drone footage ice skater frozen lake

Drones are gaining in popularity more and more by the day. Large retail giants are starting to use for deliveries, companies use them for surveillance, and emergency services are even redesigning them to assist in times of crisis. One thing that drones have been known for since their creation though, is that they can capture some awesome photos and videos.

As drone technology continues to advance, we’re seeing additional features added as new drone models become available. Each year, drones that are more lightweight, smaller, or even have a longer battery life make their way to the market. One enhancement that is always major, and definitely affects the cost of your drone, is the camera that is on it.

Many hobbyists purchase their drones with the intent on capturing cool photos and videos. Amateurs in the film and video image don’t care so much about the quality of the photo or video that their drones takes, only that they are decent and look good enough to share with friends and show on social media. As you get more into the drones that are flown by professional drone pilots, you’ll find that many of them are being used to capture quality picture and video that will likely be used for projects rather than sharing amongst friends.

The cameras on these drones are incredibly pricey and are able to catch sharp images and videos that show vivid details. Many of them also have special operation buttons that help pilots fly them easier and keep the drone in a balanced position with minimal noise so that videos taken are professional quality.

drone video ice skater on frozen lake utah

A drone video taken in the icy mountains of Utah is currently making its way across the internet. Captured in the Pineview Reservoir by Justin McFarland, this interesting clip gained more than 10,000 views in its first week online. The serene video captures a lone ice skater from a bird’s eye rear view as they glide calmly across the ice. You can also see the beautiful snow capped mountains and pines that are dusted with snow as the figure makes their way along the iced over lake.

The filmographer was also able to capture a second video similar to the first one, and it made its way to air on ABC News. Mr McFarland does make a note to all viewers with the intent to keep them safe if they decide to try their luck on the ice. He asks that anyone attempting that type of activity to always be safe, follow laws, and always be equipped for any situation that could be an emergency or cause distress.

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