audi and airbus flying taxi drone

Drone popularity continues to skyrocket in almost every country. Though flying drones were originally used in the military and flown at home as a hobby, their abilities continue to grow and their use continues to expand. They are still being used as a fun toy for many, but numerous jobs and companies are now using them as a tool for their businesses.

UAVs are being used for surveillance and security, search and rescue, and will eventually be used for food and parcel deliveries. Cops in France have even put them to use as their “eyes in the sky” to assist with catching speeding or hazardous motorists. Facebook is also in the process of having a drone that can deliver Wifi signal to countries that would have otherwise never been able to access the Internet.

With all of the uses drones currently have, it is no surprise that they will soon be used as a transportation method. Audi and Airbus have teamed together to unveil a flying taxi drone at the Geneva Motor Show. This UAV will be used to transport passengers in busy cities from one place to another just as taxis currently do, but via the sky.

This new quadcopter, with a body designed by Italdesign, has been named “Pop.Up Next.” It is completely electric and also fully autonomous. Last year at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi presented an earlier version of this model. This year, since they have teamed up with Airbus, the Pop.Up Next drone is almost completely different and sets itself apart from similar concepts by also offering the ability to drive on the ground, which is also completely autonomous. The way that you choose to travel would be completely dependant on what you prefer at the time.

The goal with this new drone is to allow motorists to simply summon one with their phone and have the pod taxi them away. It also allows pod passengers on the road to summon the drone if they get caught in heavy traffic. The quadcopter would come down and attach to the pod while leaving the wheel and chassis behind for later retrieval.

Featuring a 49-inch screen, the cabin of the Pop.Up Now is designed to be luxurious and relaxing. The machine interface makes travel simple by tracking eye movement, hand gestures, facial recognition, and by using voice control. Though this model is quite ambitious, the concept can open up a new dimension in transportation and assist with the growing problem of congested traffic in urban cities.

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