In the not even so recently started and currently ongoing hype around delivery drones by small and large companies and startups alike, there are very few that actually already sport a physical product. Not to mention real test flights solving existing problems. Do not misunderstand us, we value the power of innovation and can’t wait to have some of those drones in our daily lives. But it’s also great to see physical proof a concept, rather than just souped up videos with CGI all over them. One such example is Bizzby. Have you ever left your keys at work, having to drive or ride public transport all the way back? Well, this is where Bizzby should be able to help you once commercial operations of their peer-to-Peer Drone Delivery commences.

Bizzby is a company based in London and their service promises that you can have objects and products like keys or medication delivered instantly, within the city.

Peer-To-Peer Drone Delivery

The startup which is based in London’s TechCity has developed a fully autonomous drone equipped with a secure storage box capable of holding items weighing up to 500g. It can fly up to 400 feet into the air, avoiding collisions with birds and other obstacles thanks to various sensors.

The Bizzby Sky app in action.

The Bizzby Sky app in action.

The new service called Bizzby SKY summons a drone once a customer books one and sends it to deliver the object to the desired location. The client agrees to the specified rate via a smartphone application. The drone’s journey can be tracked via real-time footage of its airborne travels through the skies streamed within the app. On arrival, the item is released from the secure compartment and the delivery gets charged. A bit like UBER for your keys, right?

“Although it may seem futuristic, technology is advancing rapidly and it’s a matter of time before we’re able to roll the service out to the public,” said founder and chief executive Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio. “We are currently focused on delivering on­demand lifestyle services from cleaning, handymen, beauty, deliveries to everyday help and believe in using technology to make our lives easier. As the pioneer of on­demand services we believe drone delivery is the future and we’re at the forefront of its development.”


Bizzby Sky entering through the window.

The use of drones for commercial purposes has been explored for years, with Amazon chief Jeff Bezos proposing the use of unmanned drones to deliver small packages last December.

Concerns have been raised lately over the safety and efficiency of drone delivery. The Civial Aviation Authority (CAA) is yet to authorise the use of drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) within populated areas, and a fully automated drone cannot currently weigh more than 22 kilos without the CAA’s permission.

A Lords committee investigating the civilian use of drones met with operators and developers last week to discuss regulations around the civil use of the machines. Mr Luvaglio has created an e-petition requesting the government to consider a Drone Bill to permit the use of drones for filming and deliveries within the UK.

About Bizzby

Bizzby is a fully funded, mobile-first startup changing the way people book lifestyle services at the tap of a button. Their real-time platform connects services to thousands of customers instantly through the Bizzby mobile Apps. Imagine you need someone to clean your apartment right away. A few taps in the Bizzby app and someone is on the way to help you out. Bizzby SKY uses the Company’s proven real ­time smartphone technology platform for the drone delivery also.

Bizzby SKY’s main limitations are legislation, CAA regulations, battery power, weight and flight distance. The drones are able to fly unmanned to a height of 400 feet with built in sensors to avoid collisions, respect restricted fly zones and features a reserve battery which kicks in to return home safely should it encounter difficulties.

What about privacy issues?

Bizzby says that they have trialled real-time pixelation of anything identifiable during the live video feed and makes sure that privacy is retained at all times. Our opinion on this issue is that while it’s great to see real time footage from the delivery drone on the recipients end, it is sufficient to see a map and an Uber like experience where the client can see an icon approaching on the map. In fact, even just a counter with the remain time and distance could also be enough, to make sure there is no concern raised on this front.

What is really appealing in the Bizzby approach is that it provides a solution to everyday problems of real people. Of course the London based startup still faces challenges in technology like making sure that someone in a high-rise building can let the drone enter through a window safely and autonomously. These and other issues such as battery power allowing the required range and regulations are possible to overcome, so as Mr. Luvaglio said, the start of such a service is just a matter of time. Will it be Bizzby or another company taking this challenge successfully? Who know, but we can’t wait to have this kind of peer-to-peer delivery opportunity at our hands.

Source: The Telegraph, BIZZBY Sky

Picture: BIZZBY Sky

The First Attempt at Peer-To-Peer Drone Delivery
Article Name
The First Attempt at Peer-To-Peer Drone Delivery
The first ever Peer-To-Peer drone delivery service by London based on demand service startup Bizzby.

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