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Dronethusiast provides comprehensive guides to buying drones online, and with our industry knowledge, we’ve been able to compile a list of the best Cyber Monday drone deals for 2019.

This year, Cyber Monday falls on December 2, 2019, so If you are trying to get some Christmas shopping done, or are simply looking to save some money on a drone for yourself, be sure to read this guide. We update it regularly as new sales are announced, so you’ll never miss a chance on savings.

Drones of all price points and skill levels will be on sale this Cyber Monday so whether you need that perfect beginner drone or professional-grade camera drone, this guide will help you find the right one. Plus, since our job revolves around testing drones, we have the most knowledge about which ones are the best. Keep reading to see our top picks for Cyber Monday drones and how to save!

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We hope that you find this article useful as you begin researching all of the best deals available for Cyber Monday. Our team will continue to update this page as more specials become available over the coming weeks. Drones of all price points and skill levels will be on sale this Cyber Monday, and we want to make sure that this guide helps you find a perfect match for your budget and your experience.

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Cyber Monday drone deals are often announced in early November and we'll be in touch with our industry contacts throughout the season so that you have all the information that you need.

All of us at Dronethusiast want you to know that we stand behind our reviews 100%. Everyone on our editorial staff has a passion for the RC Hobby and drones in particular. If you ever have any comments or questions, please reach out to or you can leave a comment for the author below in the comments section.


Cyber Monday Drone Deals Under $150

These cheap drones are currently on sale for $150 USD or less, regardless of their original price point. These will mostly include toy drone deals or deals on indoor drones, but some companies like Nebraska startup Altair Aerial are building high-quality beginner drones at this price point.

We've recently decided to start only promoting drones from the best, most trustworthy companies out there. There are a lot of drones being sold on Amazon and other marketplace from shady international sellers, therefore we're only going to show you drones from the companies we have experience with so that we know we can trust them.


Altair Falcon with AHP - #1 Budget Drone for Cyber Monday

See the best price on or get Fast & Free Shipping from their Website at

The Altair Falcon is a great beginner drone to pick up this Cyber Monday. It already costs less than $200 and will be priced even less for this shopping event.

What makes this a great choice is its unique Autonomous Hovering & Positioning (AHP) system which helps beginners hold the drone’s altitude both vertically and horizontally. There are also two batteries that come with the Falcon which makes this a great deal for the money.

Altair also provides great customer service throughout your whole experience of owning the drone. Not many companies in the drone niche are able to boast about being US-based which Altair Aerial is (located in Lincoln, NE).

Other than that, the drone comes with a 720p camera which can help pilots learn the basics of aerial photography. You also can experience different flight modes such as automatic return-to-home, headless mode, and one-key takeoff and landing. These are all great features to help beginners work on their flight skills.

Altair Falcon Specs:

  • Unique AHP system
  • 20 minute flight time
  • 720p Camera
  • Automatic return-to-home
  • Headless mode
  • One-key takeoff and landing

AA300 - #1 Affordable GPS Drone

See the best price on or get Fast & Free Shipping from their Website at

GPS drones can be great options for Cyber Monday purchases, and the AA300 is a budget choice with many great features. This affordable drone will be on sale all of November, so you don’t have to wait until Cyber Monday to save!

The AA300 has a built-in 1080p camera that works great and helps pilots take photos and videos and try out FPV flying. You also get about 15 minutes of flight time and a 150 meter range to explore and experiment with your drone.

Along with GPS mode, the AA300 has other features like headless mode, one-touch takeoff and landing, return-to-home, and follow-me mode. There are a lot of features packed into this affordable drone which is why it’s on our list.

Plus, you won't want to miss out on Altair’s great customer service to help you out if you run into any issues or have a question about your AA300.

AA300 GPS Drone Specs:

  • 15 minute flight time
  • 150 meter flight range
  • 1080p Camera
  • Extra set of propellers
  • GPS flight mode
  • Headless mode
  • Altitude hold
  • Return-to-home
  • Follow-me mode

Outlaw SE - #1 Budget Camera Drone

Get the sales price with free shipping at

The Outlaw SE is the perfect drone for first-time fliers and advanced pilots alike. For less than $300, you can pick up a drone with impressively high-quality GPS features that allow the drone to stabilize itself in midair and return to a "home" point with the touch of a button.

This makes it easy to fly, but also means that advanced pilots can easily line up the perfect shot with the built-in 1080p camera. Adding to the Outlaw SE's ability to take great pictures and video is a shocking range of 600 meters + and nearly 20 minutes of battery life (although only one battery is included, so you may want to take advantage of the sale and pick up a few extras.)

This drone is still fairly new, and it's rare for a brand new drone to see a $50 price discount. But as you can see in our full review of the Outlaw SE, this is a great drone and you should absolutely take advantage of this drone deal while you can.

Outlaw SE GPS Drone Specs:

  • Has a premium 1080p High Definition camera that supports real-time video feeds in FPV and a 120-degree, wide-angle lens for photos and videos
  • Features GPS Height Hold, Headless Mode, 1-Button Takeoff, 1-Button Landing, GPS Automatic Stabilization, Out of Range Alarm, Low Battery Alarm, and more
  • Has a flight range of 600+ meters +
  • Total flight time of up to 20 minutes (one battery included)
  • Uses advanced remote control technology with a physical controller, no smartphone required for flight control
  • Can return to a "home" point with the touch of a button thanks to innovative GPS technology.
  • Has a maximum video transmission range of up to 500-600 meters, when using FPV
  • Has LED lights on the bottom that help with flight direction if you’re out of Headless Mode
  • Able to fly indoors and can withstand a crash without breaking or spiraling out

DJI Mavic Air - #1 Cyber Monday Professional Drone Deal

DJI is the biggest drone company in the world, and all of their products have a reputation for superior quality and world-class innovation. Sadly, their drone deals are looking a little sparse this year, with the company focusing more on accessories and clearing out old inventory in the wake of the enormously popular Mavic 2 (which does not appear to be going on sale at all.)

Fortunately, there are a couple of really great deals, one of which is the DJI Mavic Air. This drone came out earlier this year and quickly established itself as one of the best portable drones around - not quite as good as the Mavic 2 or the Mavic Pro, but still an excellent aircraft in its own right. For only $699 at the sales price (a 100 dollar discount) you're getting a 4K camera, the best obstacle avoidance in the business, and many other high-tech features.

You can also purchase the "Fly More" combo, for only $879.50 at the sales price (usually $999.00). This bundle comes with a controller and all the accessories you could possibly want. Click the button below for more details.

DJI Mavic Air Specs:

  • Comes with a built-in 4K Ultra HD camera
  • Folds up for compact storage and portability
  • Weighs only 430g
  • Uses highly advanced obstacle avoidance features
  • Has a flight range of up to 3 kilometers
  • Total flight time of up to 20 minutes
  • Has a 6-axis gyro for stability

818 Hornet Plus Drone - Best Recreational Camera Drone

Get the sales price with free shipping at

The AA818 Plus by Altair at $159, down from $189 normally is another fantastic drone from Altair Inc, the difference you get when buying the AA818 plus is that it flies for 15 minutes on a single battery. It comes with two batteries as well, which doubles this flight time if both of your batteries are charged. This drone is the best camera drone under 200 has a 150 meter range.

It's really great for kids and beginners because it's stable and easy to fly! Users will enjoy using the drone's altitude hold, headless mode, and return-to-home functions to help them stay in control while they're working on their flight skills.

Plus, the 720p attatchable action camera can help teach pilots how to take aerial photos and videos. The camera can always be removed too if you don't want to fly with it.

818 Hornet Plus Drone Specs:

  • Uses a 720p rubber-damping camera with real-time video at a 120-degree wide angle and FPV capabilities
  • Features Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 1-Button Takeoff, 1-Button Landing, Custom Route Modes, Out of Range Alarm, Emergency Landing, and Low Battery Alarm
  • Has a total flight time of up to 15 minutes
  • Includes 3 different flight skill levels - beginner, mid-level, and advanced

Parrot Anafi FPV Drone

Though perhaps controversial, it is the opinion of the Dronethusiast reviews team (as expressed in our written article here) that the Parrot Anafi is a superior drone to the Mavic Air. And as of Black Friday, it's cheaper too - by about 150 dollars at a price of only $549 USD.

This drone will give you a better camera than the Air (for still images or video), has better GPS and GLOSNASS features for stabilization and shot composition, and even has a hands-free "Follow Me" flight mode that lets you use the drone for aerial photography even if you've never picked up a controller. It had a few bugs at launch, but now that those have been patched this is one of the finest flying cameras on the market, and it's going on sale despite being less than a year old!

You can also purchase the "Extended" combo for only $749 at the sales price. This bundle comes with several first-party accessories for the Anafi, including a high-quality carrying case. It's certainly worth considering if you have some extra cash, especially given Parrot's reputation for excellent peripherals. Click the button below for more details.

Parrot Anafi FPV Drone Specs:

  • Comes with a built-in 4K HDR camera that takes 21 Megapixel still images
  • Comes with a case for portability
  • Weighs 11.3 ounces
  • Has several advanced GPS/GLONASS features
  • Has a flight range of up to 2.5 miles
  • Total flight time of up to 25 minutes
  • Has a 3-axis gyro for stability

AA108 Drone

We recommend both the Altair AA108 and the AA818 (See next drone) interchangeably on this page, you're gonna love either one. If you have a bit higher of a budget we recommend the 818 with it's higher flight range and time, or if you need to spend less, the AA108 is fantastic as well.

This holiday season you can get the Altair AA108 priced around $130.00. It’s very easy to fly, has a ton of useful features, and boasts a heck of a lot of impressing specs.

A great company, we recommend the Altair Aerial drones in various places at Dronethusiast because they provide great products and great customer service from their home base in Nebraska. This drone is made specifically with beginners and children in mind, the 3 flight skill levels are amazing when it comes to learning to fly fast, and headless mode makes it super simple to pick it up and start flying right away!

AA108 Drone Specs:

  • Has a premium 720p HD camera that supports real-time video feeds in FPV and a 120-degree, wide-angle lens for photos and videos
  • Features Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 1-Button Takeoff, 1-Button Landing, Custom Route Modes, Out of Range Alarm, Low Battery Alarm, Emergency Landing, and more
  • Uses 3 different flight skill levels - Beginner, Mid Level, and Advanced
  • Has a flight range of up to 100 meters or 300 feet
  • Total flight time of up to 10 minutes that is doubled with the second included LiPo battery for free
  • Uses advanced remote control technology with a physical controller, no smartphone required for flight control
  • Able to use with VR goggles, thanks to Virtual Reality Mode that is perfect for the more adventurous flier
  • Has a maximum video transmission range of up between 40 to 50 meters, or 120 to 150 feet, when using FPV
  • Has LED lights on the bottom that help with flight direction if you’re out of Headless Mode
  • Able to fly indoors and can withstand a crash without breaking or spiraling out

Force1 Scoot - Great for Young Kids!

The Force1 Scoot drone is a toy drone perfect for kids who might still be too young to fly a larger drone model. This is the best toy drone you can buy for Cyber Monday and it’s pretty fun to use too.

What makes this toy unique is that it’s controlled with your hands and not a traditional remote control transmitter. Users just gently toss it in the air and the toy drone uses motion sensors to fly in the desired direction.

While this drone is too small to come with a camera, it’s still really fun to fly around in the house. It comes in three different colors too so you can pick your kid’s favorite.
You can fly the Force1 Scoot Drone for about 8 minutes before needing to recharge. While this is a little bit short, it only takes about 30 minutes to completely charge which will give you more play time.

Consider buying more than of these drones and bundle and save for Cyber Monday. Get a group of kids to race around the house and play other fun games with their Force1 Scoot toy drone.

Force1 Scoot Specs:

  • Obstacle-detecting motion-sensors
  • No remote control required
  • 8 minute flight time
  • Multiple color choices
  • Easy to fly and control

Snaptain S5C

If you’re budget is pretty tight, but still want to buy a great drone on Cyber Monday, consider checking out the Snaptain S5C drone. This easy to use drone costs less than $100 making it a great option to buy online.

This is easy to use drone has many helpful features including one-touch takeoff and landing and headless mode. It can even be controlled with voice commands making it easier for pilots to use it. You can even experience fun tricks and stunts as the S5C drone can perform 360 degree flips and rolls.

Another feature you get with this drone is its 720p camera. While it’s not the best quality, you can still practice taking photos and videos with the drone. A camera like this is expected in a drone at this price.

There’s only one minor setback and that’s the battery life which only lasts about 8 minutes. However, consider stocking up on extra batteries on Cyber Monday as there may be deals to bundle and save.

Snaptain S5C Specs:

  • One-touch takeoff and landing
  • Headless mode
  • Altitude hold
  • 720p Camera
  • 8 minute battery life
  • Voice command technology
  • Stunt capabilities

The Blackhawk Drone

Altair's Blackhawk is not their best drone, but it is one of their cheapest (especially during the holiday sale) and it will give you a good value for your dollar. For only about a hundred bucks you're getting most of the Tomahawk's feature set, including the 300-meter range and a flight time of about 15 minutes.

What you won't get is a camera, but the Blackhawk does come with an action camera mount that is compatible with any GoPro Hero. I've flown this drone with a GoPro Hero 4 many times and it always performs beautifully, so amateur photographers who already own a GoPro (or who decide to pick one up in the holiday sale) will still get a lot of value here - arguably more than they'd get with an inferior built-in camera.

So if you're looking for something a bit more advanced to get you or your child for the holidays, or just want a great budget long-range drone, the Blackhawk is an excellent choice!

Listed below are the features and the specs:

  • Comes with an action camera mount compatible with GoPro Hero 3 or 4 (or any other camera of the same approximate size.)
  • Features powerful and quiet brushless motors and responsive controls.
  • Uses 2 different flight skill levels - Beginner and Advanced
  • Has a flight range of up to 500 meters or over 1500 feet
  • Total flight time of up to 15 minutes
  • Uses a physical controller (no smartphone features available)
  • Has a 6-axis gyro for stability
  • Has LED lights on the bottom that help with flight direction if you’re out of Headless Mode
  • Comes with many extra parts and is highly durable even without them, so crashes won't be a problem.


Drone Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

1. Find a Good Drone Company
You will want to do some research on different drones and drone companies before you shop on Cyber Monday. Do research on different manufacturers so you can find a reputable company to buy from. You will want to buy from somebody you can trust that way if you have any questions or issues with the drone you buy, you are confident that they will help you through them.

2. Have a Price Point in Mind
Since drones are available at many different price points, you will want to decide how much money you are willing to spend. Consider what kind of features you’re looking for and if you can find a drone that includes everything while staying in your budget. Be sure to double check before

3. Choose Where You’re Shopping
It’s not a bad idea to have one or two places in mind to shop for Cyber Monday deals. Amazon will most likely have the largest stock, so consider shopping there if you’re worried about the drone you want selling out. Also consider shopping on websites that offer things such as free shipping, or buy one get one deals to maximize on your savings.

Drone Deals FAQ

What drones are on sale?

Usually, companies will put their newest or second-newest drone line on sale for the major holidays: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, etc. Sometimes a company will hold a flash sale of a drone they're trying to get rid of. For example, DJI has recently lowered the price on many of its previous Mavic drones now that it has released the DJI Mavic 2.

Where can I find the best drone deals?

You can find great sales on drones and other consumer electronics at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. However, these aren't always posted online and may vary by region. We prefer to look at Amazon for our drone deals as most companies have the best price guarantee with that company.

Some drone manufacturers may offer extra sales or incentives to those who buy directly from their website. For example, Altair Aerial provides free shipping to anyone who buys their drones from

What DJI drone deals are available?

Currently, the only drone DJI has on sale is the Mavic Air, as listed above, and their new DJI Tello quadcopter drone. Normally they are known to offer deals on their more popular offerings like the Phantom 4 or the Mavic 2, but that hasn't been the case in 2019.

Finding the Best Drone Deals

Finding the best drone deals is simple when you use our talent to find the best sales for you. We hope this list has made it easier to find the perfect drone at a price that won't break the bank!

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