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Mavic Pro 2 News And Rumors

dji mavic 2 - see the bigger picture event

August 20, 2018 UPDATE DJI has been teasing its “See The Bigger Picture” announcement for almost two months now. The event – originally scheduled for July 18th – is now scheduled for August 23rd, 2018, and DJI has just released a new video with some clues as to the nature of the event: DJI Instagram Update The video features sweeping ... Read More »

Yuneec Presents the Mantis Q With Voice Control

Yuneec International is the current world leader in regard to electric aviation. This week, they’ve presented the Mantis Q, the latest, all-new extension of the award-winning Yuneec lineup. The Mantis Q, which was pitched to be a travel drone, features foldable arms, gesture and facial detection controls, a maximum flight time of up to 33 minutes, a 4K camera, and ... Read More »

Drones and Wildfire Do Not Mix – Or Can They?

The destructive, powerful sight of a spreading wildfire is something that makes most of us stay out of its way. Some drone users, however, see a blazing wildfire as the perfect opportunity to take to the skies and get some footage. Just this year alone, at this time of writing, drones were responsible for shutting down aerial wildfire fighting in ... Read More »

Drone Deliveries Are Picking Up in Iceland

Drone-based delivery companies are now springing up in places you’d never expect them to be. Using drones to make deliveries was once something we thought we’d never actually see, but it’s now being successfully done in some of the most random places in the world. Aha.is is Iceland’s largest e-commerce marketplace and on-demand supplier when it comes to restaurant food. ... Read More »

DJI Spark Has a New Look

It’s safe to say that DJI now has one of the cutest drones on the market. They recently announced that they are working together with Line Friends to create the cutest line of drones, specifically by giving the Spark we all know and love a makeover. The Line Friends (Brown) I Spark is just like the original Spark, able to ... Read More »

New UK Drone Laws Limit All Flights To 120 Meters

The Civil Aviation Authority’s Drone Code regulate all drone flights in the United Kingdom, commercial or otherwise. On July 30th, 2018, the CAA updated the drone code with new limits on flights. It is now against the law to fly any unmanned aerial vehicle in the UK higher than 120 meters (400 feet) in the air, or to fly within ... Read More »

The Winners Of The 2018 Drone Photography Awards Are Here

Drone photography is more popular than ever. There’s two reasons for this. The first is that drones are more widely accessible than they’ve been at any point in history – anyone can find a cheap drone and start learning how to fly and take photos. And the second is that the technology has advanced to the point that drone shots ... Read More »

Intel Drones Are Preserving the Great Wall of China

Intel Corp. is now officially working with the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation, or the CFCHC for short, with the purpose of aiding in protecting and preserving the Jiankou section of the Great Wall of China using their Falcon 8+ drone. The Falcon 8+ conducts aerial surveys and inspections of the Jiankou section with the goal of capturing high-resolution ... Read More »

Missing Climber Found by Drone in the Himalayas

A Scottish climber who was feared to be dead was spotted by a drone on the 12th largest mountain in the world. After his rucksack was seen where he had taken a fall, another climber lifted a drone into the air to try and locate him. Rick Allen, 65-years-old, born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and a talented climber based out of ... Read More »