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Aerial photography El Paso gives businesses different ideas on how they advertise and conduct their business. Using regular photography doesn’t always work for everyone, especially if you’re in the real estate or construction industry. Getting shots from the sky using a crane, for example, can be very expensive, so why bother? This is where Aerial photography El Paso comes in.



Real Estate Aerial Photography El Paso, Texas

aerial real estate photography el paso

Aerial photography El Paso companies are the best business industry to happen to real estate agents and real estate companies in El Paso. Why? Because they are able to take one, single shot of an entire property when needed. This eliminates the need for someone to go up on a ladder, or some other form of equipment, and do it themselves.

This can be both dangerous and not effective at all, considering entire property shots are very difficult, if not impossible, to do with just one person and a camera. This is where El Paso aerial photography comes in.



Aerial Construction Photography El Paso, Texas

aerial construction photography el paso

Construction companies, aside from real estate companies, have the most to benefit from aerial photography companies El Paso. For one, they can be used to aid in progress reports. Construction companies can use an aerial photography company to fly up and around their construction site, taking the pictures needed for progress reports to further send to their clients.

This not only gives them a serious break in their work, but it also saves manpower that is essential to whatever the construction company is currently working on for their client. This makes it a win-win situation for everyone.




Aerial Photography Companies in El Paso, Texas

There are a number of successful UAV aerial photography El Paso companies that are just waiting to help out real estate companies, construction companies, and many more industries that require footage from the air.

DesertShot, Inc.

Address: 1618 C Texas Ave, El Paso, TX 79901
Phone: 915-240-7632

Driving Directions

DesertShot, Inc. works in both aerial photography and commercial photography in El Paso, Texas with over 10 years of experience. They specialize in progress photography, general businesses and advertising photography, commercial photography, real estate photography, and aerial photography.


Brian Wancho Photography

Phone: 915-355-3140

Brian Wancho Photography specializes in architectural photography, professional business portraits, commercial photography, and, you guessed it, aerial photography! The photographer, Brian Wancho, provides aerial photography El Paso services at low altitudes using a quadcopter he customized himself for the purpose of gaining high-quality images when compared to standard drones.


Finding Aerial Video Companies in El Paso

Finding aerial photography and aerial videography companies in your city has never been easier. Aerial photography El Paso is packed full of willing companies who offer nothing but the best for your business.

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