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18 Best Professional Drones By Category

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Table of Contents – Professional Drones

  1. FAQ about Drones with cameras
  2. Best Professional Drones – Filming & Aerial Photography
  3. Best Professional Drones – Real Estate
  4. Best Professional Drones – Agriculture
  5. Best Professional Drones – Mapping & Surveying
  6. Best Professional Drones – Surveillance
  7. Best Professional Drones – Racing Drones


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Drones have made a positive impact in different industries today. This is attributed to their user controlled capability, their ability to capture high quality videos and even transport huge payloads. As a beginner, it is important to know that there are different types of drones. They include:


Multi rotor drones – This refers to drones with more than one rotor. They include tricopters, quadcopters and octocopters.
RTF drones – the ready to fly drones are sold fully assembled providing users with the ability of using them right out of the box.
Large drones – they are basically the size of a small aircraft. They have a mind boggling and range of 650 km or more and can reach a height of 30,000 feet above sea level. They are divided into two groups – mid range and endurance drones.
Racing drones – these are built for racing enthusiasts. Users get to race their drones against other opponents through a pre-selected path
Delivery drones – their purpose is simple – to deliver cargo to customers. They have the capacity of carrying a huge payload.

Here are the different fields and industries where drones are used.


Filming and aerial photography
Today, drones have provided filming and aerial photography experts with a new perspective. Multi rotor drones can be fitted with 4K cameras which allow users to take overhead shots great for filming and aerial photography.

Real estate
Realtors have not been left behind when it comes to drones. They use them to conduct aerial photography of sprawling properties. This makes it easier to showcase the property to interested buyers plus it saves time.

In agriculture, drones can be used in soil and field analysis, planting of new crops, crop spraying, crop monitoring, irrigation and health assessment of crops.

Mapping and Surveying
Surveyors and GIS experts are turning to drones to map different sections of the land. The images and video footage collected can be converted into 3D models, contour maps and others.

They can be used by law enforcement agencies to provide risk free aerial surveillance. In wildlife sanctuaries, they provide surveillance of wild animals and present location of poachers.


DronesPhotoCameraRangeTimeBest Price
Filming & Photography #1

DJI Inspire 2
table professional drones dji inspire 2
20 MP
11.5 KM
27 Min
See Best Price
Real Estate #1
DJI Phantom 4
table professional drones dji phantom 4
4 K
5 KM

28 Min
See Best Price
Agriculture #1
DJI Agras MG-1
table professional drones dji agras mg1
1 KM
See Best Price


FAQ about Drones with cameras

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1. Where can I learn to be a professional drone pilot?
There are companies that specialize in providing drone professional pilot training courses. The courses are not geared towards people who want drones for fun but for people engaged in surveillance, aerial photography, mapping and agriculture.
2. What’s the difference between a professional and a non-professional drone?
Professional drones are engineered with features useful in a wide variety of activities. It is common to find the best professional drones fitted with 4K video processing engines and cameras. They are engineered with lightweight materials, can carry heavy payloads and have a longer range. Non professional drones are designed with basic features.
3. What permissions do I need to fly a drone?
In the US, you are required to register your drone with the FAA. Once you are registered, you may not fly the drone within 5 miles of an airport or a height of more than 400 feet.
4. What happens if I face battery discharge mid flight?
Professional drones for sale are fitted with the capability of automatically landing themselves back to the original position in case of battery failure. It is important for the pilot to keep tabs on the battery status of the drone.
5. What is the maximum payload of a drone?
This depends with the frame construction and the number of rotors available. Check the user manual accompanying the drone.


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Best Professional Drones – Filming & Aerial Photography

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DJI Inspire 2

Read Reviews About Inspire 2
With a magnesium-aluminum body construction, the DJI Inspire 2 is a powerful cinematic and photographic drone that is able to yield cinema grade images. It is engineered with the all new image processing system which has the ability of recording up to 5.2 k in CinemaDNG Raw, Apple ProRes and much more.
It has the ability of traveling from 0 to 50 MPH in 5 seconds with a maximum speed of 58 MPH and a max descent speed of 9 m/s. The dual battery system helps to prolong flight time up to 27 minutes allowing you to capture video and images. Thanks to the self heating technology, the drone is able to fly in low temperatures.

Tech Specifications
• Has two LiPO batteries onboard

• Has 4 propellers

• Comes with a 2-Axis Stabilized FPV camera

• Recordings are processed by the Inspire 2 CineCore 2.0 image processing engine

• Can accelerate from 0 to 50 MPH in 5 seconds
• Has a top speed of 58MPH
• A microfiber cleaning cloth is packaged with the unit plus a 5 piece cleaning kit
• A carry case is available to provide proper storage during transportation
• It’s clad with magnesium-aluminum material that assures you of durability

• The 16 GB MicroSD card is limited in terms of storage
• The batteries have a lifetime of 27 minutes of flight time before recharging is needed.


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DJI Matrice 600

Read Reviews About Matrice 600
The DJI Matrice 600 is easy to set up and can be used within minutes. The dust proof propulsion system helps to protect the internal motor and electrical components. Furthermore, it simplifies maintenance which helps to extend the lifetime of the drone.

The actively cooled motors provide reliable operation in terms of extended flight time which allows you to enjoy flying the drone. It has a maximum payload of 6 kg that enables the unit to fly the Ronin-MX gimbal and other cameras from Micro Four Third systems. It utilizes the sine-wave driven intelligent ESCs that ensures the drone performs safely, efficiently and accurately. The ultra low latency HD image transmission allows for accurate image composition and capture.

Tech Specifications
• Has a USB, mini-HDMI and 3G-SDI ports

• Uses six batteries

• Product dimensions – 19.7 by 17.3 by 27.6 inches

• Weighs 8.8 pounds

• 6 propellers with A3 flight controller

• Its ultra light-weight body ensures the unit is portable and easy to transport
• The 6 propellers ensure the unit is stable during flight time
• Its fitted with 6 intelligent batteries and a battery management system for maximum performance
• Easy to set up
• The ultra-low latency HD image transmission provides accurate image composition

• The camera is not included
• You have to purchase other components separately
• It’s expensive.


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Walkera QR X800

Read Reviews About Walkera QR X800
The body frame is made from 3K weave carbon and glass fiber for durability and rigidity. It is fitted with 6S 22.2v LiPO battery that provides 40 minutes of flight time. When combined with the brushless power system that is highly efficient, it has the ability of carrying different action cameras. For example the Walkera iLook, GoPro Hero 3 or DJI Phantom 2. The unit also has the ability of carrying a full featured digital single lens reflex camera.
The retractable landing skids and foldable frame design make storage to be a breeze. The core integrated circuit system not only ensures power efficiency but it helps to manage the battery power providing extended flight time.


Tech Specifications
• Uses the 6S 6,000-12,000 mAh 22.2 v LiPO battery

• Weighs 17.9 pounds

• Product dimensions – 24.4 by 24.4 by 18.1 inches

• High performance brushless motors

• Core integrated circuit system

• Features retractable landing skids making the unit to be highly portable
• Comes with the aluminum carrying case for proper storage and transportation
• Can connect to MavLink software like Mission Planner providing access to limitless programming options
• Built with carbon and glass fiber for durability and rigidity
• Can carry a full featured DSLR camera

• Batteries are not included
• The package does not include a gimbal, camera or remote controller.


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Yuneec Drone Tornado H920

Read Reviews About Yuneec Tornado H920
As a six rotor aerial platform, it is optimized for flying a Panasonic GH4 camera and for this to be possible, it works separately with the GB603 gimbal. This serves the purpose of stabilizing the camera which enables it to move independent of the drone. If one of the rotors were to fail during flight time, the unit can land safely ready for repairs. It is engineered with retractable landing gear that provides unfettered 360 degree view of the landscape as the camera pans. The unit is sold ready to fly which eliminates the need of setup.
It is constructed with carbon fiber for durability and rigidity. You can perform live monitoring via the integrated 7 inch Android device and OSD telemetry display.

Tech Specifications
• Two flight batteries

• Dual battery charger

• Pre bound transmitter

• 5.8 GHz SD video downlink system

• Weighs 44.6 pounds

• The body is constructed with carbon fiber for durability
• Comes with a gimbal which helps to stabilize the camera allowing it to move independently of the aircraft
• The landing gear retracts providing a 360 degree view
• Has six rotors making it suitable to carry the Panasonic GH4 camera
• Includes two flight batteries and dual battery charger

• The camera is not included
• Very expensive.


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Best Professional Drones – Real Estate

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DJI Phantom 4

Read Reviews About Phantom 4
As one of the best professional drones, it is engineered with intelligent flight support systems which include a dual satellite positioning system and enhanced Vision position system. This provides a safer and more reliable flight experience both indoors and outdoors. It is fitted with a powerful camera capable of capturing 4K video at 30 frames per second. This creates impressive footage.
The visionary intelligence elevated imagination feature makes the unit one of the smartest flying platforms. It is able to fly intelligently over or around obstacles and automatically creates seamless tracking shots. It features a dual compass module and Inertial Measurement Unit that greatly increases reliability.

Tech Specifications
• Features a 3-axis u-frame camera stabilization system

• Built in DJI Lightbridge video downlink

• GPS dual positioning module

• Powerful camera with 4K recording capability

• Weighs 8.82 pounds

• Has the ability to avoid obstacles thanks to the visionary intelligence elevated imagination
• The intelligent flight support system provides a safer and reliable flight experience
• Has a powerful camera with 4K recording capabilities
• Has a top speed of 45 MPH
• The dual compass module increases reliability

• Battery life lasts for 28 minutes only
• The camera generates image distortion at the edges.


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DJI Mavic Pro

Read Reviews About Mavic Pro
While the DJI Mavic Pro is a small drone, it is powerful and turns the sky into your creative canvas. It aids by making every moment a great aerial moment. The compact size hides a high degree of complexity. The drone is controlled by a pocket sized remote controller and uses the OcuSync transmission technology that has a range of 4.3 miles. The drone has the capability of viewing obstacles as far as 49 feet in front. It has a top speed of 22 MPH and features the Absolute Precision Flight Autonomy technology which allows the unit to hover in more environments. It can land automatically on the same spot it took off. It has the integrated high precision 3-axis mechanical camera stabilization system providing you with crystal clear photos.

Tech Specifications
• Features ActiveTrack and TapFly among other smart features

• True 4K recording

• New OcuSync transmission system

• Product dimensions – 11.4 by 7.1 by 9.4 inches

• Weighs 1.6 pounds

• 24 high performance computing cores

• Utilizes the Flight Autonomy allowing the drone to see obstacles 49 feet away
• Has the ability of avoiding obstacles at 22 MPH
• The OcuSync transmission technology has a range of 4.3 miles
• Features the Absolute Precision Flight Autonomy allowing the unit to hover
• The 4K camera gives you crystal clear photos and smooth videos

• May seem to be less agile in windy conditions
• Not waterproof.


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3DR Solo Drone

Read Reviews About 3DR Solo
The drone features the new Sony camera that is supported by a custom made gimbal. This allows it to orient the camera in any direction plus it stabilizes it during flight. The camera is perfect for mapping, survey work and inspections. The drone integrates seamless with your Autodesk and GIS tools allowing you to edit and process maps, 3D models and contours. The remote controller provides space for holding your smartphone which connects with your drone allowing you access to video and images transmitted from the camera.

Tech Specifications
• Has a four rotor system

• Weighs 10 pounds

• Product dimensions – 15.8 by 15.6 by 8.4 inches

• Compatible with GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero4 cameras

• Remote controller

• Offers real time first person view of the flight
• You can control both drone and camera with 1 remote controller
• Allows you to save video footage to your phone
• Features automated camera control for cinematic shots

• The drone provides 20 minutes of flight time
• Limited information on connective range.



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Best Professional Drones – Agriculture

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DJI Agras MG-1

Read Reviews About Agras MG-1

It features a powerful propulsion system that enables the octocopter to carry a payload of 10kg. The payload can be liquid or solid for example pesticides or fertilizer. The 8 rotor drone has the capability of flying at a high speed meaning it can cover 4,000 to 6,000 square meters in 10 minutes. This makes the system to be 40 to 60 times faster than manual spraying. The foldable design allows the motor arm to fold inwards making storage to be easy. Thanks to its intelligent memory, it is able to remember past co-ordinates in case operations are interrupted.

Tech Specifications
• Empty tank warning

• System data protection

• 8 rotor system

• Dedicated remote controller

• Weighs 50 pounds

• Remote controller is dust proof and anti-splash
• The motor arms fold inwards making the aircraft compact
• The intelligent memory feature allows the drone to resume from the last point it was interrupted
• Can complete 7 to 10 acres in an hour C
• Can carry 10 kg payload

• Very expensive.


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Ebee SQ – SenseFly

The unit comes as a complete package with all you need to start mapping. Features include a high-res RGB camera, batteries, radio modem and eMotion software. The drone has an ultra light construction which means it weighs 700 g minimizing impact energy. It has a safety conscious rear facing propeller and senseFly’s cutting edge autopilot. This manages a wide range of intelligent failsafe behaviors. It can cover 12 square kilometers in a single automated flight and can acquire images with a ground sampling distance of 1.5 cm.

Tech Specifications
• Utilizes the Flight data manager

• Weighs 1.52 pounds

• Wingspan length 96 cm

• Made with EPP foam, carbon structure and composite parts

• 2150 mAh 11.1 V battery

• Has a maximum flight time of 50 minutes
• Has a nominal cruise speed of 40 to 90 km/h
• Features automatic 3D flight planning
• Has a radio link range of 3 km
• Built with EPP foam, carbon structure and composite parts

• The drone cannot hover on one spot.




Precision Hawk

It is engineered with strength and reliability. It is built to survive hard landings and unfavorable environmental conditions. It is perfectly suited for challenging multiple fields for example agriculture, energy, mining, insurance, emergency response and environmental monitoring. It is easy to use because all you need is to launch it into the air and automatically optimize the flight path to collect data in the most efficient way.

Tech Specifications
• Plug and play sensors

• Field swappable sensors with no need for configuration

• Suitable for different fields

• Light weight body construction

• Perfectly suited for challenging applications
• Easy to launch
• Can survive hard landings
• Features smart controls allowing the drone to adjust to different payloads

• Limited information on extended warranty.




Best Professional Drones – Mapping & Surveying

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Force1 F100 Ghost

Read Reviews About Force1 F100 Ghost

As a GoPro compatible drone all on its own, it’s a great quadcopter for all professional use. Stable, well thought out, and for a great price.

Tech Specifications

force1 f100 ghost specs
• Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and 4

• Powerful brushless motors

• 12 minute long flight time

• High and Low speed modes


• It comes with an extra battery and a power bank
• Comes with extra parts
• Has great photography with GoPro


• You will have to supply your own GoPro

force1 f100 ghost professional drones

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Force1 U45W Blue Jay

Read Reviews About Force1 U45W Blue Jay

This quadcopter is a smaller build and, surprisingly, very discreet considering the features and specifications it has. The 2MP stationary camera has a resolution of 1280x720p at 30 fps, for one.

Tech Specifications

force1 u45w blue jay professional drones specs

• WiFi FPV and VR compatible

• 500mAh LiPo battery

• Flight time of up to 8 minutes

• Custom Route Mode feature

• Live video transmission

• 2.4GHz transmission frequency


• Comes with a power bank and an extra battery
• Uses an SD card reader for photos and videos taken in flight
• Comes with spare propellers
• Includes Altitude Hold and Headless Mode for additional features


• It’s a learning curve

force1 u45w blue jay professional drones

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3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter Site Scan

Read Reviews About 3DR Solo Site Scan
It is the only drone to be powered by twin computers and can stream wireless HD video content from GoPro directly to your Android/iOS device. Features the powerful smart shot technology that makes capturing incredible video footage easy and automatic. The controller features pushbutton flight and computer assisted Smart shots which allows users to get professional aerial photos and video.

Tech Specifications
• 3D Robotics gimbal

• 3D Robotics propeller set

• Transmitter remote control

• Flight battery and charger

• Powered by twin computers
• Streams HD video via wireless technology to smart devices
• Smart Shot technology allows automatic and easy footage recording
• Users can adjust camera settings from the ground

• Battery has 13 minutes of life.


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Novadrone Nomad

The product is easy to use because all you need is to select the area you want to survey, make a plan and simulate your mapping mission and tasks. It is built with an ultra light airframe that promotes aerodynamics. The type of material used is composed of 100% advanced composites, Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Tech Specifications
• Interchangeable POD

• Full flaps and airbrakes

• Carbon fiber body material

• Wingspan 300 cm

• Aerodynamic efficiency
• Feature airbrakes that ensure safe landing
• Great in-flight stability

• Reduces efficiency
• Take off safety issue.



Best Professional Drones – Surveillance

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Yuneec Q500 Typhoon

Read Reviews About Yuneec Q500
It is available with a personal ground station with built-in touch screen allowing the user to monitor video footage. Features 4K video with ultra high definition video recording at 30 frames per second. Can capture 12 MP photos with No Distortion Lens.

Tech Specifications
• Integrated 3 axis precision gimbal camera

• One battery

• Weighs 2.5 pounds

• A carry case is not included


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Parrot Bebop 2

Read Reviews About Parrot Bebop 2

The drone is fitted with a high capacity 2700 mAh battery with 25 minutes of battery life. The unmatched 3 axis digital stabilization system ensures smooth and stable videos are captured despite the movements of the drone.

Tech Specifications
• Has seven sensors

• 3 axis digital stabilization system

• High capacity battery

• New Parrot Sky controller

• Comes with Cockpit VR glasses that offer captivating flight experiences
• Features a full HD 1080p camera
• Works with the FreeFlight Pro app

• The body is constructed with plastic.


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DJI Matrice M100 with Thermal Camera Zenmuse

Read Reviews About Matrice M100

It is available as a complete flight platform allowing you to start flying quickly and enjoy a stable reliable flight. Has all the easy to fly technology which includes a flight controller, propulsion system, GPS, DJI Lightbridge and a dedicated remote controller.

Tech Specifications
• High powered battery

• DJI guidance system

• Four rotator system

• Dual battery compartments

• Has a light weight frame and efficient motor
• The high capacity battery gives you up to 40 minutes of flight time
• It’s fully programmable
• Features high precision vision positioning

• It’s expensive.


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Best Professional Drones – Racing Drones

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Force1 DYS XDR220

Read Reviews About Force1 DYS XDR220

Patience is definitely an important virtue with this drone. Putting it together aside, this racing drone is beneficial in multiple professional industries, is incredibly quick, and can definitely get the job done.

Tech Specifications

force1 dys xdr220 professional drones specs

• 9 channels on a 2.4GHz transmission frequency

• Colored LCD screen with an intuitive, full setup

• 5.8GHz FPV transmission

• 2.5mm HD CCD camera


• The design is one of the lightest ones ever engineered
• It’s made out of carbon fiber for added durability
• High-quality VR goggles make a very smooth, clear difference
• It uses a balance charger to create an equal amount of power between battery and the life


• It does not come with a battery, so you will have to supply your own
• The battery you choose will have positive or negative effects, so it can go either way

force1 dys xdr220 professional drones

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Final Thoughts About Professional Drones

Shopping for the best professional drones can be a daunting task especially today where several brands are available. To make them competitive, they are engineered with amazing features like retractable landing, gimbal, 4K camera, multirotor system, intelligent guidance systems, lightweight materials for the body and long lasting batteries. Are you shopping for professional drones to use in your organization? I highly recommend the drones reviewed above.

Also, you can read about Silent drones wich are designed for use in many cases where a drone has to work without making lots of noise. They can work for surveillance purposes as a means of monitoring something without giving one’s location away.

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