This video and the team behind it provided just what the UAV community needs amidst fierce controversy over drones where some see it as the latest game changer in commercial technology while others fear their privacy and frown upon the flying machines. A recent development of life saving drones in Iran takes a surprisingly simple approach to using drones for an unquestionably good cause. RTS Lab in Iran developed a remote controlled aerial system that is capable of delivering life savers to drowning swimmers near shore or at open seas. It does not take much imagination to see that a drone would probably be the quickest thing to get to a swimmer at sea in case of an emergency. Tests show that these life saving drones can reach an emergency situation a full minute faster than conventionally used vehicles, not to mention a lifeguard in a hand powered row boat or just swimming out there.

Our free innovative idea to the team would be the addition of a pocket size, water proof “panic button” that could help signaling an emergency while directing the drones to the person in need of help.

As tests at the Caspian Sea show, the life saving drones can also work at night, using bright lights, biothermal sensors, and a built-in camera to stream video to rescuers on shore.

The video demonstrates that concept works well, and it’s an excellent example of how powerful drones—which are cheaper and easier to use than just about any other aerial delivery vehicle—can actually be. Sources say that the drone is actually ready for production already. Personally, we would love to see such a peaceful and noble use of drones become ubiquitous. Originating from Iran puts a unique twist to this compelling story. Go RTS Lab, we are with you.

Via: Motherboard


The Iranian Drones That Save Lives

Unique life saving technology delivering literally "life saving" devices to those in emergency.

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