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The new Apple Park in Cupertino is definitely a sight to behold. It is a place for Apple employees to work, but it is also a great stop for fans of the Apple brand to view and purchase some incredible Apple merchandise. Steve Jobs had a vision for this, which he presented to Cupertino about five years ago.

If you’re one of the lucky people that get to visit this incredible park, you’ll see that it is shaped like a massive space station. Steve Jobs always wanted to make sure that it would blend with nature, so you’ll also notice that there is a large pond directly in the middle of the round-shaped building. You’ll also see one of the largest solar systems that has ever been created on the roof. It is intended to be an environmentally friendly space.

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Through the drone footage, you’ll see that the drive into the building is equipped with multiple security stations to ensure that employees as well as tourists are safe on their trip to Apple Park. The building is almost finished, and with the help of Matthew Roberts and his reliable updates the past few years, many have been able to follow along with the development. Roberts also posts incredible drone footage to allow everyone to view the revelations of the new station as they came to light.

Earlier this year, Apple allowed some employees to begin migrating into their new Apple Park, although it is still not quite complete. Only a few finishing touches appear to remain such as landscaping outside of the gym and the setup of outdoor food vendors. The building will also be equipped with an outside fitness area.

Seeing this building created allows everyone to see how much Apple cares about their employees as well as the environment. If you tour the facility, you’ll also be able to purchase merchandise, Apple products, and a variety of coffees. For those that aren’t close or don’t see this as being a stop work making on their trip, the incredible close-up 4K drone footage will at least give you an incredible glimpse of the facility that has been built.

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