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It’s no surprise to anyone that drones are now being used more often for a variety of tasks. One thing that they have been used for steadily though since their creation is to create incredible videos. Their ability to fly and hover while keeping a camera still has given us breath-taking videos in a variety of settings that we may have never attained if it were not for the development of drones.

One thing that is a rarity with drone footage is a video that has been captured in the dark. A filmmaker, Ian Montgomery, and a group of his friends set out to create an incredible video during the night hours. Equipping the drones with lights, they were able to capture amazing footage in the middle of the desert.

The less than 5-minute short film, titled The Dying of the Light, takes place far away from any city lights. The video actually looks like it has been taken from deep within the ocean. Two drones were used to capture the stunning footage as well as a lot of lighting equipment.

During the short video, you’re able to see some of the large rocks and canyons that are located within the desert. The lights that the drones are equipped with do a phenomenal job of lighting the different structures while a peaceful tune is played in the background. It provides a view of the desert that many would have never seen if it were not for this film.

Don’t think that anyone can go out and attain cool footage like this though. It definitely comes with a hefty price tag. The lighting setup that was used for the drones are StratusLEDs and the Aerial Array setup will cost about $699 per drone. It’s also important to note that one of your regular hobby or even professional drones are not going to be able to carry that equipment and a camera. The drones used for this film appear to be Firefly Alta 8’s and have a steep price tag of about $17,500 per drone with controllers ranging around $700 each.

It’s great that there are filmmakers out there that can create these incredible aerial drone videos. Hobbyists are able to create some genuinely great ones with the lower costing drones, but the drones used in this film take these videos to a new level. This is a great one to watch when wanting to get an interesting look at the geography of the desert.

The Dying Of The Light from Pre-Future LLC on Vimeo.

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  • Ian Montgomery at 9:42 pm

    Just to clarify… the lighting rig was indeed a Freefly Alta however the filming rig was a DJI Inspire 2 with the Zenmuse X7 camera.

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