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Drones are many things to many people. Drones are useful – instruments of aerial photography with built-in cameras that make them perfect for capturing an event or even filming a Hollywood movie. Drones are cool – able to pull off incredible stunts with only the push of a button or the flick of a stick. But drones are also fast, and that’s what today’s article is about – the 7 fastest drones for sale.

Today we’re looking at the drones that will give you pure speed at any price range. On a budget? Got that covered. Want to take part in a serious race? We’ve got that covered too. Need a fast drone with a camera? No problem. We’ve tried and tested all these drones ourselves, so you know you’re sure to find something good.

Top 7 Fastest Drones For Sale

Obviously, our number one concern when compiling this list was the top speed of the drones in question. But we looked at other features, too – price, tech, etc. These aren’t just the 7 fastest drones – they’re the 7 best fast racing drones that are actually worth your time. So without further ado:


Altair Outlaw SE – Fastest Budget Drone

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Altair Aerial’s Outlaw SE can’t quite compete with some of the other racers on this list, but this drone is fast, fun, and ready to fly right out of the box – all at a price that won’t break the bank! If you’re a beginner looking to get into very fast drones, this is the fast drone for you.

Outlaw SE Specifications:

  • • 15-17 minute flight time
  • • 1080p HD Camera
  • • 600 meter range

• Great Customer Service from US Based Company
• Good flight time and great range
• Easy for beginners to pick up

• Not as fast as a pro drone

Altair Outlaw SE - Fastest Budget Drone

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Walkera F210 Professional Racer – Fastest Pro Drone

The Walkera F210 is significantly more expensive than the Blackhawk with a base price of $609. But that price gets you everything you need to start flying at incredible speeds – camera, transmitter, battery, and all. This powerful and fast mini drone has an incredible range, an extremely durable carbon body, a stunt system, and a 50 Mile Per Hour top speed. What more could you want in one of the fastest drones for sale?


  • • 50 MPH top speed
  • • 14V 1300mAh Li-Po 4S battery
  • • 379 gram weight
  • • 9 minute flight time
  • • 700TVL FPV Camera
  • • 800 meter range

• Strong motors
• Night vision camera

• FPV set not included
• Short flight time

walkera f210 - Fastest Budget Drone

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ImmersionRC Vortex

From this point forward, the drones get pretty beginner-unfriendly. Take the ImmersionRC Vortex, for example – it doesn’t come with a battery, a camera, or even a radio transmitter. You’ll have to provide all of that yourself. However, it has lots of cool high-tech features, like the fact that the OSD will literally setup the controller for you after you’ve selected your HD camera choice, racer, and propeller size. Or how about the fact that you can race with up to 8 pilots at once through the drone’s 40 channels? If that means nothing to you, here’s the bottom line: a 500 meter range, a 70 mile per hour top speed, and one of the best fastest drones for sale.


  • • 60-70 MPH top speed (varies)
  • • Battery not included, 1800 3s mAh recommended
  • • 415 gram weight
  • • 4-6 minute flight time
  • • No camera, action mount included
  • • 500 meter range

• Tiny and foldable
• Powerful racing drone
• Flexible camera mount works for GoPro and others

• Transmitter not included
• Battery not included
• Not recommended for beginners

immersion rc vortex - Fastest Budget Drone

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Eachine Wizard X220S

The Eachine Wizard is a new fast drone on the market, replacing the now-unavailable EACHINE Racer 250. But it’s quickly made an impression, and not just because of its distinctive shape and bright purple propellers. The four powerful motors give it incredible height and speed and let it fly for an astonishing 20 minutes off a single battery. It has a solid built-in FPV camera perfect for racing your very fast drone at top speeds. But best of all, this is one of the most durable fastest drones out there thanks to a tough build, carbon fiber body, synthetic polymer bumpers, and rubber grommets to protect the power cables and antenna. If you’re looking for a durable winner at a fairly reasonable price, the Wizard is an excellent choice!


  • • 50-70 MPH top speed
  • • 3S 1500 mAh Li-Po battery
  • • 535 gram weight
  • • 20 minute flight time
  • • 700TVL camera
  • • 400 meter range

• Highly durable
• Great flight time

• No instruction manual
• Known charger issues

iEachine Wizard X220S - Fastest drones

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Blade Mach 25 FPV

The Blade Mach 25 FPV is a fully built drone, but it lacks a battery charger, which means you can only use it once right out of the box. It’s worth paying the extra price for, though, because this is one of the absolute fastest drones available with a 70 MPH top speed even before any modifications. Throw in a solid micro camera, a 300 meter range, and a decent flight time (10 minutes) and you’ve got an excellent choice for anyone who’s just gotta go fast. Plus, it’s a stylish looking fast quadcopter with LED lights that let you fly at night and that look cool at any time.


  • • ~70 MPH top speed
  • • 1350mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po battery
  • • 505 gram weight
  • • 10 minute flight time
  • • Spektrum 25mw ultra micro FPV camera
  • • 300 meter range

• Good range
• Good controller

• Battery charger not included
• Mediocre flight time

Blade Mach 25 FPV- Fastest drones

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Arris FPV250 Racer

This is another fairly durable drone with a composite fiberglass frame and a more reasonable price point of only $209. It’s equipped with a 700TVL camera, which means it shouldn’t have any latency or delay (this is the same camera that the Walkera has.) It’s easy to modify, which is really important because it’s lacking some parts and isn’t ready-to-fly right out of the box. Worse, with the default specs it only has a 10 minute flight time and a 20 MPH top speed (still one of the fastest drones out there, but not exactly impressive for this list.) If you’re looking to modify an existing product, this is a cheap body with a good pedigree to get you started, but true beginners and budget shoppers will probably be better off with the Blackhawk.


  • • 20 MPH top speed
  • • 4S 1500Mah Battery
  • • 395 gram weight (554 with battery)
  • • 10 minute flight time
  • • 700TVL FPV Camera
  • • 1000 meter range

• Durable
• Easy to modify

• Some parts not included
• Not RTF

Arris FPV250 Racer - Fastest drones

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Hubsan X4 H107D

If even the Blackhawk is out of your range, never fear – one of the fastest drones you can buy costs only $60. Now, make no mistake: you get what you pay for. This drone isn’t at all durable, has almost no flight time or range, and has a pathetic 480p camera. But it’s one of the lightest and most portable drones out there, and even at this price and with these specs it still manages 25-30 MPH, making it a solid fast drone for the enthusiast on an especially tight budget.


  • • 25-30 MPH top speed
  • • 4V 380mAh Li-Po battery
  • • 35 gram weight
  • • 7 minute flight time
  • • 0.3MP 480p camera
  • • 100 meter range

• Lightest and cheapest option
• USB charger

• Bad camera
• Short range
• Short flight time

Hubsan X4 H107D - Fastest drones

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Fastest Drones FAQ

Factory made drones like the kind we cover in this guide usually have a top speed of about 100 miles (or 150 kilometers) per hour. The current speed record for a custom drone is 163.5 miles per hour (over a 100 mile track.)

What makes a drone fly fast?

There are four drone components that make a drone fly fast: the motor, the propellers, the frame, and the battery. The motor needs to provide powerful thrust, but thrust on its own is difficult to control without large propellers. The frame and the weight mostly affect speed because of their weight – a lighter drone moves faster. However, the type of battery will also dictate how powerful the drone’s motor can be.

Can I build my own fast drone?

Yes you can! Many of the fastest racing drones actually need to be built out of spare parts, like the Diatone GT200 2017 (which can reach 99 miles per hour.) That’s not really the focus of this article – our site is more about the best pre-built consumer drones for sale – but you can find more information about building your own DIY drones elsewhere on the web.

What is the fastest drone in the world?

The fastest drone in the world (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) is the DRL RacerX, a drone that is not available for sale because it would technically not be legal to sell commercially. The tiny 800 gram drone ran off a single battery and reached a top speed of 163.5 miles per hour (263.1 km/h for our friends in the rest of the world.) Now that’s one serious drone!




Now that you’ve read the article, we hope you’ve learned more about the fastest drones available this year. Maybe you’ve even decided to make a purchase of one of the fine products we’ve reviewed. But maybe your favorite fast drone wasn’t on the list, or maybe we failed to answer a question you had. If so, please let us know in the comments so that we can keep this article up-to-date with the best information possible.

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