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DJI had a fairly quiet year in 2019. While the Mavic Mini was certainly a great addition to their lineup, but outside of that there wasn’t much more. That’s also not mentioning DJI’s various scandals and data concerns that they dealt with in 2019. With all that in mind, 2020 is looking to be an exciting year for DJI, and there’s a couple of juicy rumors already floating around.

Looking back at 2019, DJI had a pretty rough year. To start, DJI dealt with a 150m losses in employee fraud. This not only cost DJI a huge sum of money, but also severely disrupted their supply chain. This affected the availability of several types of drones, and may have been the cause of others getting shelved.

They also had to field allegations from US officials over data privacy concerns. Allegations that DJI has been quick to dismiss and has spent considerable amounts of time and money to counter. They’ve put a lot of effort into alleviating consumers concerns, and it’s likely taken some of their focus off of producing new drones.

That’s not to mention the ongoing trade war, which has directly affected DJI and their ability to sell drones in America. We wrote a bit about this a few weeks ago, where DJI raised the prices of many of its drones by upwards of 15% in response to the tariffs. With this problem still ongoing, it’s certainly going to cut into DJI’s profits which could potentially slow down the development of new drones.

With all that, DJI has certainly had a busy year, but probably not in the way drone enthusiasts wished. 2019 is just about in the books now though, so let’s look ahead to 2020 to see what is in store for the drone lovers out there. There are a couple of exciting rumors out there, so let’s see what might be in store for us from DJI in 2020.

The first big rumor is the supposed release the new DJI Mavic 3. Most rumors point to it being released at the end of January 2020. Not too much is known about the drone, but the big item everyone is talking about is the improved camera. Most sources point to the Mavic 3 having much improved picture and video quality over the 2, and even Phantom 4 pro V2. Rumors also point to DJI keeping up with tradition and releasing the Mavic 3 Zoom right along with it. This isn’t 100% confirmed yet, and some sources say that might not be the case, so it’s still up in the air.

For some new features that the drones are rumored to have we have the non-gps return to home functionality and the new AirSense. The return to home featured on this drone would not require GPS to work, which is an improvement over its predecessor. AirSense is another cool feature that would alert the pilot of collision risks. Both features look pretty neat, but might be a bit underwhelming for some drone enthusiasts.

DJI is also rumored to be releasing the Inspire 3 this year as well. The new Inspire is rumored to also feature an upgraded camera, but also come with additional flight time of 3-5 minutes. These are both solid improvements, but unfortunately DJI has been pretty tight lipped on details here. When in 2020 we might see this drone is still up for debate.

With all that in mind, DJI is looking to have a very exciting 2020 with multiple big releases. After a quiet 2019, it’s sure to get the attention of drone enthusiasts. We’ll be keeping an eye out, and be sure to provide updates as more information becomes available.

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  • Steve Schaut at 11:34 pm

    I’m a bit intrigued by the Mavic Mini, which I think will push the Spark into obsolescence, with an admirable combination of size, flight duration/range, and camera features. Also comes with OccuSync II, right? If I didn’t already have a Mavic Pro Platinum, I might be tempted to buy a couple three. And here we go again, with all the jokes about what the Mavic 3 will look like (dragonfly? Turkey vulture? Pig with wings?) 😄😄

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