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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Flying Drones, Start Flying Today!

Editor’s note: Looking for some serious help in learning how to fly a drone? We recommend Drone Pilot Ground School Check It Out! An at-home drone ground school training course for sUAS pilots looking to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge test and to become certified drone pilots. **Update – Get $50.00 OFF Drone Pilot Ground School when you sign up ... Read More »

Drone Pilot Flight Training Courses

Drone training courses are taken for a number of reasons. Whether you’re preparing for a specific test through the FAA, wanting to learn how to operate a drone for commercial purposes, or even a simple course to help you learn how to fly a drone, there are courses out there for everything related to drones. Some of these courses are ... Read More »

How to Buy Drone Accessories On A Budget

How to Buy Drone Accessories on a Budget   Okay, so you’re a proud drone owner (congratulations!), but you find yourself faced with a dilemma: do I buy the accessory or not?   Don’t worry. You’re not the only person to face this troublesome problem and I’m here to help you through it. In fact, this is a common problem ... Read More »

How To Avoid Jello and Prop Shadows?

Among many others, there are two very commonly found drawbacks to drone photography and videography in the aspects of unwanted jello and prop shadows. These unwanted flaws to the recorded footage can ruin a successful day of shooting, so you should definitely attempt to avoid them. But what are they? What is causing them? Here is the technical explanation of ... Read More »

How to Look After your Lithium Polymer Batteries, Vol. 3

By Chris Dorling Continued from previous post (Vol. 2). As promised in the earlier posts, I want everyone to avoid some of the mistakes I made in the past and help make your packs last longer, perform better and avoid all the dangers associated with Lithium Polymer batteries. Be sure to check my earlier posts to make sure you don’t miss ... Read More »

How to Look After your Lithium Polymer Batteries, Vol. 2

By Chris Dorling Continued from previous post. From here onwards, I’m going to approach the subject based on my own personal experiences and expertise. I’ve used this technology for more than 10 years and 3 years ago I started a business specialising in selling Lithium Polymer technology which I left last year to pursue life in New Zealand. I want everyone ... Read More »

How to Look After your Lithium Polymer Batteries, Vol. 1

By Chris Dorling Lithium Polymer Batteries Lithium Polymer Batteries (LiPo’s) have now been with us for many years and have become an essential part of this hobby. I bet that everyone reading this will have used a lithium battery in some way, shape or form. They now power many electrical devices, such as mobile telephones, laptops, and tablets. There are ... Read More »

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Drone Landing Safety

For DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone landing safety, here is a Simple Trick to Say Good Bye to Bumpy Landings Forever. The internet is full of useful stuff on how to prevent the misfortune of having your quad land roughly and damage parts or destroy the drone itself. Of course such a mishap can be the result of something ... Read More »