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Atlas Dynamics Nest Refuels Drones in Remote Locations

Atlas Dynamics is known for making drones that are primarily used by businesses and have 4 to 5 hours of flight time. These drones are typically seen being used for security, agriculture, inspection, and emergency situation. This is due to their ability to stay in the air for extended periods of time. The Atlas Dynamics Nest has been designed to ... Read More »

Parrot Releases New Bebop 2 Power

Most drones on the market now do not offer a long flight time, with most not quite lasting half an hour. This is also true for the original Bebop. With the release of the new Bebop 2 Power, there is a flight time of up to 1 hour with optimal flying conditions. That’s right. Just as the name indicates, the ... Read More »

Getting Your Drone License – What It Is And How To Get It

The first ever drone license, also known as a remote pilot certification, was launched by the FAA in the United States during August of 2016. The Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate is the certification that gives drone users the ability to take an exam on a federal level and further classify themselves as a licensed commercial drone pilot in legal ... Read More »

Why You Need a Remote Pilot Certificate

Effective as of August 2016, the FAA’s first airman certificate was created and put into full effect for those who operate and fly small drones. Acing Part 107 is another step in the right direction for drone enthusiasts looking for a commercial license. Any small UAS drone user needs a remote pilot certificate on their side when they’re out flying ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Virginia

Even if you are following the strict rules and regulations for drones that have been put in place by the FAA, you may not be following any existing laws and/or rules that are set by the state you are flying in. Flying Over Virginia Unfortunately, it’s very unclear where Virginia drone users can legally fly their drones without issues. A ... Read More »

California Bans Weed Delivery with Drones

In 1998, California became the first state in the union to allow the use of medical marijuana. Since that time, the states have worked harder to legalize plant. Colorado even allows the drug to be used recreationally, and without the need for a prescription. The state of California is quickly on its way to allow recreational sales of marijuana in ... Read More »

UN Calls for International Drone Registration Database

As of September 2017, there isn’t a database where drones or unmanned aircraft are required to be registered, though there undoubtedly is a need. When you think of the sophistication of these drones, the cameras attached to them, and the distance that many of them are able to fly, the amount of trouble they could cause with the wrong person ... Read More »

Check out Lily Drone’s Comeback

Many drone consumers remember the Lily drone from its crowdfunding campaign in 2015. An eager group of buyers raised more than 34 million dollars for the adorable black drone with blue eyes drawn around the camera. With a ton of extra features, the market was excited for the incredible drone’s release. Sadly, a viable product was never produced from the ... Read More »

Drone Footage Captured Harvey’s Destruction in Houston

Starting on August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck Texas as a devastating category 4 hurricane, which means it had winds in the upwards of 130 and 156 miles per hour. With such horrible weather expected, many south Texas residents faced mandatory evacuations from their homes while countless others chose to stand their ground in the wake of the scary storm ... Read More »