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As far as the holiday season and the fun and frenzy of family activity that it brings, there are always a multitude of gifts that you could choose for the special people in your life. But having some high-tech aerial toys will take the cake as far as being the coolest gift-giver in your family!

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Best Drones for Christmas 2022

Whether your're looking for a Christmas gift for a 10 year old or maybe a friend or family member that is older, some of the best gifts to be giving in 2022 will no-doubt be ones that boast high tech features. Many around the globe are anxious to get their hands on the controls after seeing the flyovers and images that drones are able to capture.

Maybe you want to race the guy a few rows over from you at work, or just learn the basics of hovering, flipping, and rotating, as soon as you unwrap one of these gifts, you're gonna be more than excited.

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Shopping for Christmas gifts can be incredibly stressful! Our team will be keeping this page updated with all the available Christmas drone specials and discounts in 2022. Drones make excellent Christmas gifts and we want to make sure that the gift you give this year is the right match for you and your budget.

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Christmas Drone deals will keep popping up over the coming weeks so be sure to check back often if you don't see the deal that your looking for.

All of us at Dronethusiast want you to know that we stand behind our reviews 100%. Everyone on our editorial staff has a passion for the RC Hobby and drones in particular. If you ever have any comments or questions, please reach out to or you can leave a comment for the author below in the comments section.


Holy Stone F181C

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Holy Stone is a reputable manufacturer and their drones make great Christmas gifts. Consider checking out the Holy Stone F181C Quadcopter that comes with great features for an affordable price.

It comes with all the essentials to get you in the air like one-key return, altitude hold, and headless mode.

One unique function of the F181C is that it can perform 360 degree 4-way flips and rolls. This is a fun flight experience outside of your standard flying.

Pilots will also enjoy the two batteries that come with this drone that lasts for about 9 minutes each. You can fly for up to 18 minutes before needing to land to recharge the batteries.


Force1 Scoot Hands Free

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If you’re shopping for a younger kid this Christmas, they will love the Force1 Mini Scoot Drone.

This unique drone is equipped with motion sensors and pilots use their hands to tell the drone where to go. There’s no remote control needed! This makes it much easier for kids to play with. It also comes with altitude hold to help it stay in the air easier.

You can fly this mini drone up to 8 minutes at a time, which may seem short. However, the charging time is only about 30 minutes to get you back in the air in no time.

This is a great Christmas toy drone for kids of all ages and fun enough for parents to be entertained too.


AA108 Drone

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Simply put: this is a drone that works for everyone. It's especially good for (and designed primarily for) first-time fliers and children, with a very durable design and easy-to-use control features like Heading Hold Mode (Headless mode to the rest of us.) The AA108 also has a very solid amount of flight time for the price (8-10 minutes per battery, two batteries included) and even a 720p camera whose only external requirement is a cell phone.

But while the AA108 really shines as a way to get beginners into the hobby without breaking the bank, it's fun for advanced fliers, too, with a good yaw, a long range (100 meters), and advanced speed modes that let you really push the vehicle to its limits. Plus, controlling the drone with your smartphone (while no longer a particularly innovative feature) still adds a whole new dimension of control. The AA108's Custom Route Mode even lets you use your fingers to draw a custom flight line for the drone to follow - very cool!

Sure, it's no replacement for high-end professional products. You can't do serious aerial photography with a camera this small on 8 minutes of battery. But this list isn't about high-end photography aircraft, and if you're looking for the perfect "one size fits all" gift at a price that won't leave a dent in your wallet, there really is nothing better than the AA108. This is a drone the whole family can enjoy!


DJI Mavic Mini

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The DJI Mavic Mini is a great idea for Christmas if you have some extra money in your budget and know a serious drone lover.

This new drone from DJI (released in November 2019) is high-powered with a battery life up to 30 minutes and a handful of flight features. It’s easy to fly and uses GPS to stay stable throughout your entire flight and has a phenomenal operating range of up to 4 kilometers (over 2 miles!).

It comes with a 2.7K camera for high quality video which is great for a drone this size. It can clear photos and videos easily and the remote control allows you to see what your drone sees with a connected smartphone.

Christmas Drone Buying Tips

If you’re heading out the buy a drone for Christmas, there are some things you should know before making a purchase. Especially if it’s your first time buying, these tips will help you as you make your decision.

Drone Batteries Vary

When shopping for drones, you’ll see that most include the battery or batteries for the drone. However, batteries for the remote control are often not included. They usually require 3 or 4 AA batteries so you will want to consider purchasing a pack when buying a drone for somebody on your Christmas list.

Always Consider Drone Safety

Safety is another big thing to consider when buying a drone, especially if you’re shopping for a child or beginner. Look for features that will add an element of safety while flying. This includes low-battery and out-of-range alarms and automatic return-to-home functions.Also, when flying, be sure to fly in open areas with minimal obstacles and never fly too close to another person.

Look For the Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Drones

You may be wondering about buying a drone for someone during wintertime. Most drones can be flown outdoors in the winter as long as the winds aren’t too high or it’s not snowing. There are also toy and mini drones available to that can be flown indoors instead of outside in the winter cold.

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