Drone Footage Captures Rare Dolphins off a Welsh Coast

A manager of an electronics shop, Andrew Huddlestone located in Abersoch, has recorded the first ever video of a pod of dolphins from his boat while on the water near Saint Tudwal’s in North Wales.

This rare, exceptional footage has a number of groups in excitement, considering this specific pod is believed to be the largest pod ever seen of bottlenose dolphins in the UK, following the discovery of the only single resident pod of this species of dolphin in the UK just discovered last year.

Interestingly enough, a bottlenose dolphin’s dorsal fin, which is an indicator of this species of dolphin, is just as unique when compared to the fingerprint of a human. Each fin differs between individual bottlenose dolphins, just like how no one has the same fingerprint as another person.

One of the marine conservation managers working at the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Ruth Williams, has described this as being incredibly exciting. Further work and overall research is going underway in the near future by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and their partnerships with other scientists and a number of different boat operators.

Though dolphins aren’t exactly a rare sight in the UK, this specific pod is the biggest rarity of them all. Bottlenose dolphins are most commonly spotted by Cardigan Bay, in North Wales, and even in Moray Firth, Scotland, where, interestingly enough, they are currently under a status of protection.

The footage, which has more than tens of thousands of views, at this time of writing, captured by Huddlestone’s drone just goes to show how beautifully drones capture the world around us.

Huddlestone, who commented that he always brings his drone with him when he takes his boat out, has no doubt captured not only the first video taken of this specific pod of bottlenose dolphins in North Wales, but something that showcases the beauty of what our oceans hold.

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