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The Best Electric RC Trucks of 2023

Remote control cars have been popular for a long time, and radio-controlled airplanes and boats are both becoming more popular as niche markets, but RC trucks are still far and away the most popular form of remote control vehicle. A solid RC truck can be used for racing or for riding off-road. They provide hours of wholesome fun you and your family.

However, since radio-controlled trucks have become such a large market, it can be hard for a newcomer to decide which vehicle is the best for them to buy. That’s why the Dronethusiast staff has picked out our favorite RC trucks in each category: professional trucks for experienced racers with a lot of cash to spend, budget trucks for anyone just interested in some cheap RC fun, and DIY kits for people who want to make their own trucks.

We’ve also included an in-depth FAQ and a beginner’s guide to remote control truck usage at the bottom of the article. Seeking out information targeted specifically for kids? Read our Best RC Trucks for Kids review article and learn which of these trucks is the most fun and safest for your children.

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Best Pro Remote Control Trucks

“Pro” is a bit of a misnomer here - you don’t have to be a competitive RC racer to enjoy the trucks in this section! However, these radio controlled trucks ARE designed for experienced racers who don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on a new vehicle. They have advanced specifications and more powerful parts (motors, shocks, transmission, etc.)


Altair Power Pro 4×4 RC Truck – Editor’s Choice!

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The best RC truck for drivers of all skill levels is this Power Pro 4x4 from Altair Aerial (you can read our full review here). If you’re looking for an RC truck that’s durable and easy to use, you will love the Power Pro 4x4. This RC truck comes ready to run (RTR) out of the box and is packed a full compliment of well-rounded features to give you the best driving experience.

Have fun racing this truck for up to 15 minutes at speeds of nearly 30mph. Plus, the Power Pro can travel at of range of 250 feet giving you plenty of space for off-road exploring through most any terrain. Even beginners will be able to enjoy driving this RC truck because it comes with two-speed modes. You can start off slow, then as you become more comfortable with the controls you can move onto faster speeds. This is one of the best RC trucks available on the market, and Altair is known for its outstanding customer service so you can guarantee you will be taken care of.

Power Pro 4x4 Specifications:

• Includes vehicle, 2.4GHz radio transmitter, battery, and charger.
• 4 wheel drive
• 15-minute battery life
• 250 feet range
• 1/10 scale size


• Fast speeds
• Extremely Durable
• Easy to use for all skill levels


• Transmitter batteries not included


Axial Wraith - Best All-Terrain RC Truck

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The Axial Wraith is a very popular RC truck that’s specifically used for off-roading and competitive rock climbing. It’s a very powerful remote control truck that provides a ton of control in tricky terrain and allows for highly precise inputs.

The Wraith is also designed to be compatible with many aftermarket upgrades and will require a certain amount of assembly since it doesn’t come with a battery or charger.

Axial Wraith RC Truck Specifications:

• Includes vehicle, body, 2.4GHz radio, motor, ESC, and realistic driver figure
• 4 wheel drive
• 1/10 scale size
• Compatible with 3S LiPo battery
• Ripsaw 2.2 tires
• AR60 OCP-Axle tubes


• Great for off-roading
• Easy to upgrade
• Precise controls


• Battery not included


Traxxas Slash – Best Pro RC Truck

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The Traxxas Slash is the single most popular RC truck for sale among serious enthusiasts in 2023. Simple controls and a programmable training mode make this radio-controlled truck easy to use at any skill level. However, it also provides a ton of power and the high standards of quality we’ve all come to expect from Traxxas.

The Slash includes everything you need right out of the box and comes with powerful parts like the Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor and XL-5 ESC, the two of which combine to provide speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

Traxxas Slash Truck Specifications:

• Includes RC stadium truck, TQ 2.4GHz radio transmitter, Traxxas iD Battery, DC battery charger,
• 2 wheel drive
• 1/10 scale size
• 7-cell NiMH battery with iD technology
• Metal gear Magnum 272 transmission with Revo-Spec Torque-Control slipper clutch
• Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor


• One of the fastest RC trucks
• Fully waterproof
• Great for racing or off-roading
• Comes with everything you need


• Drive time of only 10 minutes per battery


Tamiya TAM58372 Ford F350

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For the RC truck enthusiast who’s not afraid to spend some cash, the Tamiya TAM58372 Ford F350 is one of the toughest and most advanced pro remote control trucks around. The extremely durable ladder frame chassis features steel channel and resin cross members for high strength, meaning this truck rarely breaks even under extreme pressure or off-road terrain conditions.

That said, a significant amount of assembly is required to put this vehicle together, and you will have to buy most of the electronic parts separately, as described in the specifications below.

TAM58372 Ford F350 RC Truck Specifications:

• Includes vehicle chassis, wheels and tires, and transmission
• 4 wheel drive
• 1/10 scale size
• Compatible with LiPo or NiMh battery
• Highly durable ladder frame chassis
• 3-speed transmission allows gear changing and realistic low-speed driving


• Most durable RC truck
• Extremely advanced control system, even includes realistic gear changes


• 4-channel transmitter, ESC, battery, and charger not included


Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck

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These RC trucks are more likely to be designed for beginners, or for recreational users who just want to have fun without breaking the bank. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a great time!

Priced at a very affordable $150 USD, the Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck is a great off-road or on-road monster truck with all-around good specs. It’s one of the best RC trucks for beginners because it’s easy to drive and it comes with everything you need to start driving right out of the box. That said, you may want to grab an additional battery, as the 2000mAh version included as a default is pretty weak.

The Volcano EPX is also relatively fast thanks to a 19T RC550 Brushed Motor, with heat sink, and forward/reverse ESC

Electric Volcano EPX Remote Control Truck Specifications:

• Includes RC monster truck, 2.4GHz radio transmitter, battery, and charger
• 4 wheel drive
• 1/10 scale size
• Comes with 7.2V NiMh battery
• 7-10 minute battery life
• 19 MPH top speed


• Easy for beginners to use
• Good all-around specs
• Can drive in many different terrain types


• Low battery life


Blomiky 4WD Off-Road RC Truck

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The Blomiky 4WD is a truly great RC monster truck that you can purchase for less than $50 USD. It comes with everything you need to start driving including three extra batteries, giving you a very impressive combined total of about an hour of battery life. The truck also requires no assembly to put together.

It works indoors and outdoors in most conditions thanks to a powerful suspension system and can even drive on glass thanks to an anti-skid four-wheel drive. No wonder this particular truck is popular with kids and adults alike!

Blomiky 4WD Off-Road Remote Control Truck Specifications:

• Includes RC truck, 2.4GHz radio transmitter, batteries, and charger
• 4 wheel drive
• 1/18 scale size
• Comes with 3 LiPo batteries
• 20 minute drive time per battery
• 6 MPH top speed


• Great battery life, especially since it comes with spares
• Great price
• Can drive in many different terrain types


• Low top speed
• Some customers have reported problems with non-responsive controls


Maisto RC Rock Crawler

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If you want to get into the sport of RC rock crawling but don’t have enough money to spend on the professional RC truck models, this is a decent cheap alternative. The stylish RC monster truck has articulated front and rear suspension, two motors, and TPE ultra grip tires, all of which make it ideal for difficult off-road conditions.

This is an especially great choice if you’re looking for a decent RC truck for a family because the tri-channel transmitter lets up to three trucks in the same area drive simultaneously. It’s also easy to put together and doesn’t require unconventional batteries.

Maisto Remote Control Truck Specifications:

• Includes RC monster truck and 3-channel radio transmitter
• 4 wheel drive
• 1/8 scale RC truck
• Truck requires 6 AA batteries (not included)
• 45 minute battery life
• 6 MPH top speed


• Great price
• Great battery life
• A good off-road option


• Made of fairly cheap materials, not the most durable RC truck
• Eats lots of AA batteries


Bo Toys Building Bricks Roadster

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Looking for an RC truck kit that’s less advanced? Maybe something unique? How about something inexpensive? How about all three, with the new Bo Toys Building Bricks Roadster. This is a radio controlled truck you build yourself out of LEGO-like building blocks which can be built into one of two different designs. You can then drive the car yourself, and you might be surprised by its specs, which include a 20 minute driving time and a 30 foot range.

This interactive toy is great fun for everyone.

Bo Toys Building Bricks Roadster Specifications:

• Made of 426 plastic pieces
• Contains instructions for 2 designs
• 300mAh 3.6V NI-CD battery
• Radio transmitter included
• 2 hour charge time
• 20-minute battery life
• 30-foot range


• Super fun and easy to build
• Great specs for the price, especially in the battery life
• Great for driving indoors


• Not durable, because it’s made out of plastic building blocks
• Not very fast

Best Off Road RC Trucks

Off road RC trucks are a specific kind of electric RC toy that can drive across difficult terrains and obstacles. Instead of just being able to drive on pavement, RC truck drivers can take their off-road RC truck across the sand, rocks, mud, and more.

These special RC vehicles are equipped with features to help users easily drive them through obstacles and tricky landscapes. One important feature to look for when shopping for an off-road RC truck is a 4-wheel independent suspension. This feature allows the truck’s wheels to move on their own meaning it can crawl and climb through obstacles without getting stuck.

Another feature to consider when looking at off-road RC trucks is its battery life. Since you will most likely be away from home while driving your RC vehicle, you will want to be sure it has a long battery life to last you the entire adventure. If the RC off-roader has a short battery life, you may want to consider buying extra batteries so you can drive it for longer.

When it comes to the RC truck’s motor, you will find both brushed and brushless motors. Brushless motors provide more power overall and help a vehicle move faster. While this may be great for an experienced RC racing car driver, a brushless motor is a great option. However, off-road RC trucks require more stability to be able to drive through different terrains and obstacles, and a brushed motor may be better for these purposes.

If you love spending your time outdoors, hiking, and doing other activities, you will love an off-road RC truck. While they will work great on regular pavement, their features will really shine when driving through rocks, sand, mud, and other types of ground. There are many different models to choose from, including some amazing options for beginners to try their hand at the hobby.

If you're looking for an RC Rock Crawler in 2023, check out our article on Cyber Monday RC Rock Crawler Sales!

Everything You Need To Know About RC Trucks

This section is designed to help RC truck beginners understand the hobby and what sort of things they should be looking for. If you’re looking for an overview of all things RC truck, read on. If you’re looking for the answer to a specific question, skip down to our comprehensive Radio Controlled Truck FAQ.

Remote control trucks, or RC trucks, are a popular type of toy vehicle usually measuring not much longer than a foot in length. Both children and adults enjoy driving them for recreational purposes. Adults may also enjoy using RC trucks for the purposes of competitive sport, either as part of a high-speed race around a set track or in an RC rock crawling event. We have covered the latter in another in-depth article on this site.

While other RC vehicles are usually built for speed, RC trucks are often designed to drive off-road with large gripping tires, powerful electric motors, highly durable chassis, fixed axles, and strong shock absorbers. However, there are a few radio-controlled trucks that are specifically designed for indoor use, some of which we cover in our reviews.

When purchasing a radio-controlled truck, most users look at the durability of the materials used to build the truck, the battery life or “drive time” that determines how long you can use the truck before recharging, the top speed, and the control range (which is how far the truck can drive away from the transmitter before driving out of control.) 10 minutes or more is a decent battery life for most RC trucks, and 30 meters or more is considered a decent range.

Advanced RC truck users will also look in-depth at the electronic parts housed inside a truck, particularly the axles, ESC, transmission, and motors. They will also want to know whether or not a given remote control truck can be upgraded, and if so, what kind of parts it can be upgraded with.

Some hobbyists prefer the model-making side of RC trucks, and will be most interested in radio-controlled trucks that come in build-it-yourself DIY kits, or which accurately model real-life vehicles. The Tamiya TAM58372 Ford F350 is a popular example of the latter.


Radio Controlled Truck FAQ

best rc trucks faq 1

Who makes the best RC trucks?

Traxxas is usually considered the best RC truck manufacturer, although Redcat Racing and Axial are also quite popular.

Are RC trucks waterproof?

Not all RC trucks are waterproof, but most pro remote control trucks (the first section covered in this review guide) at least have fully waterproof electronics. Always check the specs before you buy!

What is the best RC truck for a beginner?

The Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX is often considered the best RC truck for a beginner. However, some RC truck enthusiasts might prefer to start with something a little cheaper, such as the Blomiky 4WD Off-Road RC truck or the Bo Toys Building Bricks Roadster.

What is the fastest RC truck?

The Traxxas 36076-3 Stampede VXL is the fastest ready-to-race RC truck for sale, with a top speed of over 65 miles per hour. However, the fastest RC trucks are usually those that the racer builds and customizes themselves using upgradeable parts.

It’s worth noting that RC cars are typically faster than RC trucks because they’re a little more aerodynamic and built for speed, while RC trucks are usually built for off-roading.

How long do RC truck batteries last?

RC truck batteries generally last 10 to 20 minutes. The default battery that comes with a radio-controlled truck can often be swapped out for a more expensive battery that lasts even longer, sometimes around 30 to 40 minutes.

What are RC stadium trucks?

RC stadium trucks are remote control vehicles that combine truck-style bodies and open-wheeled layout similar to buggies. They usually feature large, wide tires for increased ground clearance and improved stability. The Traxxas Slash, our best pro RC truck for sale, is a great example of an RC stadium truck.

Where can you buy RC trucks?

Sometimes brick-and-mortar stores will have a small variety of RC trucks for sale, but most enthusiasts now purchase remote control trucks from Amazon or similar online storefronts. We have helpfully provided Amazon links to each product mentioned in our review guides above.



We hope this guide has helped you learn more about the best RC trucks for sale. If you’re a beginner and you have any questions about the radio-controlled truck hobby or an experienced driver who thinks we left off one of the best remote control trucks on the market, be sure to let us know in the comments! At Dronethusiast, we pride ourselves on keeping our articles up-to-date with the latest product information.

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