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Filming roller coasters with drones is nothing new, but this isn’t just any footage. Recently, an all star flyer managed to capture video with their drone racing alongside the cars of a roller coaster. The pilot, who is clearly skilled, pulled off some crazy maneuvers while getting the footage, and races along with the roller coaster cars for the length of the track.

The video follows the coaster as it travels along the track, and mirrors its movements as it takes turns and goes upside down. The drone follows closely behind, weaving in and out of the track and support beams to create an awe inspiring video. The footage does an excellent job of making you feel almost like you’re there on track flying along at high speeds with it..

The footage was taken by Viggo Koch, who I think we can all agree has some serious flying skills. He got the footage at Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden following their HELIX coaster. Fun fact, the HELIX coaster is the longest in Scandinavia, which only further shows off Viggo’s skills behind the controls.

What you’ll also immediately notice when watching the video is just how smooth the footage is. There’s no choppy or jerky movements, everything is very flowing and smooth. Every move of the drone looks planned, and Viggo is in complete control the entire video.

In terms of equipment, the footage was shot on a GoPro Hero 6 camera that was attached to a custom built racing drone. The drone also had a Foxeer Falkor FPV attached to it as well. In filming he also used Fatshark HD3 Goggles paired with the ImmersionRC RapidFIRE 5.8 GHz Module and VAS 3-turn Helical Antennas. He piloted the drone using an FrSky Q X7 Controller with a TBS Crossfire Micro TX long-range R/C link.

It’s also important to mention that Viggo had explicit permission from the park to fly. The video was taken before the park was open so it didn’t endanger any riders. Viggo also has the skill to back up the attempt; don’t try this trick at home kids.

The footage is great, but it’s also interesting to take a look at the evolving tech making flights like this possible. In particular, the rise of first person view googles. Koch used the Fatshark HD3 goggles, but there are tons of other ones out there on the market.

Technology like this is what makes these types of videos possible. Being able to be right there in the action makes taking those tight turns smooth, and avoiding obstacles at the last possible second achievable. This type of technology has come a long way in the past couple of years, and we’re even starting to see it become available for more hobby purposes.

As mentioned, Viggo also used a custom built drone to film the video. If you check out the video for yourself on Youtube you can get a break down of all the parts and pieces he used. For those looking for the challenge of building their own racing drone, maybe this can give you some ideas to start from.

In the end, this serves as an excellent demonstration of Koch’s skills as well as a great promotional video for the park itself. You can see more videos like this on Koch’s YouTube page, including similar ones he’s shot for other parks. Viggo also lists out all his equipment on his page, so check it out if you’re interested in learning more about his setup.

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  • Joseph at 7:49 pm

    .viggo Kock’s video is great. Follow him to keep up with the fun.

  • BuffaloMan at 7:50 pm

    what makes you think Viggo is an Earthling? Ancient alien experts say no… Viggo appears on several ancient hieroglyphics that have only recently been interpreted, and his monuments have been seen from the Mars Rover. They say he’s here to teach us a few things.

  • BuffaloMan at 7:53 pm

    Awesome skills, Viggo could easily be trusted with a full roller coaster of people… Seeing the folks seeing the quad would be something.

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