and little onboard processing to fly autonomously. However, this feat involved some serious innovations in the algorithms that control its ... Read More »

Drones For Father’s Day [Best Gifts For Dad 2019]

Looking for a great gift for a dad who has it all? Why not look into the exciting world of drones? These RC aerial vehicles are fun to fly and to build. And while they might have been very expensive once, high-tech quadcopter toys and camera drones are now available to anyone for a reasonable price. We’ve taken a look, ... Read More »

The 7 Best Follow You Drones – [2019] Follow Me Drone Review

Updated: May 30, 2019 As drones become more and more complex, there are many different features that users can pick from. Having a drone camera that follows you has a special appeal for those in the filming and videography realm: the pilot can lock the drones direction on a very specified moving target. Even on a budget, you can still ... Read More »

The Best Drones With Cameras Reviews

Drones with cameras have revolutionized the field of aerial photography. Getting that perfect bird’s-eye-view perspective in a photo or video is a lot safer when it doesn’t involve risking life and limb in an airplane or helicopter. Drones have also made it possible to get shots that are impossible for traditional camera setups – tilting and whirling quickly with 360 ... Read More »

The 20 Best Cheap Drones [Updated January 2019]

We get a lot of comments here at Dronethusiast of people who are looking for cheap drones. Before you upgrade to a professional level drone that captures amazing footage and performs professional maneuvers, it can be a good idea to practice with one of these budget beginner drones that did not cost you nearly as much. Now that we’re into ... Read More »

Illinois Man Building Mailboxes For Drone Delivery

Drone delivery has been in the works for quite some time now. One man may be revolutionizing how drones make deliveries by building a mailbox that is equipped to allow drones to make deliveries to your door. Ryan Walsh, of Naperville, and partner Alexander Flasesch co-invented the Smart Drone Delivery mailbox, a receptacle that replaces the traditional mailbox in front ... Read More »

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