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Control a Drone with Your Body : Exosuit FlyJacket

exosuit flyjacket control drone with body

Drones continue to expand their daily uses as each day passes. We’re finding tasks for them to complete that we likely would have never even considered if this was only a mere two years ago. Their technology continues to amaze us as their abilities continue to grow with each new model that hits the market. One common issue that researchers ... Read More »

Drone Light Show Steals the Show at Coachella

It’s not surprising that we are seeing drones more often each day. As their technology and capabilities improve, they are being used for more neat jobs and really opening up a new world that we never thought possible. Not only are drones able to do more of the mundane work that humans no longer have to bother with, they are ... Read More »

DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone

Drones are normally quite a sizable investment. Sure, you get the cheap toy drones for a reasonable price but most of them are just that, toys. If you want something that has decent flight time, plenty of features and from a top drone company like DJI, you going to fork over some serious money. But wait! Not anymore. What if ... Read More »

Airbus Reveals Advanced Airplane Inspection Drone

As drone technology continues to advance, we continue to see new tasks that they are able to complete. Drones are making work environments more efficient as they continue to save time by doing work that was once done manually by humans. They also remove much of the human error factor from the equation, which makes using them even more enticing ... Read More »

Russian Mail Delivery Drone Crashes in its First Flight

When new drones are unveiled to demonstrate their presumably awesome abilities, the expectation and hopes are that the first flight goes off without a hitch. A smooth first flight will increase everyone’s interest in it and show spectators that there is nothing to fear as we move towards this new technology. Unfortunately for a Russian mail delivery drone, the first ... Read More »

Blood Delivery Drone Applies for US Trial

Drones are being used more often each and every day for a variety of tasks. From parcel deliveries, food deliveries, and even security services, their abilities advance with each new model that hits the market. In France, you can even get a speeding ticket with the aid of a drone that monitors busy highways. Zipline, a drone company that runs ... Read More »

32 Best Drones For Sale

Drones For Sale Table of Contents The Types of Drones How to Pick the Best Drone for Sale #1 Best Hobby Drone For Sale — See Best Price Here #1 Best Toy Drone For Sale  — See Best Price Here Best Budget Long Range Drone — See Best Price Here The Best Camera Drones The Best Drone Kits for Sale ... Read More »

6 Places to Buy Quality Drones Online

There’s lots of reasons the drone industry has experienced a boom in recent years. But one things for sure: drones wouldn’t be as popular if they weren’t sold online. These days, you can watch a couple videos, read some reviews, and you will have a solid idea of what it would be like to fly and own a certain model. ... Read More »

Best Agricultural Drones of 2018 – Reviews and Specs

Agricultural drones have been changing the face of farming and cultivation heavily the past 3-5 years, and completely changing the way that many farmers and other entities go about their business. This drones have the ability to check storm damage, monitor crop progress, and make sure that both crops and herds are healthy. Precision agriculture is a farming management concept ... Read More »