mysterious drone sightings in colorado

There have been a number of unidentified drone sightings in northeast Colorado and parts of Nebraska, which have been unnerving residents. This has been happening for over a week now, yet authorities have stated it is still a mystery as to why the drones are there.

Law enforcement in Lincoln, Washington, Sedgwick, Phillips, and Yuma counties say there have been increased reports of small remote-control air crafts at nighttime.

The drones are estimated to have 6-foot wingspans have been spotted flying in groups in clusters of six to 10 in grid formations. Most sightings have been in mostly rural areas and have raised widespread concern due to their mysterious appearance.

Many agencies including Alphabet, Amazon, Uber, and more have denied that the drone activity is coming from them. Others that have denied drone activity include private drone companies, oil and gas companies, and U.S Army Forces Command.

While there have not been any answers as to why these mysterious drones are appearing, Senator Cory Gardner said he’s been in contact with the FAA, which has promised to get to the bottom of the drone mystery.

Government officials and law enforcement have been busy collecting data and investigating these sightings. On Monday, January 6th, 2020, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office hosted a closed-door meeting to discuss their findings.

Information from this meeting is hoped to be released to the public soon. However, officials do not believe that this drone activity is not related to any criminal activity.

A large part of this investigation involves locating the command vehicle that may be controlling the mysterious drones.

Part of what makes this situation difficult is that there is currently no way to know who is flying a drone. The FAA has recently proposed a new rule which would require drone operators to share their information from their systems with the FAA while they operate. However, it could be years before this rule is taken into effect.

Law enforcement is advising the public to report any sightings and while it may be unnerving, to not take any other action, such as shooting them down. The FAA views drones as aircraft, which makes shooting one down illegal.

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