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We’ve scoured the Internet to find ways to make the DJI Spark better than before with drone modifications. Although, it’s been a difficult task, considering it’s already one of the best drones that DJI has released thus far.

Sitting around $500, you’re getting some unbelievable specs and features. Take the gesture controls, for example. Using your hands and fingers, you can control the DJI Spark to take pictures, move away from you, come closer, etc. The camera stabilization has also drastically improved compared to their previous drones, as well!

So, with all of this in mind, we’ve found a number of DJI Spark mods that will give any other drone a run for their money.

DJI Spark Mods & Tips

Hacking for an WiFi-Free DJI Spark Controller

What would you say if we told you that we know how you can fly without a WiFi connection using your phone and the controller? We can! You’re going to need an On The Go Cable for this one.

Start with connecting the Spark and the controller and then connect your phone to the controller next. Take the cable and plug it into the charging port on the Spark controller and then plug the other end into your phone.

Next, turn off your WiFi signal. Nothing will happen here but you will notice that a message of some sort, depending on the type of phone you have it connected to, saying “Error” or what have you, will probably come up.

Fortunately, you will be able to fly the drone without using a WiFi connection with your phone!

Keep in mind that the test may or may not work based on the phone you have. Some Android users have been able to do it, some have not. The same is said for those with iPhones, as well.

Better Range and Reliability

Everybody wants better range and reliability no matter which drone you’re flying with, so let’s get started on one of the best DJI Spark modifications we’ve found to date! You will need the controller for this one.

Start with unscrewing the two screws on the front of the controller located behind the device’s holder arms and remove the plastic covers. Carefully pry the front cover through the opening that has been made available.

Pry the top seam open carefully without damaging the ribbon cable behind it. Next, remove the two case screws to your left and right. Disconnect the small ribbon cables that lead to the joysticks and pry your way around without jabbing into it too far. Take your time here!

Remove the entire thing and remove the antenna for the WiFi out of the holder, setting it outside. Remove the tape that is covering the button board ribbon cable and disconnect the ribbon. Remove all six screws to get the button board out of the way entirely and unplug the power harness.

Remove the next four screws to remove the battery box where you will now be down to the u.fl connectors that need to be replaced. Remove then by pulling straight up and not prying on an angle. Using cutter, trim the lock off of the antenna and remove it.

Install your new RP-SMA connectors and brackets. Plug the new u.fl connectors and route all of the wires neatly. Make sure you re-screw everything as tightly as possible when putting it all back together.

Tips for Easier Flying

We’ve got a couple simple life hacks that make flying much easier with the DJI Spark, so check them out below.

Dedicated Smart Phone Controller

If you have an old, intact smart phone laying around, factory reset it and only download the DJI app for the Spark. This allows for more storage, it won’t drain the battery on your regular phone, and it’s actually a simple way to avoid gunking anything up.

You could also invest in a cheap, used a smart phone in decent condition for this, as well.

dji spark smartphone controller mods and tips

The Mystery User Manual

Oddly enough, even though you get a number of manuals with the DJI Spark when you buy it, it does not actually come with the user manual with the DJI Spark Fly More Combo.

Thankfully, however, we’ve found a link for the actual DJI Spark user manual that can be found by clicking here.

Protecting the Joysticks

When you receive the DJI Spark Fly More Combo, you will notice that it comes with a bag. Although the bag does not look like it secures the controller very well and that the joysticks could potentially break.

Using the styrofoam that came in the package with the bag, put the joysticks in the two cutouts when storing it within the bag for safe travels.

You can also use the joystick holder designed for the DJI Mavic for the DJI Spark, as well!

joystick protect dji spark mods and tips

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Get an On The Go Cable

Once you have an OTG cable, connect it to the controller and then connect it to your device. You should be connecting it to the controller in the charging port.

This helps to ensure that the WiFi won’t mess with the connection in any negative way and that the connection overall will be as clear as possible.

Put your phone in the mount in the controller the same way you always would get yourself ready to go, and you’re all set!

on the go cable dji spark mods and tips

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DJI Spark Modifications and Tips

Using the right modifications and tips can make flying your DJI Spark that much better. Especially when it comes to ease of use and being able to fly more easily or with a mod that has allowed you to enhance your drone.

Do you have any modifications, tips, or hacks you’ve tried out that work? If so, let us know in the comments!

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