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Drone Videography Guide [9 Best Videography Drones]

Drones are rapidly becoming one of the most popular hobbies, and with it the growth in drone videography has grown as well. Drone videography is the act of filming video or taking still images from a drone. Many drones come built in with cameras, or have the ability to mount a camera onto it. Even more, some drones come with ... Read More »

Drone Companies To Watch 2018 (Best New Drone Companies)

The drone industry has a growth rate that feels and seems like it’s never going to stop. Drone growth through new, innovative companies have made making the decision to pick a drone one that isn’t easily done. Here at Dronethusiast, we’ve introduced you to countless drone companies that offer quality drones. Today, however, we’re switching gears to introduce you to ... Read More »

The Best Brushless Quadcopter – Top 7 Brushless Quadcopters

Brushless quadcopters are a classic, timeless drone that never gets old. Although, with so many awesome, unique models and manufacturers to choose from, picking the best brushless quadcopter is never easy. It’s almost like potato chips – you can never have just one! Brushless motors are superior when it comes to power performance and offer more flight time in comparison ... Read More »

DJI Spark vs Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro

When it comes to high-end drones, let’s face it – DJI reigns supreme. We certainly can’t get enough of their Phantom line of larger videography quadcopters, and like the rest of you we here at Dronethusiast are eagerly awaiting the launch of the impending Phantom 5. But while we all know DJI for their more recent technological innovations – obstacle ... Read More »

Best Headless Mode Drones

Drones with the headless mode function are equipped with a specialized flying mode that enables enthusiasts to enjoy focused drone orientation. It has a line of sight experience, which makes it extremely easy to operate; especially when it comes to beginners – they can learn fairly quickly. It allows new pilots to control the input of a drone. They can ... Read More »