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Drone Captures Teen Saving a Man from Drowning in Jupiter, FL

drone captures teen saving a man from drowning in jupiter fl

Drones are definitely growing in popularity as more enthusiasts see how fun they are to fly. They’re used to take video of things like sports, are used for surveillance by some security companies, and are even being used to deliver goods that are purchased online. Their ability to be flown so easily has people taking them on flight more often and catching great videos in the process.

When Kevin Cadby of Palm Beach Gardens was flying his drone over Jupiter Inlet on Friday, October, 27, he was trying to capture video of the beautiful blue water. Instead, the water was choppy and had a green tint to it so he decided to use his drone to fly above boats and catch the action of them racing through the water. He had no idea of the heroic scene that he was about to catch on video.

A fishing boat with one person on board capsized near the rocks on Jupiter Inlet. A young 13-year old surfer by the name of Sam Ruskin was surfing the waters with his cousin when he noticed people gathering and containers that began floating away from the upside down boat that he now saw. Without hesitation, the young man went over to single man that was struggling to stay afloat and had on no life jacket. He pulled the man onto his surfboard and paddled him to safety. The drone footage caught every part of this heroic act.

Once the former boat occupant was brought to shore, he was checked by medics and released. Sam continued surfing with his cousin and later briefly mentioned the incident to his father when he was picked up to go home. His father was completely unaware of the awesome feat his son had just accomplished until another friend shared the drone video footage to Facebook over the weekend.

Someone dies is in this area at least one time per year, so the man saved was truly lucky to have a caring person like Sam nearby. It’s miraculous that the drone was in the area and able to catch the act on film as well. The drone pilot, Cadby, was thrilled to have been able to catch all of the action on video and is now going back to catch video of Sam as he surfs the water. This is proof of how beneficial it can be to have drones that get up-close aerial views of incredible action as it happens.

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