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‘Flying Battery’ Can Last Up to 2 Hours

Nothing is more annoying than getting into the groove of flying your drone, only to have to bring it down a minute or two later because your battery is almost dead. A large majority of today’s drones can stay in the air for a maximum of 30 minutes, sometimes only able to be done with multiple batteries. With that said, ... Read More »

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Captured by Drone

In order to meet their massive electricity needs on a daily basis, more countries are moving to renewable energy sources than ever before. Solar and hydropower are both viable solutions to this problem, but harnessing wind energy is something that the United Kingdom is now big on. The Walney Extension has officially taken the title as of September 6th, 2018 ... Read More »

UK Architect Designing London’s First Drone Ports

“I can see it being absolutely commonplace,” said Duncan Walker, managing director of Skyports, in a conversation with Dezeen Magazine. “Just as we were designing bike parking spaces into buildings five years ago, I can see drone ports becoming standard in buildings.” Walker has reason to be confident – his company just purchased the rights to build drone ports on ... Read More »

Italian Engineer Develops Autonomous Ambulance Drone

Last weekend’s FAI International Drones Conference and Expo in Lausanne, Switzerland, brought together hundreds on drone industry leaders and experts to discuss the future of drone innovation and compete for a $20,000 prize based on a theme of “Drones for Humanity.” 2018 was the second year this event was held, and the prize – known as the Prince Alvaro de ... Read More »

Australian Forestry Company Uses Drones To Save Koalas

Although not listed as endangered by any governing body, the modern koala population is in dire straits. Urbanization, deforestation, and unregulated habitat destruction have all put these animals at great risk of dying out entirely. It’s time for loggers in Australia to start acting more responsibly – and one company is meeting the challenge with the latest drone technology. Hazelwood ... Read More »

India Enters The Drone Age With New Policy

For two years, the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India has been debating what a legislative framework for drone usage should look like. In fact, operating even a small drone was an offense punishable by imprisonment. But at long last, on August 27th, the ministry’s sub-body on civil aviation (known as the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ... Read More »

Check Out This Gorgeous Drone Footage Of A Fireworks Display

Our American readers may not have ever heard of the Needles Landmark Attraction, a small amusement park located at the top of the cliff at Alum Bay – close to the UK’s Isle of Wight. But the park – named for three historic needle-like rocks that jut out of the nearby ocean – is currently putting on a “pyromusical extravaganza” ... Read More »

IBM Develops Barista Drones That Know When You Need Coffee

We’ve heard of drone delivery, but never like this. Earlier this month, legendary computer company IBM was issued a patent for “DRONE DELIVERY OF COFFEE BASED ON A COGNITIVE STATE OF AN INDIVIDUAL.” According to the patent, IBM has developed a system to take data from smart watches, cameras, and analyses of a person’s past behavior to measure their “sleep ... Read More »

Mavic Pro 2 News And Rumors

August 23, 2018 UPDATE Well, folks, it’s finally here! The much-publicized “See The Bigger Picture” event was, indeed, a reveal and launch for the Mavic Pro 2. Dronethusiast will publish a full review of this new drone shortly, but for now let’s talk about the great new specs that DJI unveiled today. As rumored, the drone will simply be known ... Read More »

Yuneec Presents the Mantis Q With Voice Control

Yuneec International is the current world leader in regard to electric aviation. This week, they’ve presented the Mantis Q, the latest, all-new extension of the award-winning Yuneec lineup. The Mantis Q, which was pitched to be a travel drone, features foldable arms, gesture and facial detection controls, a maximum flight time of up to 33 minutes, a 4K camera, and ... Read More »