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Sharper Image Drone DX-4 with Camera

A number of drone companies in the market are seeking to meet the different needs and preferences of the various industries. Attracting these industries are drone companies that make budget priced drones. These include companies such as Sharper Image, Hubsan and Udirc. Their drone models deliver on light functions. The Sharper Image drone aims at boosting a user-friendly experience for users. Hubsan designs drones to suit different objectives with four brands (Flying High, Night Walker, Take Flight, and Angry Swarm). These are themed to meet their different objectives and camouflage into the current environment. Udric on the other hand focusses on the capability and performance of their drones while minimizing on the overall size.
Sharper Image is outdoing itself. With a series of outstanding budget friendly models such as the DX-1, DX-2, DX-3, and the DX-4, with each successor leaving a better drone with improved features. Improved features translate to better vision with better range coverage. Even at this, they have upheld their objective of designing affordable drones. All the model offer drone Sharper images that are clear and detailed whether you need to take a video or capture photo. Just as the name suggests, they capture sharp images and videos.

From Sharpener Image, the Sharpener Image Drone DX-4 is not only affordable but also delivers o functionality. Its overall design is outstanding making it easy to transport as well as store away when it is not in use. It allows you to take shots, videos, as well as audio that are clear and precise. Other than recording and opting to view the content later, you can also stream live HD video to your smart device or any other Wi-Fi connected device thus having fun moments with your friends and family. With this Sharper Image camera drone you and take shots over heights that would be rather dangerous to obtain. This model is sturdy with ease in maneuverability thanks to automation features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sharper Image DX-4

What’s the resolution of its camera?
It has a 3MP camera.
What is the battery life?
This drone is powered by a rechargeable 3.7V 800Mah Li-Po battery. Once it is fully charged, it will operate for about 10 minutes before the need to recharge it.

What are the battery’s volts and/or mAh?
It has 3.7V and 800mAh battery capacity.

Where can I get extra parts?
The recommended place to get extra parts is the official website of the company. This is because they will help you to identify the right parts for your drone.

Could you fly 2 DX-4 drones at the same time?
If you have two controllers, you can fly two DX-4 drones. All you have to do is pair them.

What is the range for the device?
It has a range coverage of about 450 feet in either direction. Simply watch out for any barriers.

Can I use it with my tablet?
Yes, you can. It should be able to able to connect with Wi-Fi enabled devices such as your smartphone as well as tablet.

What operating systems can support this device’s app?
It is supported by both Android as well as IOS.

Does it require any assembly?
Yes it does. However, it is not complicated as some parts are pre-assembled.

Sharper Image Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone Review

The Sharper Image Drone DX-4 delivers on both performance, functionality, as well as service in the long-term. It allows for shooting of shots, videos, as well as audio with clear and precise results. Other than record and view content later, you can also stream live HD video to your smart device be it a smartphone, tablet, or any other Wi-Fi connected device. You no longer have to climb trees or risk accidents with this drone. Below is the Sharper Image Drone review to help you better understand its capabilities and strengths.

The package comes complete with the drone parts that require assembly, a USB charging cable, as well as replacement props to help deliver on functionality. With time, you may need to replace some parts for one reason or another and these are made easily available on the company’s official site.

Key Features of the Sharper Image Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone

It comes with outstanding features to meet its functions. The following are key features that make this Sharper Image Drone stand out amongst its direct competitors.
• Auto take off, landing, as well as auto hover capability
In an effort to boost ease of use, this drone comes with some automated capabilities. It features auto take off which enables you to have a smooth lift off preventing possible accidents as it takes off. It also features auto hover when it is in use to ease the process so you gain stability as you enjoy the view of the surrounding. With stability come better and clear videos, as you will not keep shaking.

After use, you can use the auto-landing feature that will help you with flight as well as in landing it smoothly. This will ensure that even after it captures the footage you want, you will not destroy it. The automation makes this a key feature as it allows you to use it even as a beginner. All you have to do is understand what each button on the control is responsible for.

• Multi-directional remote with 360-degree stunt rolls
It comes complete with a remote control just like every other drone. However, this remote is multi-directional which is responsible for a smooth hover when it is in use. In addition, it allows for 360-degree stunt rolls to capture images as well as videos just as you like it. You do not need some special effect button to alter your content tanks to this feature. With a single button, you will be able to perform a 360-degree barrel roll, which is easy, convenient, as well as efficient.

• Features streaming HD video as well as still shots
This Sharper Image drone with camera has the ability to take photos as well as capture videos and audio. All you need are the right settings on the remote and you can make the best of the moment. It does not stop at this as you can also stream LIVE HD video straight to your Wi-Fi enabled device such as your smartphone or tablet. With this, you can share the videos as well as photos you take with your drone. Your loved ones will always be up to date on what is happening around you.

• 3-speed control
In an effort to boost maneuverability as well as ensure that you capture your desired content, you have the ability switch between 3 speeds. Beginners are advised to work with slow speeds as they learn how to control the drone. As they perfect their flying skills, they can work with either speeds to meet your ideal preference.

• Long lasting Li-poly rechargeable battery
Rather than constantly replacing batteries and work with the hassle of finding batteries that fit, this Sharper Image Drone model a long lasting li-poly rechargeable battery. It takes around an hour to fully recharge it. This means you can use it repeatedly without the worry of running out as long as it is within its lifespan. All you need is a power outlet to recharge it for your next shot.

• 2.4 Ghz transmitter
It features a 2.4Ghz transmitter that includes 4 replacement blades. This transmitter ensures that the content you view is up to standard to meet your desired expectation on results.


Tech specifications

• 21 x 14 x 4 inches of product dimensions

• Has 6 axis gyro stabilization

• 360-degree stunt rolls

• 2.4 Ghz transmitter

• 4 LED lights for better viewing

• 3-speed control

• Auto take off, auto hover, as well as auto land

• Li-poly rechargeable battery

• Easy to maneuver with automated features
• Ability to change speed for better follow-up
• You can share live videos with Wi-Fi enabled devices
• Smaller dimensions for easy storage and transportation making it reliable
• Allows for a 360-degree view with the use of just one button
• Long-lasting rechargeable battery
• The device remains stable when capturing content

• It can only capture content for about 10 minutes before the need to recharge it. This only allows for short videos.


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Conclusion About Sharper Image Drone DX 4

The above Sharper Image Drone Review highlights the strengths that with the help of advanced technology have helped the Sharper Image camera drone stand out in the market. In addition, you will be able to point out a few companies that aim at designing budget-friendly drones for different markets. While the DX-4 is taking the market by storm, it comes from a brand that has released other models. The key objective is to understand the Sharper Image Drone DX-4 strengths and capabilities. While some people have raised queries about the drone, solutions and answers are provided to help guide users on how to obtain the best experience when using it. Sharper Image drone with camera lives to its promise.

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  1. william h westerlage

    my transmitter for the DX 4 has broken and needs to be replaced how do i order one?

  2. How can I save my videos to my phone so I can share them on Facebook or send them to a friend ??

    • When u are using the video it should save automatically to ur videos folder on your phone i know mine is setup so it does it automatically

  3. My front right rotor has stopped spinning. Try changing rotors – no luck. Can I disassemble that one rotor to check connections or is it glued together ?

  4. Is the camera adjustable by hand only ?

  5. My dx4 did not have the manual nor the sd microcars included. Where can I get these?

  6. Hello to you all. Bought this today. Works great and fun for the kids and myself. My only question is can the battery be upgraded to last longer or not? Thanks for any response!

  7. hi everyone I bought a dx-4 drone today and it went up up and away lol $80 wasted.
    it would of been kool to use it for a day but I wanted to test to see how far up in the sky it would go.
    so I have a remote and all the extras for sale for $25.00 plus s&h. paypal. only.
    send me a email elitehr at yahoo dot com

  8. Where do I get replacement pinion for a dx4. They are impossible to find and sharper image is zero help.

  9. My drone flew so far until didnot know where is it .how can i find it?

    • I have the same problem if you find an solution
      please share w me thank you generalpatten76@gmail.com

      • Found drone is there a way to find owner?

      • This drones altitude hold sensor has issues. My drone would hover normally then suddenly take off skyward like it had a mind of its own? I had no control, it flew away and thankfully landed about 1/2 a block from my location. I was able to retrieve it. I make sure I always do a gyro reset prior to flight. This seemed to resolve my fly away issues.

  10. My camera is recording images upside down, any ideas why or how to fix. Was fine one moment, then not tje next.

  11. I downloaded the 360-L app to my Galaxy s7 , it will save and play the videos to the app but no option to share videos , it also shows up in my phone gallery but it will not play from there so I still have no option to share the video … does anyone know how to fix this ?

  12. So there’s actually no way to diaable the wireless connection and camera, to get more than a few moments of ise on a full charge?

    • Yes there is but you have to disassemble the drone and there is a plug harness which from the camera board runs up to the main board it’s a 3 wire harness white plug. Removing this plug will disable the WiFi camera and transmitter increasing your normal flight time to approx 15:00 min. Aggressive flying stunts approx 12:00 min flight time.

  13. Can it be tracked

    • No this drone is not GPS equipped you could try a device which attaches to the drone like “tiles” but additional weight would reduce your flight time and performance. Consider labeling with your name address phone and maybe you’ll get it back in the event of a flyway?

  14. New DX-4, flew for 20 min.
    The left rear propeller turns slow. Allot slower than the other three. What is wrong with it?

    • Motor needs changing, finding the correct one is near impossible. Good news is Syma X5/X5Cmotor will work and is relatively cheap on Amazon (we bought a set of 4 for $8.49). Bad news is you’ll need to solder it to the motherboard then wrap the motor in electrical tape to shim it (due to the Syma being smaller diameter than the original).

  15. Got the DX4 for my nephew and it flew away on the first try. He pressed “auto” and the drone went up and away. Any way to locate it? I see this happens quite often.

  16. I can’t get my DX-4 to pair with the controller after following the manufacturer instructions. Why is that?

  17. When syncing the streaming, what does it mean to interface with the controls? I’ve connected via WiFi, what’s the next step?

  18. To find your drone go walking in the direction that you were flying and keep turning it on and off, when you are close you should hear it start up

  19. I’m pretty good with electronics..could I solder a small solar panel to the battery to make it able to charge in flight?

  20. Can the batteries be replaced in the dro004

  21. Sharper Image, Shaper Image, or Sharpener Image? Pick one!

  22. Can i use any micro usb cord to charge my DX4 or does it have to be like the one it came with. Thanks

  23. I have this dx-4 and can not get sound to play when recording.. what am I doing wrong?

  24. Three of the four blades on my Sharper Image dx-4 turn the one does not. How or where can I get a replacement to have this fixed?

    • Andrew Laudicina

      You cant. You are shit out of luck. Same thing happend to me. Dint even get the chance to fly it and crash it as it doesnt work, same problem as yours. i called the phone on the box and the6 said that they will not replace it. But they did offer to sell me a new one at full price. Rediculous

  25. I downloaded the app for the dx-4 drone it was recording one min then next it wasn’t saving any footage what’s my next step in fixing this problem.

  26. the micro usb charging port my dx-4 drone is busted and needs fixing or is there another way to charge the battery

    • yes, you can remove the battery door, unplug and remove the battery. Use a standard red ended charger to charge it directly. Charger cables can be purchased on ebay and amazon, along with the common red ended 600-800 mah battery, in 4 packs with multi charger for under 25.00.

  27. I bought a sharper image dx-4 about a month ago and have never been able to fly it. It does not do auto take off, only 3 sides of the drone lift. I called the customer service # on the box and they didn’t want to replace it or anything. All they said is that they can sell me a new one. Does anyone know how I can get it replaced other than having to purchase another one?

  28. Hey i just got the dx-4 but it wont go up but it turns on what do i do

  29. Andrew Laudicina

    I purchased this drone and it did not work right out the box. Once i charged it and followed all instructions, I got it working with one issue. out of the 4 propellars, only 3 worked and 1 did not. I tried exchanging it, but since I got it from Toys-R-Us, no exchanges or returns allowed. So i called the number on the box knowing that they would stand behind the quality of their product and offer to exchange or at least fix it. Well, wrong once again. They said that there is nothignthey can do. I replied, yes you can, you can replace the faulty drone. In the end after a 10 minute long argument about quality and honoring their products, the resolution was pure dissatisfaction. And now for the icing on the cake. They did offer to sell me another one at full price. Great way to basically flip me the bird as you handg the phone up.

    Amazing folks. Sharper Image does not deserve our business.

  30. My Dx4 just caught fire while recharging in the house, we are very lucky someone was home and it was sitting on my marble counter. I contacted and Emailed sharper Image about the danger and have not been called back or emailed back at this time. Just looking to spread the word so everyone can be made aware of the situation Please be careful and do not charge until there are some answers from Sharper Image regarding this danger. Please advise.

  31. my charger isnt working i c dont get a light as its charging, could the batt be bad and can i reolace it myself

  32. my drone wont charge no light when i plug it in whats up

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