With Black Friday less than 4 weeks away (November 29, 2019), now is the time to start shopping for the best Black Friday RC truck deals of 2019! Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with the latest information on how you can save money this holiday shopping season!

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This year we will be tracking all the best deals for Black Friday right here! Our team will keep you up-to-date with all the best deals as companies begin releasing information in the coming weeks leading up to this popular shopping holiday.

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You can trust that our editorial staff stands behind these reviews 100%. We have a passion for reviewing high-quality RC products and this year in particular we're searching for the companies that stand behind their products as well.

With the market flooded with RC products, it's important to find a company that separates itself with quality service and we'll be adding this info to our reviews. If you have a comment or question, please reach out to me at justin@dronethusiast.com or leave a comment below.

Let's take a look at our favorite deals for RC Trucks on Black Friday 2019!


Altair Power Pro - Best Overall Deal in 2019

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Click here to See it On Amazon! or you can get fast and free shipping from the manufacturer's website at AltairAerial.com.

The best RC truck to buy this Black Friday is the Altair Power Pro 4x4 RC Truck. It’s great for beginners and experienced drivers alike and comes with the best features to give users an overall great RC truck experience. Already, Altair has this truck marked down for the ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER!.

First off, this truck can reach some serious speeds. You can drive it up to 30 mph which is impressive for a truck of this price and size.

Also, the four-wheel drive and independent suspension system makes it not only great for driving across the pavement but you can take it onto more difficult terrains too and it will maneuver itself easily without getting stuck.

You’ll be able to drive the Power Pro for about 15 minutes and if you need any help getting started you can contact Altair and they will answer any of your questions about the Power Pro truck. Their amazing customer service in itself makes this RC truck worth buying. Check out Altair's how-to videos on the Power Pro here.


SZJJX Off-Road Truck - Cheapest RC Truck for Black Friday

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If you’re on a tight budget this holiday season but still want to buy a great RC truck gift for someone in your life, check out the SZJJX Off-Road truck. This is one of the cheapest options on our list to buy for Black Friday. Right now this budget RC Truck is very affordable and (at the time of this writing) includes a 5% coupon on checkout, so you can get this RC truck at a pretty good price already.

It comes with many great features too that are essential for a great RC truck driving experience. This Rc truck comes with more than 60 meters of control distance and can drive up to 15 mph. This isn’t the highest speed but is pretty good for a truck at this price point.

You can get a great amount of driving time with the SZJJX truck as well with an average of 20 minutes. Plus it’s made of durable ABS plastic and PVC which makes it durable for driving across difficult terrains and obstacles.

It’s easy to use and great for kids to try out learning how to drive an RC truck on this model. It’s small and the 2.4 GHz controller has easy controls and users can even use the brake feature to stop the truck immediately if needed.


Traxxas Slash - Best Professional RC Truck

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Traxxas is one of the most well known RC truck brands and they make high-quality products. The Traxxas Slash RC truck is the best professional racer and worth checking out during Black Friday.

The Slash requires some assembly which can be part of the fun. It may be difficult for a younger driver or beginner to complete the assembly on their own but professionals will have fun putting it together.

It comes equipped with the most high-powered technology for the best racing experience on pavement, sand, dirt, or wherever you may choose to drive your Slash truck. The 2.4GHz control radio system also makes the truck easy to control even for beginners.

Traxxas doesn't have the Slash on sale quite yet, but we're betting that they'll have deals on par with previous years. Once they do, we'll be sure to update you here!

Along with Traxxas being well known, their customer service phone number is available to call on weekdays if you have any questions and you can email an RC expert as well. This can be helpful if you run into any issues with your Slash truck.


Double E RC Truck for Kids

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Are you shopping for your daughter or granddaughter? Do they love being outside and adventurous? They will love the Double E RC Car because it’s a great RC truck for girls and kids. This RC truck is already listed at right at almost half its list price!

One of the best things about this RC truck is that it comes with two rechargeable battery packs, giving kids double the driving and practice time. Girls can drive their truck for up to 30 minutes or so, which is a great amount of time.

The controls are simple and easy to use and truck is made of durable plastic and rubber to help withstand if it crashes or runs into anything. It’s a great size and a great RC toy gift for any girl who loves an adrenaline rush.


Top Race RC Dump Truck

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Another construction vehicle that makes a great gift for kids and is a unique RC truck experience is an RC dump truck. This one from Top Race is extremely detailed and will be on sale during Black Friday.

It has a powerful motor and engine with durable rubber tires that can carry up to 22 lbs in its flatbed. This is outstanding for an RC truck of this size, being only a 1/14 scale which is small compared to other RC trucks on our list.

The battery life is also great. You can drive this RC dump truck for about 40-50 minutes before having to recharge, which is longer than most other battery lives we’ve featured today.

It works great both indoors and outdoors, but is definitely meant to stay on the pavement. If you’re hoping to take this off-roading onto more difficult terrains it will not ride nearly as well.


DeXop RC Truck with Camera

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For a unique driving experience, consider the DeXop RC truck. This vehicle includes a camera which gives drivers a whole new way to drive and have fun. While this RC Truck isn't currently on sale, we've got it in place because of its already reasonable price. As we find more discounts, we'll update this space.

The DeXop RC Truck comes with an attachable 720p camera that allows drivers to take a live video feed of their trip while driving this RC truck. This isn’t a professional camera by any means but it is great for the intended use and is an exciting feature.

You get about 15 minutes of driving time with the DeXop truck which is great for a vehicle in this price range and you’ll find it gives you plenty of time to get some exploring in. Plus, there is about a 35-40 meter control range which drivers will love using when driving their RC truck.

It has powerful 4WD and is made of durable material to withstand small crashes and obstacles. However, the battery is not included so be prepared to bundle a battery in with your purchase so you can get to driving right away.


Double E RC Tow Truck

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Utility vehicles make great RC truck toys and great gifts for kids. You’ll want to check out this RC Tow Truck on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This is a 1/20 scale Mercedes-Benz authorized truck. It has a flatbed trailer that works just as a life-size tow truck would. You can use the transmitter to move the bed up and down.

It is made of durable ABS plastic which is great in case your child were to accidentally crash or run into something. No damage will happen to the RC truck. It can carry anything from a small toy car to other RC construction vehicles like a dump truck or forklift.

The RC tow truck also comes with two batteries which give drivers more playtime. This is great for a toy at this price point because you’re getting more for your dollar.

Black Friday RC Truck Deals FAQ

1. Where can I buy RC trucks on Black Friday?

RC trucks are sold at many places. Online stores such as Amazon will be running sales on RC trucks for Black Friday, but consider looking at your local hobby stores as well for Black Friday savings.

2. What is the best RC truck?

There are many great RC trucks on the market and this is going to depend on who you’re buying for. We placed the Altair Power Pro as our #1 choice for the overall best RC truck so we suggest starting there.

3. Will RC trucks be on sale during Black Friday?

Yes they will be. As mentioned you can check online and in-store for Black Friday deals on RC trucks.

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