The new quadcopters in the market come from Syma Toys. A good example si the Syma X5C, a quadcopter best used for aerial photography by enthusiasts. It has a 2.0MP HD camera, capable of capturing quality pictures and videos in the air.

It also features a 6-axis system that makes the quad hand launchable. The 6-axis gyro quad rotorcraft technology allows it to gain the much-needed stability while on the flight, providing various flight movements, resist high winds while giving owners easy control from the remote transmitter.

A 2.4 GHz technology is incorporated into the quad. It is an anti-interference feature allowing owners to fly more than one quad concurrently, without interfering with each other’s airspace. However, it is flyable, both indoors and outdoors.

Syma X5C vs X5C-1


First, the X5C-1 is an upgrade of the X5C, making the latter a great quad for a beginner trying to learn how to control the gadget.

The X5C-1 has updated circuit board, which allows it to make better turning and corners compared with the X5C making it best for advanced drone users and flying outdoors.

Secondly, X5C-1’s camera can flip effortlessly while the X5C’s remains static. The reason is, the former’s camera activation button has been moved to the throttle trim switch, with the X5C’s shoulder button remaining where it was.

Finally, yet fundamentally, the X5C gives owners the chance to perform the necessary intelligent orientation controls both indoors and outdoors.

The X5C-1 is capable of performing agile movements and stunts while in the air.

As seen, Syma Toys has lots to offer to a quad enthusiast, and with the upgraded X5C-1, we are yet to see more that is to come in the future.

However, the X5C is best for beginners who want to specialise in headless control of such gadgets. If you wish to have more stable flights as a hobbyist, you will go for the X5C-1.

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