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The Dronethusiast Mission

Dronethusiast is dedicated to providing its readers with the best information on all things drones. Our team of experts have years of experience studying and flying drones and are here to provide you with their expertise. Through the latest industry news and product reviews, Dronethusiast has built a passionate following of like-minded drone enthusiasts.

Dronethusiast.com was founded in 2012 by Zsolt Vaszary, a writer and quadcopter pilot from Budapest, Hungary who saw the need for an enthusiast press covering the drone hobby he knew would continue to grow in popularity. After two years running the site on his own, Zsolt sold the site to and has since gone on to do some of the drone camerawork you may have seen in major Hollywood films, the new Dronethusiast team has remained dedicated to our founder’s core mission: To be the premier site for drone news, reviews, and buyer’s guides.

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Drones are one of the fastest-growing technology industries in the world, and new innovations are being developed in the quadcopter space every month. It’s one of the things that makes these vehicles such a joy to write about, and keeping up with the constant stream of information is something that we at Dronethusiast take very seriously.

Our expert news team checks every single news story that appears online about drones or quadcopters. First, we double-check the veracity of the information being reported. Then, we assess the importance of the story. Is this something that’s going to change the world? Is this something that enriches our readers’ knowledge of drones?

If so, we get one of our top writers to cover it in an article. We cite all our sources in-text so that you can double-check our reporting. And we always make sure to add additional context and information to make sure that the piece is interesting and informative. If we post a video or photo, we’re going to post about what kind of camera techniques were used to take it and what budding photographers can learn from it. If we post about a new technology, we’re going to talk about its limitations – not just gush over the possibilities. And if we post about a new piece of drone legislation, we’re going to make sure our readers understand how it affects their lives.

Facts you can trust, news you can learn from – that’s the Dronethusiast promise.

Reviews And Buyer’s Guides

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Our reviews and buyer’s guides are written with a single guiding principle in mind: BY experts, FOR laypersons.

If our reviews aren’t being written by experts with years of experience and a strong understanding of the totality of the modern drone market, they’re not going to be of any use to a consumer. But too many sites get caught up in the technical jargon and use “number of features” as their only benchmark for quality.

We know that many of our site’s visitors may be reading about drones for the first time, and we welcome them – we firmly believe that an open and welcoming drone community is a stronger drone community. That’s why each of our product guides comes with an easy-to-read set of Frequently Asked Questions, as well as explanations of any technical terms used and recommendations for beginners and advanced pilots alike.

So if you’ve never heard the words “FPV”, don’t worry – we’ll make sure you can find a drone that’s right for you. And if you’ve been flying drones since before the first Phantom, we’re confident that our expert analysis will teach you something, too.

Through our reviews and buyer guides, readers are able to purchase products through the links we provide. With these, we do earn a commission on the sales that we generate. This revenue helps us grow and share our passion for drones by discovering new products and allowing our experts to give readers the best experience possible.

Meet The Team:

We know our site is only strong if we have a smart, dedicated team with a passion for drones and an in-depth knowledge of technology and commerce. Here’s the expert team that’s bringing you daily drone news and keeping our massive site updated with reviews of every quad that matters:

Justin Ford

Justin is a 2002 graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where he studied Electronic Media and Communications. After spending some time in Los Angeles after college, Justin moved back to his roots in the Midwest and began working as a marketing professional and writer.

When drones began to take off around 2010, Justin took a keen interest in flying his first quadcopter and his passion for flying has only grown from there. What first was just a hobby soon grew into a full time job that married his love of marketing to the new joys of getting a birds eye view while on a hike or at a new vacation spot.

Justin and his wife Beth enjoy traveling with friends and evenings at home with their Pekingese pup Mickey.

Andrei Makarik

Andrei is the lead technical developer on the Dronethusiast website. He makes sure that our online presence is always running smoothly, looking great, and easy for anyone to access. In the most literal sense (as well as the more heartfelt metaphorical one), there would be no Dronethusiast without Andrei.

Jamie Brown

Jamie is Dronethusiast’s customer support specialist, and should be your first point of contact for any questions, comments, or concerns you have about the site. Jamie has spent years in the industry and has community management experience with websites of all kinds, and we’re proud to bring her experience and passion to the Dronethusiast brand.

Luis Torio

Luis is Dronethusiast’s head writer and editor – an expert in web content who’s spent four years writing for Dronethusiast and nearly a decade writing for the Internet at large. Luis has had a hand in nearly every article on the site and helps maintain our Spanish language translations. But his main role is to cultivate the famous Dronethusiast news section. When it comes to finding the best stories and writing them in informative, well-sourced ways, there’s simply no one more qualified than Luis.

Kennedy Martinez

Kennedy Martinez is a resident writer who joined Dronethusiast at the beginning of 2019. She has years of experience reviewing drones and other tech products. When it comes to flying drones, Kennedy loves the ability to create artistic videos from a unique point of view. Kennedy enjoys researching new drones and other exciting products that are available to consumers which is why she is committed to creating the best buyer’s guides for our readers.


Marisol Ramos

If you’ve spent any time at all on the Dronethusiast site, you’ve no doubt noticed the striking header images and infographics found on every article. That visual feast is the hard work of Marisol Ramos, a veteran graphic designer and web developer who makes sure every article on the site is eye-catching and easy to read for mobile and desktop users alike!

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  • Lance Ferris at 10:14 am

    Nic and Zsolt,

    This is my first time here and I love it. Great page!!

    Best Regards,


    • Zsolt Vaszary at 10:33 am

      Hey Lance thanks, glad you like the page. Keep on following us! Checked your site at http://flatliner.us. You got some cool stuff goin’ on yourselves. Congrats.

  • Wayne T Hummel at 10:24 am

    It’s a dream of mine to one day own a drown! Sadly I can’t afford one just yet.Dronethusiast has given me hope with a Phantom givaway!!! I would be honored to use it and share my doneing with the world through it! Please enter me into the givaway and make a dream reality! I’d be forever stoked to share it with the world! Can you fell it? It’s amazing, the feeling of droning across the country! The WORLD!!! Thanks for your amazing offers and info!!!

    Wayne T Hummel of Orcutt CA 93455 waynehummel@ymail.com

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 10:30 am

      Hello Wayne. Thank you for the kind words. Please make sure you register on the site, click on the Win Me! pic and share the post. We are giving equal chances to everyone, but stay tuned and read the newsletter where we will give you and everyone the option to increase your chances. Good luck and stay Dronethusiastic!

  • bryan at 1:22 pm

    Can Wait To Learn More Hope to Win one And one day own a drown!

  • Homey Yuan at 4:10 am

    Nic and Zsolt,
    Some of my friends have already DIY Some drone using APM, sometimes they can work well, but sometimes the will be very crazy. I wonder whether the DJI Phantom 2 will have the same problem.

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 11:19 am

      Hi Homey. Yeah, doing DIY is great fun, the problem usually is that if you do it, you will never have the time and money to do extensive testing, fine tuning and tweaking manufacturers have to perfect the technology. At the same time, the popular DJI Phantoms also had lots of problems with flyaways. The units today have much less of that happening, but it will always be part of the game to some level. Today, if you keep precautions in mind, you can fly safely for a long time without issues.

    • Arnie at 12:58 pm

      Enjoy your informed and well researched articles. I have just read your article on Lipos and learnt soo much. I had an expensive lesson trying to flatten my Phantom battry . Hovering about 8 my above ground it just cut and quad dropped to ground breaking my gimbal. Bought 2 new battries . One a phantom model 753496 which is the old version and another model PHD which I am assuming self discharges if not used for a week. am i correct? What light bulb should I use to discharge battery if fully charged and not going to fly son?

  • J Heckert at 9:44 pm

    All my fingers r crossed. This would be the best Xmas present ever. I’m trying to get my 5yr old into flying A small quad. You couldn’t understand how Happy winning this drone would make my son & I. Thanks for the great give away.

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 4:54 am

      Thank you for participating and the encouragement. It’s great to serve such a cool audience. We will keep our fingers crossed for you.

  • Richard Vargas at 6:34 am

    Great gift to myself …. Fingers crossed.

  • thomas at 8:54 pm

    i love you product, i sure could use this i have wanted one every sense they came out im praying

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 2:36 am

      Hello Thomas. Glad you like the giveaway. Just a quick heads up, the Phantom is not our product (wish it was), it’s manufactured by DJI and it is the most popular hobbyist drone right now. Good luck, we keep our fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  • Leonidas at 6:29 am

    Am enjoying the Phantom2 all the time…. hope to get one more so I can upgrade the previous one heavily loaded to fly much higher….

  • sam at 3:18 pm

    i want it so bad because i am starting a new venture in my life which is media the best communicator between me and the world

  • kevin Rollison at 10:30 pm

    Would like to try to fly one. As I have failed with a helicopter. These look so much easier to fly and I can put my Go Pro on it.

  • Craig F. at 11:38 pm

    Very nice quad, and I bet it is a blast to fly… Someone is going to be a very lucky Drone Maniac for sure!

  • Cooper at 3:53 pm

    Nagyszerű oldal! 🙂

  • Brent D. at 5:25 am

    Great website, keep up the good work.

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 10:41 am

      Thank you Brent. Keep on visiting the site and we hope you will enjoy!

  • capt.spaulding at 8:04 am

    I dont care how old i get, i always want a R/C copter for christmas and this would be the best one yet! Not to mention this will come in handy to scope out clear escape routes when the zombie apocolypse starts.

  • Stewart at 3:07 pm

    do you know and can you tyell me if law and regulations on flying drones are same in France and Belgium as in UK

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 8:38 pm

      Actually not. France is pretty strict, while UK is fairly straight forward and ok. Don’t know much about Belgium. UAV regulations are shaping around the world, in many countries they still have old regulations designed at the time when drones did not exist yet but still apply to them today. We hope that reasonable and straight forward regulations will go into effect in all countries around the world. Please make sure you consult with authorities in any of these countries and use common sense. You don’t want to end up like this guy.

  • Mark at 1:55 am

    Great site,planned on purchasing a Walkera qr x350pro just due to the fact that I haveDtwo of their helis,now i will wait until ecember 21 in case Im the lucky one.Keep up the great site!

  • Ben at 4:34 am

    Good to see you guys following the market! I look forward to seeing some great content going forward! We are over at http://www.readyquadcopters.com and are definitely always on the look for new awesome quadcopters.

  • Justin Newcomb at 3:46 am

    Hello Gents,

    I love the site and the content. I’d be interested to hear of any other sites that you recommend following besides the awesome one you fill with great content.

    Thank you good sir’s.


  • tim at 1:47 am

    I think these drones are so cool. Hoping to win one. Do they come in black too?

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 8:55 am

      Hello Tim. The DJI Phantom comes in white, but you can use decals to personalize them. Good luck, hope you win!

  • EdinBlogger at 1:35 pm

    I’m officially obsessed with drones now ever since seeing this:

    Great competition, I have everything crossed!

  • Jonathan at 6:15 pm

    would be an excellent gift for birthdays and Christmas! I hope to earn it.

  • Eric Bosch at 6:52 pm

    Bought my Pjantom 2 months ago, now setting up my FPV 5.8 GHz video downlink, love this machine!

  • David VanDyke at 9:23 pm

    Hopefully I’m lucky enough to win.

  • Chris Bennett at 6:59 pm

    Love the site! Check out our upcoming Florida Unmanned Systems Business Expo in Orlando Florida on February 26th-27th, 2015. http://www.uasexpos.com

  • Dave at 1:25 am

    Hi from the UK, great site guys. I’ve just got into drones and really liked your article on “Quadcopter Beginner’s Guide” I’ll be back for more.

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 2:49 pm

      Hi Dave. Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy reading and feel free to comment or ask if there is anything on your mind.

  • Dronepedia at 7:08 am

    Hello Michael and Zsolt. Stumble upon this blog while searching something about the drones industry. Great article and regularly updated content. It would be nice if someday you can produce article or tutorial about making drones parts via DIY or 3D printer. I try to search about that topic on your blog but cannot find it. However such a great blog with lots of informative update about the drones industry. Looking forward to bookmark this blog on my browser.

  • C Florida at 10:15 pm

    Love your site! Are there any articles that cover heavy duty drones that are capable of lifting, moving and dropping objects? Thanks!

  • Jose Fragoso at 1:30 pm

    Request information about agriculture drones. Payload, range and technical specifications.

    Best regards

    J. Fragoso

  • Jason C. at 3:08 am

    Dronethusiast has perhaps the most well rounded and extensive content about drones on the web. The wealth of knowledge presented on Dronethusiast has done so much to help further my drone knowledge base. I’m proud to tell others about Dronethusiast on my site and what you guys have done for me. I cannot thank you guys enough!

  • Stephen Oberan at 4:09 am

    Like the individual (Alex) that presented his achievements and this amazing information I am also from Arizona but now reside in Oregon. We had a need for aerial photography with a drone on some property outside of Wickenburg which captured my attention. I am very excited about what you have opened my mind to with the aspects of drone flying and photography. I am a new member of the Civil Air Patrol and have in the last two years taking classes to certify in camera and editing at our local CCTV studio.

  • katie at 8:14 am

    and of course i didn’t spell check… can you delete my post so i can start over! thanks! 🙂

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