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The culture of taking selfies that we live in has given us some awesome new toys – the selfie drones. Taking pictures using your smartphone isn’t always practical. You always seem to miss the best shots, and using a selfie stick isn’t any better either.

With this in mind, we’ve found the best selfie drones currently on the market. These drones are small, equipped with good quality cameras, typically work using an app on your smartphone, and are worlds better than any other camera option.

Have you ever wanted to get a snapshot of yourself climbing the side of a mountain, but have no way to do it? Selfie drones give you that power. Welcome to the best selfie drone 2019 review!


Selfie Drones Table of Contents

  1. FAQ on Selfie Drones
  2. #1 DJI Spark Selfie Drone
  3. DJI Mavic Pro Selfie Drone
  4. ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Drone
  5. Yuneec Breeze Selfie Drone
  6. Hover Camera Passport Selfie Drone
  7. SZMWL JJRC Elfie

FAQ on Selfie Drones

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If you have a question that isn’t listed in our FAQ section, get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

What is a selfie drone?

Selfie drones have followed suit with the selfie craze, which is basically taking pictures of you directly by yourself, in a group, doing an activity, etc. Selfie drones are regular drones that either have features or a made to utilize selfies to the full effect.

They are designed with selfies in mind, having certain functions, such as facial recognition, to be able to narrow down the activity you’re doing, where you are, etc to get the perfect shot.

What should I look for in a selfie drone?

Specs and price range aside, if you want an awesome selfie drone, you’re going to need to look at the features before anything else first. Altitude Hold, Follow Me and any form of image stabilization features are definitely what you want to be looking for right off the bat.

What else should I look for in a selfie drone?

What’s the point in getting a selfie drone if the camera sucks? Look for one that has a decent amount of flight time under its belt, one that is easily portable, and one that has a decent camera at the very least.

Top Selfie Drones Review


DJI Spark Selfie Drone

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The Spark by DJI is still a relatively new drone priced around $500 and has all the hype behind it for a very good reason. For this review, we’ll be looking at the Fly More Combo for the DJI Spark.

Listed below are the specs:

– Available in 5 different colors
– Features Quick Launch, Face Aware, UltraSmooth technology, Object Avoidance, Return to Home, Dynamic Home Point/Home Point, Auto Exposure Bracketing, Timed Shot, Shallow Focus, and more
– Includes a 12 MP camera with 1080p video resolution at 30 FPS and a live video feed
– Uses a WiFi connection through the DJI GO 4 app
– Includes a range of up to 300 feet
– Able to reach speeds of up to 31 mph when in Sport Mode
– Uses a 2-axis mechanical gimbal paired with UltraSmooth technology for a stable flight and aerial photography
– Flight time of approximately 16 minutes
– Weighs 1.5 pounds with a total size of 9.8”x3”x8.2”

The biggest pros that the DJI Spark has to offer would definitely have to be what you can do with the camera and the various modes. For example, you can use Pano Mode horizontal or vertical to automatically tilt and pan the camera in flight to capture photos that will work for a dynamic wide angled panorama shot.

The biggest con would have to be that the process of setting it up with the firmware and the manual can be difficult if you have little to no experience doing so with a drone.

best selfie drone dji spark

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DJI Mavic Pro Selfie Drone

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The Mavic Pro by DJI is an absolute classic. At this time of writing, it’s currently priced at just under $1,000, but don’t let the price sway you! It has quite a bit that the majority of other drones don’t have.

Listed below are the specs:

– Uses new OcuSync transmission for up to 7km or transmission range
– Able to fly at speeds of up to 40 mph
– Total battery life of 27 minutes
– Features ActiveTrack, TapFly, Obstacle Avoidance, Flight Autonomy, Absolute Precision Flight Autonomy, and more
– Uses both GPS and GLONASS with sensor redundancy for a stable, reliable flight
– True 4k camera with full HD 1080p video streaming
– Has a 3-axis mechanical camera stabilization system
– Comes with a 16 GB memory card
– Works with the controller and your smartphone
– Weighs 1.6 pounds with a total size of 7.1”x11.4”x9.4”

The biggest pro that this drone has to offer would definitely have to the folding arms. When you fold them down the drone morphs into the size of a water bottle, making for easier, safer transportation.

The biggest con would definitely have to be the price. While it may seem like a very steep one, you are getting a lot of features and specs that no other drone has, but the price isn’t doable for everyone.

best selfie drone dji mavic

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ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Drone

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The ZEROTECH DOBBY is the perfect budget selfie drone review choice, hands down. All of the following can be yours for under $250!

Listed below are the specs:

– Uses a dual satellite positioning system
– Includes an onboard HD camera with 4K images and 1080p HD videos
– Uses a gesture-based interaction form of control with facial recognition
– Able to use your smartphone’s swipe function as a motion controller with real time image monitoring
– Able to synchronize photos taken in flight on your phone with a sharing function
– Allows for both indoor and outdoor flight through steady hovering capabilities
– Uses a three-way cooling solution for a safe and strong performance
– Uses an optimal path feature for 10 seconds of movement for videos
– Weighs less than a pound with a total size of 1.4”x2.6”x5.3”
– Takes single, burst and timed photos
– Total flight time of up to 9 minutes with no wind
– Range of 100 meters or 328 feet

The biggest pro that this selfie drone has to offer is definitely the fact that it’s a very quiet one. A lot of smaller drones tend to be quite loud, but this one has next to no obtrusive sounds, it’s great for flying in the peaceful outdoors.

The biggest con, however, is that you will no doubt drain the battery trying to figure it out the first time because the setup is a tad extensive. To avoid this, always set up the drone and get used to it fully before you go out into the field.

best selfie drone zerotech dobby mini

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Yuneec Breeze Selfie Drone

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The Breeze by Yuneec isn’t classified as a selfie drone, but it works just as well as one that is! At this time of writing, it’ll cost you around $500, which is pretty great for all that you’re getting.

Listed below are the specs:

– 4K Ultra High Definition videos and 13 MP still photos with a 720p live transmission feed
– Features Selie, Pilot, Orbit, Journey and Follow Me modes with Return to Home and VisionTrack
– Includes a built-in Indoor Positioning System for better indoor and outdoor position hold
– Able to edit your photos and videos through the Breeze Cam app and instantly share them to your social media profiles
– Includes propeller protectors to ensure they don’t become damaged from any contact
– Total flight time, on average, of up to 15 minutes
– Has a speed of 2m/s which is perfect for beginners
– Able to automatically land using a single button
– Weighs less than a pound with a total size of 3.1”x8.6”11”

The biggest pro that this wonder of a drone has would be the foldable propellers that make it a snap to take anywhere. It even includes a carrying case, too!

The biggest con would have to be some of the recent firmware updates that tend to make it a tad unreliable. We know this from reading reviews, and we suggest you do some quick research before making a decision to update the firmware.

best selfie drone yuneec breeze

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Hover Camera Passport Selfie Drone

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This may be a selfie drone with an incredibly odd appearance, but for $500, you’re getting a sweet deal. Some of the features and specs are out of this world.

Listed below are the specs:

– Features Owner Mode, Gesture Control, Auto-Follow, 360 Spin and more
– Made of enclosed carbon fiber form factors that ensure you can safely grab it while in the air to retrieve it without damaging it
– Takes 4K videos and 13 MP photos
– Weighs less than a pound with a total size of 11.8”x10.7”x0.2”

The biggest, and most awesome, pro that this selfie drone has to offer is the Owner Mode paired with Gesture Control. The drone literally scans your face into the application and automatically finds you, follows you, and records whatever you want, whenever you want.

Because it’s a fairly new drone that a lot of users don’t have, a lot of the general specs are pretty unclear, which makes this the biggest con as it can be a gamble for some. For example, not much is known about the total flight time and how well it handles itself in the wind.

best selfie drone hover camera

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Read Reviews About SZMWL JJRC Elfie
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For those on a strict budget with little to no wiggle room, the Elfie by SZMWL is the perfect solution for a great selfie drone at a shocking price. It only costs around $50!

Listed below are the specs:

– Includes an innovated 720p camera with 0.3MP stills
– Completely solves the loss-of-orientation problem for pilots through flight maneuvers
– Able to perform 3D flips for a cool aerial stunt show
– Uses real time WiFi transmission with FPV
– Features Automatic Return with one key, Altitude Hold, G-Sensor Mode, Headless Mode and more
– Has a transmission range of up to 40 meters
– Total flight time of up to 8 minutes
– Has a LED light for better visibility in low light setting
– Weighs less than a pound with a total size of 6”x3”x2.5”

The biggest pro that this selfie drone has to offer is definitely the G-Sensor Mode. When enabled, the drone will follow you around automatically based on the way you move your smartphone, which is pretty neat!

The biggest con is that the quality of any videos you shoot aren’t that great, which may sway your final decision in favor of not having it. The pictures are okay, though!

best selfie drone elfie jjrc

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Selfie Drones – The Latest Addition to the Craze

Selfie drones, or “dronies”, are wicked cool. They bring the whole selfie game to an entirely new level with awesome features, better specs, and much more.

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