knowing all about FAA drones integration program

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, was given three months to launch the UAS Integration Pilot System. Since they were prepared and waiting for this to happen, they were ready to make the launch only days after being given White House approval. One of the main goals of this is to promote aviation in the U.S. unmanned aviation industry, which will ultimately add more jobs and money to the U.S. economy.

Drones have become more and more popular as it is being realized how useful and helpful they are in not only day-to-day things such as deliveries, but also when there is an emergency. UASs are able to access many areas by air that would otherwise be inaccessible by ground. When something tragic has happened, it is also safer to send these in versus a human. The drones are able to make their ways to areas where victims could be, which can help bring them to safety faster.

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With the use of drone use anticipated to increase even more as the holidays approach, it’s important that there are rules and regulations put in place to prevent as many accidents and illegal activities being performed by the drones as possible. Drones already have laws in place that are supposed to prevent them from flying certain altitudes and keep them out of no-flight zones around airports, but without the proper registration of them, how could the law truly be enforced? That’s where this new integration program will come into play.

If we utilize drones in our airspace, it can add a whopping $80 billion to our economy, and in the next decade alone, will create over 100,000 jobs. The FAA wants to facilitate this safely as drone applications and integration continue to increase. The administration has launched an initiative to allow state, local, and tribal leaders to partner with drone pilots to test and deploy any drone operations that would require a specific authorization.

This will be a 3-year program that will specifically focus on safety and best practices. They want to gather data and information in a controlled environment on flying drones over people, flying at night, flights beyond the visual line of sight, and many other applications. The FAA wants us to be able to benefit from drone use as much as possible, by not only creating more jobs, but by also adding billions of dollars into our economy.

Drones have been used in war zones during combat for some time now. They were proved to be useful for the states when the recent hurricanes and floods affected places like Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico. The drones were able to be flown in to survey power and gas lines, communication lines, and even use heat sensors that were able to find and assist survivors in areas that were thought to be unreachable. This program will allow the safety of the drones to be assessed and will also ensure that all drone pilots have effective communication between themselves and the government.

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