Regarding DJI Phantom 2 Vision Video Stabilization, I am sure a lot of you got into flying quads for the purpose of creating some stunning aerial shots to share with friends or online via the social networks. This was something I got really excited about also. The ability to record footage from the sky gives a brand new perspective to things and when I first started posting videos on my personal Facebook page I got tons of positive feedback. I definitely got a lot more likes than the silly posts I previously did on random goofy subjects such as shaming Justin Bieber or the latest viral crap that everyone else posted. I felt really original and creative by being able to post stuff like that.

I started posting pictures that were actually just single frames of my videos extracted with VLC. There is an option under “Video” to take a snapshot of the frame that you are viewing. Helps if you pause the video at the frame you like :). I did that because I felt that my videos were too shaky, not professional enough to brag about, while the pics were still great. Something like this. I was facing some challenges wanting to master the video part also, but only having a Phantom 2 Vision which has a single axis stabilizer (not even a gimbal) which really does not allow buttery smooth video recording, while it is great for stills.

So I started digging the internet, to see how I could stabilize my videos and make them more professional. After trying a lot of different options such as Mercalli and Deshaker. I decided to stick with Adobe After Effects. You just have to use “Warp Stabilizer” and it does the trick as good as it gets. I have to admit that this process is pretty painful and long with hours or even overnight rendering. It Maybe easier if you have a powerful machine designed for DTP, but I did not quite feel like going down that road.  So if you only have access to a quadcopter that does not do the job for you, you can play around with After Effects and learn the process. Watch our video, it shows you a good comparison of what you should expect. If you don’t feel completely satisfied with the stabilization you see and you are considering buying a drone, sit tight and watch our next comparison where we will show you the Vision stabilized footage compared to an unstabilized Vision+ recording so you can decide which route feels better for your needs.

Happy and safe flying!

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DJI Phantom 2 Vision Video Stabilization - Dronethusiast
Article Name
DJI Phantom 2 Vision Video Stabilization - Dronethusiast
DJI Phantom 2 Vision Video Stabilization comparison. Using software stabilization and compared with the original video.

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