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The Best RC Toy Drone Reviews

Drones aren't just for science or military purposes anymore. More and more drones have become available to the everyday consumer. Toy drones especially have found their way into the homes of many families, and for many good reasons too.

Toy drones are often much simpler technology than professional high-tech drones which makes them easier to use, especially for anyone who is just starting out. They are also much more affordable, so you don't have to break the bank to get your hands on a great toy drone.

Many toy drones come packed full of helpful flight features and cameras and can be used by pilots of all skill levels. If you're after a more professional drone, this list may not be for you. however, if you're a beginner interested in having some fun with a toy drone, keep reading!

We've compiled the best toy drones review on our site into a single handy guide.

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Top Remote Control Toy Drones Review

We have tested and tried many of the RC copters on the market today to bring you only the best drone toys in this review. Contrary to popular opinion, the best remote-controlled helicopters are not necessarily pricey. Top-rated drone toys include the offerings from Altair Aerial like the Falcon and Hornet, as well as from brands like Holy Stone and SYMA. In all of these models you can expect positives such as flight stability, ease of control, and high-quality images and videos. Read on to find out more.


Altair Falcon

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The Altair Falcon is our favorite toy drone option with features you’d might see on more expensive drones.

It’s great for beginners because of its unique Autonomous Hovering & Positioning (AHP) System. This feature holds the drone in place both horizontally and vertically, even if the pilot's hands come off of the controller. Even beginner users will be able to easily control the Falcon drone.

This drone also comes with two batteries, doubling user’s flight time. With both batteries charged, you can fly the Falcon for nearly 20 minutes.

You can also learn how to take photos with the Altair Falcon with its built-in 720p camera. This camera is great if you’re a beginner and can teach you the basics on drone photography and FPV flying.

Features of the Altair Falcon

• Autonomous Hovering & Positioning System
• 720p Built-In Camera
• 20 Minute Flight Time
• One-key Takeoff and Landing
• US Based Customer Service
• How-To Videos Available at


The Hornet

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The Hornet 818 Drone comes with Altitude hold, 15 minutes of flight time and a great camera for this price.

This drone is perfect for kids who want a toy with a camera or who are just ready for a more intermediate drone toy. It has a much longer battery life of 15 minutes (which is almost unheard-of for a drone toy at this price range) and has a much more stable hover which makes it better for taking pictures.

While the Hornet doesn’t handle quite as well in wind, the large propeller guards make the Hornet much more durable if you do happen to run into any problems while airborne.

Features of the AA818 Hornet Plus:

• Altitude Hold mode
• 720P HD Camera
• 15 minute battery life (30 Minutes with 2 Included Batteries)
• Headless mode

The Headless mode (also known as Heading Hold mode) will allow you to fly this drone in either direction, regardless of where the drone's head is facing. The AA818 Hornet Plus also comes with WIFI connectivity, and you will be able to live stream the flight footage on your smartphone. Learn more about these features and watch step-by-step videos from Altair Aerial here.


AA108 Drone

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The Altair Aerial AA108 is a good example of a toy drone that doesn't need to cost top dollar. Despite its low price, this copter does not compromise on quality. It features a 720p HD camera, and many features that other toy drones skimp out on and leave to the more expensive drones.

The AA108 is a fantastic beginner toy drone for kids and adults. Not only can you can fly it with the whole family, but it's also able to be flown indoor and outside (in low wind situations only as the AA108 is quite light). The AA108 is well reviewed on multiple websites and you can read our whole review here.

Other features of this model include:

• Reliable, stable construction
• Remote control
• Batteries that guarantee 10 minutes of flight when fully charged
• One-Touch Take-Off and Landing


Holy Stone HS170

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Bottom line; the Holy Stone HS170 provides stable flights with its 6-axis gyro stabilization feature which ensures that the copter remains steady in the air even when you fly it in windy weather. This feature enables the drone to make 360 degree turns, flips and other midair stunts.

This drone also features a One-Key Return Home function. This function advances your toy drone experience and guarantees security for your aircraft. You don't have to worry about losing your drone if your control signal is interrupted. The One-Key Return Home function will bring it back to you with the press of a button

Features of Holy Stone F181C are:

• One key return home
• A Key 360 degree turns and multidirectional flips during flights
• Extended batteries life with 9 minutes of flight time


Force1 Scoot Hands Free Drone

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If you’re looking for a great drone toy that even your youngest kid can use, then consider the Force1 Scoot Hands Free Drone. This toy drone is extremely entertaining and provides a unique experience for users.

There is no remote control required to control this toy drone. All you have to do is move your hands where you want the drone to go, and it’s motion sensors will tell it where to move. This makes it extremely easy to fly.

Despite its small size, it’s still a pretty durable toy. Its plastic shell helps it withstand falls and crashes.

While the battery life is somewhat short at only about 8 minutes, the charging time is 30 minutes which can get you back in the air in no time.

Features on the Force1 Scoot Drone:

• 8 Minute Flight Time
• Hand Controlled
• Durable Plastic Shell


SYMA X22W Mini Drone

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The SYMA X22W Mini Drone is a great small toy drone but still includes a camera which many pilots will enjoy.

THe 720p built-in camera will help to take aerial photos and real-time video footage. While it’s not the highest quality camera, it is a good drone for this size and price range.

It also comes with some great other features to help beginners get started in the air. This includes altitude hold and headless mode which keeps the drone controlled throughout its entire flight. Plus, you can toggle in between speed modes so once you get the hang of flying, you can move on to a faster speed.

There are even two batteries included giving users 16 total minutes of flight time which is impressive for a mini drone.

Features on the SYMA X22W Mini Drone:

• 720p Camera
• 16 Minute Flight Time
• Multiple Speed Modes
• Altitude Hold & Headless Mode

Best Toy Drones Analysis

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced drone enthusiast, the Altair Aerial Falcon guarantees you a pleasant flight experience. How so? With the included Autonomous Hover & Positioning (AHP) System beginner pilots can gain confidence with each flight. The Falcon with AHP using an optical sensor to ensure that the drone hovers in place vertically and horizontally. Even better, the Altair Falcon is made by a small company based in based in Nebraska. The company offers excellent customer service to its drone toy customers.

For good aerial photography go for the Hornet. With the Altitude Hold Function, you can pose and hold the drone in midair to take quality photos and images. This is an improvement feature that sets the Hornet 818 Plus apart from other models that are known for shaky footage and bad quality images.

RC Toy Drones FAQ

best drone toys frequently asked questions

What is the most affordable RC drone?

The best pocket-friendly RC drone to buy is one that is the Altair Aerial Falcon. It features an HD camera, smooth controls, and relatively stable flights.

Do I need a license from the FAA to fly my RC drone as a hobby?

Not necessarily. But you need to be mindful of other people's safety, and you need to fly the drone within visual line-of-sight and give way to any manned aircraft. When operating close to an airport, you are required to provide early notification to the airport's air traffic control tower.

What happens if an RC drone goes out of range?

According to your drone's factory configurations, the quadcopter will either land or return home. However, a lot of RC drones have a feature that alerts you if the drone starts to go out of range. Don't panic.

Where do I insert the Micro SD card on the drone?

The Micro SD card goes into the camera. There is a port in which you insert the card facing up. You will hear it click into place. When you want to eject the card, just press it in, and you will hear it click and pop out.

There you have it, the review of the best remote control drone toys. Your choice will largely depend on your budget, and the features you want.

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