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Drones have become a very popular hobby nowadays, and people of all ages are getting into flying them. There are many commercially available drones in all sorts of styles, but have you ever considered building your own? In addition to pre-build drones, there are a number of drone kits available for the diy lover in all of us. These kits come with all the parts needed to build and customize a fully functional drone. For those looking to for the ultimate drone experience, a diy drone kit is the best option out there!


Why Should I Build My Own Drone Kit?

Why Should I Build My Own Drone Kit

There are many reasons why one might want to build their own drone. These range from performance and customization options, up to simply it being a great learning and overall fun experience.

For one, building a drone comes with a wealth of experience and understanding of how they actually work. It gives the builder an opportunity to really learn what’s going on inside the quadcopter, and provides a unique experience that can’t be had when buying a prebuilt model.

It also lends itself well to performance upgrades and customizations. Drone kits are made to be experimented with, and this gives enthusiasts the options to swap out and change many of the components. Anyone who wants to tinker or swap out pieces of the drone is going to be very happy with a drone kit.

Lastly, there is a sense of pride and achievement that can only be had by putting your own drone together. It’s well worth the effort, and really something to be proud of when flying around a drone you built yourself!


The Best Drone Kits

There are a lot of different drone kits out there to choose from, and not all are made equal. Depending on what the user is looking for, a different quadcopter kit might be a better choice. We’ve broken down some of the most popular drone kits, and picked out some of our favorites.


Maxxrace STEM Rc Toys DIY Mini Racing Drone

best drone kits Maxxrace STEM Rc

To start we have the Maxxrace Mini racing drone. This is a great beginner drone both in terms of diy kits as well as flying in general.

In terms of diy kits, this one is super simple and great for first timers. It sacrifices a bit of customizability, but makes up for it in ease of putting it together. For those looking for a great diy kit, or one for a younger teen, this is a great kit that won’t be any trouble to assemble.

It also comes with features like assisted take-off and altitude hold that make it super easy to fly. Many people actually use this as a practice drone before moving onto larger drones. The price for this one is also quite low, meaning it’s not a huge loss if it gets banged up a bit while learning.

Overall it’s a solid drone kit at a good price. While lacking some of the customization options and power of other kits, it’s cheap price and overall ease of use more than make up for it.

best drone kits Maxxrace STEM Rc 1

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Mini RC Toy Quadcopter Drone Set With Camera

Mini RC Toy Quadcopter Drone Kit With Camera

Our next drone kit ups the price a bit, but also comes with some more features. Immediately jumping out on this drone is the camera that can be viewed with the compatible smartphone app. For those wanting camera support on their drone, this is a solid kit that provides just that.

It too is also quite easy to put together and comes with additional pictures on the smartphone app. They say it takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, and that seems like a pretty fair estimate, even for a beginner.

It also comes with a lot of the ease of use features like altitude hold and easy take off. This makes it a great learning drone for first time flyers, and the cheap price makes it great for practicing with.

Overall, this is a nice little drone kit that is easy to put together and comes with a camera. Not a bad deal for the price.

Mini RC Toy Quadcopter Drone Set With Camera best drone kits

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USAQ ZMR250 FPV Quadcopter Kit

best drone kits USAQ ZMR250 FPV

Next up we have the USAQ brand ZMR250 FPV quadcopter kit. This kit is a step up from the the two previous ones, both in terms of cost as well as assembly complexity.

All the pieces of this kit are high quality and fit together really nicely, especially the 2-4S 2300kV brushless motors and the 25A 2-4S ESC. These parts give you a good amount of power and create a nice racing style drone that is both fast, and handles really well.

This drone unfortunately lacks a camera, but as the name says it is still designed for FPV drone racing and a small camera can be easily applied. This drone kit is a good choice for advanced builders who know what they want and who aren’t afraid to customize a kit further with some extra pieces.

best drone kits USAQ ZMR250 FPV 1

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Hobbypower DIY 250

best drone kits Hobbypower DIY 250

This is a very good mid-range drone kit from Hobbypower, a company that generally has a good reputation for quality. The drone should be quite easy to put together with simple parts and clear instructions.

However, the reason you can get a drone kit that’s this powerful and fast for cheap is that it’s comprised mainly of older surplus parts. If you crash the quadcopter, it will be difficult to find pieces to use for repairs or replacement.

Still, this is a great quad for the money. It even comes with an anti-vibration mountain platform so that you can attach your favorite FPV camera to the aircraft (a 5.8GHz camera is a good choice for this particular DIY kit.)

best drone kits Hobbypower DIY 250 1

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Top Race DIY Drone Building Blocks

best drone kits Top Race DIY Drone Building Blocks

This is a beginner drone kit designed for kids and others who don’t want to fiddle with connecting ESCs or choosing batteries/cameras separately. It has a wonderful-looking, unique design and is easy to fly once it’s fully built. There’s no better way for a kid interested in STEM to get involved in the world of remote control aircraft.

The materials are durable and flexible and all of the instructions are very clear. This is far from the fastest or most powerful DIY drone kit on this list, but it’s got decent all-around specs for anyone who isn’t too picky about the particulars.

Features like headless mode and 1-touch return-to-home functionality make this a very easy drone for beginners to fly.

best drone kits Top Race DIY Drone Building Blocks 1

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Build Your Own Drone Kit

Building your own drone is a fun and rewarding experience. The ability to create and fly your own creation is a feeling like no other! Every drone enthusiast should try it at least once, and even newcomers to the hobby will enjoy the experience immensely.



What’s The Best Way To Start With Drone Kits?

The best way to get started is with many of the cheap, easy to assemble kits. These are generally made for beginners, come with fewer pieces, and are easier to put together. Their cheap price is also great in case something breaks, it won’t be a huge loss.

Are DIY Drone Kits Expensive?

Some are, and some aren’t. High quality drone kits can cost several hundred dollars. On the reverse, small, beginner kits can be bought for under $30.

Do DIY Drones Kits Come With Cameras?

This depends on the kit, some do come with cameras of varying levels of quality. Others that don’t might however come with a place to easily mount one.

Is It Difficult To Build a Drone?

With the right kit no! There are many kits aimed at first time builders that are easy to build and come with excellent instructions. Other sets might be a bit more difficult, but with the right experience can be done fairly easily.

Are There Racing Drone and Other Specialized Kits?

Yes, there are special kits for racing style drones as well as other specialized functions. These might come with special or extra parts that help them excel at their function.

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