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Audi and Airbus Flying Taxi Drone

audi and airbus taxi drone

Drone popularity continues to skyrocket in almost every country. Though flying drones were originally used in the military and flown at home as a hobby, their abilities continue to grow and their use continues to expand. They are still being used as a fun toy for many, but numerous jobs and companies are now using them as a tool for ... Read More »

Ford May Be Joining the Drone Market

Over the past year alone, we’ve watched drones make huge leaps in their abilities and a significant increase in their usage. Many large companies are beginning to use them for a variety of business purposes, and as their technology advances, new tasks that the drones can assist with increase. This makes it a wise decision for any company that has ... Read More »

Drone Deliveries Reality in UK 2019

Drone usage is continuing to rise throughout out the world. Surveillance, search and rescue, security, and even deliveries are all tasks that are currently being done by drones, but are constantly being improved as drone technology advances. Large companies such as Amazon and Walmart are already in the process of designing the perfect system to have drone delivery for many ... Read More »

Radiation Mapping Drone in Fukushima Japan

Each day we are seeing drones being used for more and more tasks throughout the world. Technology on them continues to advance, which makes them suited for more jobs than one would have ever thought possible. From search and rescue to marketing and delivery services, drones are becoming a helpful tool that many businesses are putting to use. In 2011, ... Read More »

Police Drone Assists in Car Wreck Rescue

Drones have so many capabilities nowadays that it isn’t a surprise that they are being put to use for various projects and no longer considered just a toy for hobbyists. Many companies are using them for surveillance and large retail giants are testing their use for order deliveries. Emergency services are now beginning to use them for search and rescue ... Read More »

Three Technologies That Could Transform the Drone Industry

The following is a guest post from DroneDeliver.co.uk Although the drone industry has come a long way in a few short years, there’s plenty of progress still to be made. With DJI’s increased domination of the hardware market, we’ve seen huge improvements in flight times, safety systems and autonomous flight modes. But we haven’t stopped there. So what’s on the way ... Read More »

Vodafone Hopes to Establish Anti-Drone Safeguards in Europe

Drones have become increasingly popular all around the globe. They’ve become a number one choice for hobbyists as well as a variety of different companies. Their use continues to grow as technology on the drones, as well as the cameras attached to the drones, continues to advance. With so many drones taking the sky, it is definitely a worry that ... Read More »

New Display Drone Patented by Samsung is Controlled by Your Eyes

It’s no secret that with each passing year, technology is continuing to make huge advancements. Drones are being used in various countries for everything from food delivery to security. Even large corporations such as Walmart and Amazon are testing order deliveries in an effort to save their buyers in both money and parcel delivery time. As UAVs continue to take ... Read More »