drone footage sharks at beaches

Drones are at it again, this time capturing stunning aerial videos and photos of large groups of sharks. These groups are massive, numbering at over 60 sharks in a single group! What’s more, they take place all around the United States, from the coast of California to Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Off the coast of La Jolla, CA drones captured video of a large group of leopard sharks. The video shows the large group of sharks swimming just off the coast, and shocked beach goers to see the massive number of them. Leopard sharks are about 4 to 5 feet long, and according to scientists aren’t all that rare in the warm waters in the area. That doesn’t make the video any less impressive though. Scientist also said that the sharks themselves, while a bit intimidating, are not very dangerous, and that those in the area shouldn’t be too concerned.

In another instance, a drone captures over 60 sharks swimming off the Gulf Coast in Walton County, Florida. The video depicts a group of sharks that are believed to be black tips. The video starts off slow showing only a few sharks, but quickly ramps up as dozens more come into frame. This is another awesome video of a huge group of sharks caught on camera through the help of drones that would have been impossible to capture otherwise.

Capping things off is multiple videos that depict none other than the famous great white shark. The waters around Cape Cod have been teaming with the shark, and over 162 have been reported since June 1st. This has led to multiple beach closures for safety due to the large number of sightings. Scientists believe that this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is an increase in sharks this year over years past, but that people are now able to actually see the sharks that are there. They specifically mention drones as newer tech that is enabling lots of these sightings to be recorded. Drones availability and the increasing quality of cameras allow us to see further out and capture videos of sharks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

drone footage sharks cape cod

Scientists are quick to caution that the majority of these sightings are not dangerous. In most cases, sharks are more afraid of us than we are of them. They don’t want to attack us, and when it does happen it’s usually a case of mistaken identity. Sharks are typically attracted to areas for food, and that generally doesn’t include humans. Shark attacks are actually quite rare, and with proper precautions shark attacks almost never happen.

As an example, despite the large amount of sharks, Walton County, Florida mentioned above has not had a shark attack since the 1800’s. That’s well over 100 years, and shows just how rare these attacks actually are. Cape Cod for instance, where great whites are currently en masse, had a death last year from a shark attack, but before that hasn’t had one since 1936. Attacks are rare, but these sightings are becoming more frequent thanks to drones!

Drones have allowed us to capture some beautiful shots and it’s exciting to experience what they have allowed us to see. Many of these videos would be impossible without the use of drones. Let’s hope that we continue to capture these types of videos, and that most people’s interactions with sharks are through video only.

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