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Drone Picture Contest Winners by Dronestagram

drone picture contest above

Drones have opened up the door for us to see the world from a completely different view. Typically, we only see what is right in front of our faces or near us, but drones allow us to view this beautiful Earth from above. Dronestagram, an online forum and community that is dedicated to drone photography and aerial images has released ... Read More »

Fabian Bernal Photographer – Aerial Video & Photos

I worked as a still photographer the last 10 years of my life and a few months ago I decided to venture into the world of air video so I decided to buy a drone, the Phantom 4 from DJI.   I decided to open a youtube channel FabianBPhoto Drone where I could share the videos, from places that for ... Read More »

Happy Drone Year 2017 – New Years Eve Drone Videos

Welcome to 2017 and welcome to our New Years Eve video post! I wanted to get this out earlier, but the time just flies by it’s already the 4th day of 2017! Here follows a guest article from a friend of mine in Pakistan, his English is actually fantastic but you’ll still notice it can be unique in some ways, ... Read More »

DJI Mavic Mods & Tips – Modifications For the Mavic!

Hobbyists have been modifying things since the beginning of time, and drones are no different. In this article we’re going to go over some mods and tips for the DJI Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro is an incredibly popular new drone released relatively recently from DJI. Drone modifications are particularly fun to see and use. You can see some great ... Read More »

Best 4 Drone Surfing Footage Videos

From lashing a front side carve to dropping in on mammoth waves such as Jaws itself on the North Shore of Hawaii, drone surfing videos are in a very amazing class of their own. Once those who were already masters at gathering video and still footage were able to get their hands on the drones of today that can capture ... Read More »

10 Drone Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

Drone videos offer some awe-inspiring and amazing views that are usually reserved only for birds. One of my favorite things to do when it comes to drone footage is to travel the world by drone. From Asia to Amsterdam, check out these absolutely stunning sights brought to you courtesy of drone enthusiasts around the world. 1. Over Iceland – (4K ... Read More »

Intel’s 100 Drone Lightshow Video

Really interesting video here (if badly edited) involving 100 small drone aircraft in formation. Intel had a great idea here it looks really fun and interesting but I wish they would’ve given more details inside the video. If you really want to know what’s going on you have to read the article here. They shot the video at Flugplatz Ahrenlohe, ... Read More »

Mt. Sinabung Eruption Drone Footage

Here is some footage of Mt. Sinabung, a volcano in North Sumatra, Indonesia erupting twice. Check out the houses running down the highway towards the end of the video, imagine living that close to a volcano spitting smoke, gas and pieces of volcanic glass into the air all day… The volcano was believed to have been dormant, until there was ... Read More »

DJI Phantom 4 Video Reveal

DJI has finally given us an official “dji phantom 4 video” (at least that’s what I’m calling it, even though its not really offical yet) of what the reveal is going to be for March 1st. It’s pretty easy to see that they’re finally providing video proof that it will be the dji Phantom 4, or whatever the exact name ... Read More »