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I’m sure that as a child, many of us remember being so excited to get the toy or a Happy Meal that was always promptly served with lunch if our parents had decided to splurge and grab some fast food. These toys consisted of things like plastic characters that were popular at the time that would roll or have a button to press for noise, and even small puzzles or books for children to quietly enjoy while parents finished their meal.

Ten cities in India have paired up with KFC to raise the bar to an unprecedented level. They have raised the Happy Meal toy to a level that would be very hard to compete with, but will most certainly be fun for children and adults alike. Customers near the following India KFC areas on January 25 and January 26 2018, will need to not walk, but run full speed to these listed KFCs: Dehli, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderbad, Chandigarh, Kochi, and Bengaluru. These toys are going to be very limited, and if you check around the websites, you should be able to find the exact hours that they will be dispersing them.

Who ever said that chickens can’t fly? That’s crafty thought behind the new box that is part of specific KFC’s in India. KFC just announced their new KFC Smoky Wings in India. The best part about them isn’t just the great flavor of the meal, but is the packaging. Believe it or not, once you’re done with your smoky wings, the box that they were served in actually becomes a working drone. This DIY drone that also comes with instructions, has been named the KFO, or Kentucky Flying Object.

The special wing packaging somes with detachable parts and a do it yourself guide to help with your setup. Once you have put together your new KFO drone, there is an app available for iOs and Android. You’ll need to download that app and allow the Bluetooth to sync with your new drone.

Since this is such an incredible offer, it is of course very, very limited. The event is only taking place for 2 days (January 25 and January 26) so you’ll need to be at one of the KFC’s listed at the correct times to see if you’re one of the lucky winners.

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