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Intel Drones Are Preserving the Great Wall of China

intel drones great wall of china

Intel Corp. is now officially working with the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation, or the CFCHC for short, with the purpose of aiding in protecting and preserving the Jiankou section of the Great Wall of China using their Falcon 8+ drone. The Falcon 8+ conducts aerial surveys and inspections of the Jiankou section with the goal of capturing high-resolution ... Read More »

Missing Climber Found by Drone in the Himalayas

A Scottish climber who was feared to be dead was spotted by a drone on the 12th largest mountain in the world. After his rucksack was seen where he had taken a fall, another climber lifted a drone into the air to try and locate him. Rick Allen, 65-years-old, born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and a talented climber based out of ... Read More »

Mystic Taking On DJI With AI

DJI has never failed to provide some of the most impressive drones we’ve seen on the market today. However, the Mystic by Airlango is the latest runner-up that gives DJI a run for the championship. The Mavic Air by DJI features foldable arms, gesture control, and automated flight mode, which we’re all familiar with by now. The Mystic, interestingly enough, ... Read More »

Amazon Preventing the Hijacking of Drones

Amazon filed a patent in order to protect the hijacking of their delivery drones, entitled “Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles”. It was originally filed over two years ago, but has finally gained approval over the last week. It’s designed specifically for the delivery vehicles they use, which as we all know are drones. The patent has made it possible ... Read More »

Superman Crashes into French Nuclear Plant

Oddly enough, Greenpeace, the global environmentalist group, proved a point to a nuclear power plant in France that their security isn’t exactly top-notch using a drone shaped like Superman. This was done last Tuesday to point out to the plant that they have some massive security flaws when it comes to the overall general vulnerability of the outside of the ... Read More »

Mavic Pro 2 News And Rumors

At 10 AM on July 18th, 2018, DJI will be making a major announcement to the public and press. The event is simply titled “See The Bigger Picture” and was announced with a single mysterious teaser image. Some people think they might be officially announcing a release date for the DJI Phantom 5, while others think it might just be ... Read More »

Missing Man Found By Drone in Norfolk

Peter Pugh, a man who went missing from Brancaster, Norfolk, over the previous weekend was found in the nick of time by a drone user. Pugh, 75, vanished after he left to walk home through a fielded area last Saturday, which resulted in a major search for his whereabouts. Pugh reported that, because he knew the area fairly well, he ... Read More »