Best Small RC Cars


Summer is finally her and a lot of families are still looking for “at-home activities” for their kids!

Not all remote control cars need to be big and tough, like the mighty off-road Traxxas models. And still, some others may want a small RC car they can use safely indoors.

If this describes you, you’re in luck, because today we’re looking at the best small, mini, and micro RC cars for sale in 2021.


If you’re a relative newcomer to the world of rc cars, you might not know the difference between a small RC car, a mini RC car, and a micro RC car. Indeed, these are fairly loose definitions that even serious hobbyists can’t always agree on. However, we’ve included an FAQ answering this question – and many more questions that come up often when discussing the subject of small remote control cars – below the product reviews.

Best Small RC Cars Reviews

These products are smaller than your average remote control car for sale, but not by much. They’re for shoppers who want something that can be used indoors but don’t want to sacrifice the performance that comes with a larger motor

Altair Power Pro – #1 Small RC Car

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The Power Pro 4×4 is an exceptional small RC car that comes packed full with some amazing features. This RC car can travel at high speeds of nearly 30 mph and drive at a range of 250 feet. These are great stats for any driver looking to do some exploring. Not only that, but the Power Pro is equipped with 4 wheel independent suspension meaning each wheel can move on it’s own. This will help you master any difficult terrain and make sure your small RC car can move through rocks and rubble.

If you’re a beginner and aren’t quite ready to go offroading yet, this small RC car runs great on flat pavement too. Plus, there are two speed modes so you can start slow and learn the controls of the car. Once you become more confident, you can move into the faster mode and get to racing. The Power Pro 4×4 is made my Altair Aerial who are known for their outstanding customer service, too. If you have any questions about your RC car you can call or email them and they will be there to help you and give you detailed and personalized answers.

Altair Power Pro Features:

  • 4 wheel drive
  • 2.4 Ghz radio transmitter
  • Multiple speed modes
  • 30 minute battery life with Dual Expansion Truck


  • Durable frame
  • Easy to Control
  • Fast speeds


  • One Battery Included

SZJJX 118 small rc cars

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SZJJX 1:18 Electric Rock Crawler

This small hobby grade RC car, manufactured by JJX-Tech, is perfect for buyers who want great performance at a cheap price. This small remote control car has great skid resistance and full four-wheel drive, so it can be driven indoors, outdoors, and even in some off-road situations. While not necessarily recommended for young children, this small rock crawler is great for beginners.

Looking for something a little larger, check out our best rc cars reviews article and read all the details you need to know before you purchase.

electric Rock Crawler
• Car dimensions: 11.02 x 6.29 x 5.9 inches
• 2.4GHz Remote Controller
• Car requires 4.8V 700mA battery (included)
• Controller requires 3 AA batteries (included)
• 4 wheel drive
• 20 km/hour top speed

• Can be used indoors, outdoors, and even off-road
• 20 minute battery life
• Very cheap for a small RC car of this quality

• Slow battery charging

SZJJX 118 small rc cars
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HBX 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car

HBX is a well-known and well-respected remote control truck company, and although this particular model is by far the most expensive small RC car on this list, it’s well worth the price for any serious hobbyist interested in a smaller vehicle. This car is highly durable and quite fast, equipped with a superb brushed RC380 motor.

Best Mini Remote Control Car
• Car dimensions: 9 x 7 x 6 inches
• 2.4GHz Remote Controller
• Car requires Li-ion 7.4V,650mAH battery (included)
• Controller requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
• 4 wheel drive
• 30 km/hour top speed

• Great performance
• Extremely durable
• Should work in all off-road conditions

• Short battery life (about 9 minutes)
• Costs over $100 USD

HBX 118 small RC Car
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Best Mini Remote Control Car Reviews

Mini remote control cars are very small RC vehicles that are designed to be used indoors and which may have a camera or other features.

Cheerwing Mini RC Racing Car

Cheerwing is a popular brand of RC car manufacturer, known for making accessible beginner cars that are great for users of all ages and skill levels. This mini brushless RC car comes with a strong and quality design, high viscosity tires, dual motors, and a top speed of 12 mph. That makes this car one of the fastest mini remote control cars for sale on the market today!

best small rc car
• Car dimensions: 5.00 x 2.50 x 3.25 inches
• 2.4GHz Remote Controller
• Car requires 3.7V 100mAh battery (2 included)
• Controller requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
• 2 wheel drive
• Also includes 6 traffic cones and a ramp

• Great speed
• Precise controls
• Comes with two batteries

• Not very durable, do NOT use this car outdoors

mini rc car cheerwing
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A-Parts Mini Spy Remote Control Tank Car

The A-Parts Mini Spy Remote Control Tank Car has a very unique design and is one of the few small remote control cars with camera for sale. The camera itself can take still images or stream live video, and it all looks very nice at a 0.3 megapixel resolution. It also has a solid battery life and is a little smaller than the Cheerwing model.

mini rc cars
• Car dimensions: 3.9 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches
• Controlled with iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad tablet
• Car requires Li-ion 3.7V/450mAh battery (1 included)
• Manually adjustable 0.3MP camera

• One of the few mini RC cars with camera
• Unique design
• Good battery life (20 minutes per battery)

• Short transmission range
• Imprecise controls

Mini RC Spy Remote Control Tank Car
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Best Micro RC Car Reviews

Micro remote control cars are the smallest cars for sale. These tiny RC vehicles can fit in the palm of your hand!

Force1 Gravity Defying Rechargeable RC Car

Force1 is an excellent manufacturer of beginner RC vehicles, and their Gravity Defying Rechargeable RC Car is, in our opinion, the best micro RC car for sale. The name refers to the fact that it can drive on the walls or ceiling, which is a neat gimmick, but what really pushes this car across the finish line is its great performance, which includes multiple controller channels and good speed. It has a few issues with durability, like all micro RC cars, but even in this area it’s a lot sturdier than most of the other products out there.

Looking for rc cars for kids? You can read our in depth review of the best rc cars for kids and learn everything you need to know before you shop.

rechargeable mini rc car
• Car dimensions: 2 x 1 x 1 inches
• Controller requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
• Car requires one 3.7v 200mAh Li-Po battery (included)
• Can drive on walls or on the ceiling
• Multiple controller channels
• Vibrant LED lights

• Great design
• Great performance
• A fun gimmick where it can drive on walls or the ceiling

• Not the most durable car

Force1 Gravity small rc car

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Micro RC Car Baja Racer

This Ideas In Life brand product – the Baja Racer – is one of the most popular micro RC cars on Amazon. It doesn’t have the most impressive technical specs on the market, but it costs less than 20 dollars, has a great colorful design, and is highly durable. This is the perfect micro RC car for kids or for casual hobbyists.

Micro RC Car Baja Racer
• Car dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 x 2 inches
• 2.7GHz Remote Controller
• Controller requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
• Car plugs into the remote to charge
• 40 foot range

• Cheap micro RC car
• Very durable for its size

• Imprecise controls

Mini RC Car Baja Racer

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Haomsj Mini Coke Can Micro Racing Car

No, that isn’t a typo – the company that makes these micro cars really is called “hoamsj”, with no capitalization. These popular cars have a great and stylish design, as do the cans they come in (which aren’t actually Coke cans, despite the name.) They have decent power, charge quickly, and come with a few toy traffic cones, but mainly what you’re paying for here is the colorful aesthetic.

Mini Coke Can Micro Racing Car
• Car dimensions: 1.2 x 0.9 x 2.7 inches
• 4.9GHz Remote Controller
• Controller requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
• Car uses a built-in rechargeable battery (included)
• Working head and tail lights

• The car and the can it comes in both look great
• Decent speed for a micro RC car

• Not very durable

mini rc racing car haomsj
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Small Radio Controlled Cars FAQ

What’s the difference between a mini RC car and micro RC car?

A mini RC car is a small remote control vehicle that can be driven indoors – usually around 1:32 scale at most. A micro RC car is the tiniest possible remote control vehicle – they can get as small as 1:72 scale.

In other words, these are nearly identical classes of remote control vehicle, but “micro” is smaller than “mini.”

What is the smallest remote control car?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest remote control car ever made is a 25 millimeter model of a Mercedes Benz. That’s 1/90th the size of the original car.

What does RC scale mean?

Many small radio controlled cars are modeled after full-size vehicles. The “scale” is the size comparison between the remote control version of the vehicle and the original car. For example, a 1:10 scale RC car (one of the most common scales) is 1/10th the size of the original car it’s modeled after.

Micro radio controlled cars and mini radio controlled cars usually start at around a 1:32 scale.

Can you buy small remote control cars with camera?

There are a few small remote control cars with camera, but they’re not common, and the cameras aren’t very good. If you’re looking with an RC vehicle with a camera, you’re better off with a drone.

What is the average price of small remote control cars?

Small remote control cars usually cost 50 to 100 dollars.

Where to buy mini RC cars?

Mini and micro RC cars can be purchased in a brick-and-mortar shop if you happen to live in a big city with niche hobby stores, but they’re usually purchased from an online storefront like Amazon. We’ve provided Amazon affiliate links to every product listed in our reviews above.

Mini/Micro RC Cars For Sale

We hope this article has helped you find the best small RC cars, best mini remote control cars, and best micro RC cars for sale. We know that everyone has different needs and desires when they’re shopping for a product like this, so we do our best to help readers find the car that’s perfect for them. If you have a favorite small RC car that we missed, or have a question we didn’t cover in our FAQ, be sure to drop us a line in the comments and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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