From seeing what is the newest on the market with the top brands in play to learning new techniques and tips, there is much to see and do at the many drone events taking place internationally. Many different types of expos and informational sessions, the ability to ask vendors what about their brand is best for you, and seeing the offerings of what’s out there for sale are what you can look forward to.

We wanted to prepare a comprehensive list of all the top drone expos worldwide: the excitement many feel when they step out of the hotel and onto a new floor full of gear will always hype any die­-hard drone fan, or someone who is just getting started. From presentations about flight time and camera abilities to tutorials on how to get the most out of your new purchase, here are some of the best events to attend in the very near future.

International Drone Expo

International Drone Conference EXPO

Where and When: December 9 and ­10, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center Los Angeles, California.

This is the 3rd annual International Drone Expo, which is organized by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association, The Tesla Foundations, and E.J. Krause & Associates. It is the very huge and memorable event where you can see what’s happening with rules and regulations, looking at how drone technology can help with all types of businesses, and bring great performance specs to any existing entity.

EXPO International Drone Conference

This year the theme of “Drone Business Today” will take a close look at empowering technologies and they way they will affect the coming future, and many other important elements of the drone scene like legal issues and growing your business while using drones. Important topics such as 3D Mapping and Surveying, film and entertainment, and the way that drones will interact with big data are all going to be dissected in this biggest and highly­attended drone conference of the year.

Drone World Expo

Drone World Conference expo

Where and when: November 15­ and 16, San Jose, CA

The Drone World Expo is located in the heart of Silicon Valley is focused on business growth, real­ world solutions to business and environmental challenges, commercial strategies, privacy issues, and international impact that drones are having. Sitting on the advisory board of this exciting conference and expo are educated and knowledgeable personnel like Stephanie Spear, who is an expert on how drones are affecting the real estate industry.

Drone World Conference expo international

Other very important and engaging aspects of drone technology like package delivery, the future of taking inventory with drones, experimenting with payloads and add­ons, and how to handle the element of drones emerging in the current regulatory environment. There will be so many in attendance here that are the true tech gurus and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, that it will be one influential and educational event indeed.

Unmanned Systems Institute

unmanned systems institute drone conference

When and Where: June 13 and ­15 2016, Washington D.C.

This is a convention where the leading organization committee that brings together private and public sector stakeholders is present to discuss how drones can really make a difference in the economy and marketplace, as well as within the educational realm.

There are workshops, executive conferences, in­depth research panels, and webinars all exploring the possibilities with the future and current state of drone technology.

drone conference unmanned systems institute

Among the illustrious advisory board and panel of speakers are David Bird, who is the founding editor of the Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, and Maryanna Saenko, analyst at Lux Research. One great topic talked about this year will be the insurance industry, and how the growth of UAS and AV will affect claims and stability.

Drone Fair Calgary

drone fair conference internationa

When and Where: June 19th, Calgary, Alberta.

This year at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, this action ­packed one ­day event is the first event of its kind in Western Canada. Many innovators, vendors, pilots and other experts will be on hand to discuss drone technology, and address many current issues.

drone fair international conference

Among the many highlights will be speaker Mark Wuennenburg, who is a Civil Aviation Inspector, and Eric Edwards the past chairman of unmanned systems Canada. Also on tap is a sure­to­be informational speech about the future of drone operations from Sterling Cripps, President of Canadian Unmanned.

UAS Summit and Expo

the uas summit expo drone conference

When and where: August 22­24, Grand Forks, ND

Just as the boom of oil in the area has led the way for much of how the nation deals with energy and resources, and there are many experts presenting here from regulators, commercial pilots, editorial staff, and others presenting a wealth of knowledge about the industry. Last year there were over 30 exhibitors and over 75 speakers, organized by BBI International.

This is one of the oldest UAV events in the USA, and here attendees can gain knowledge about the state of the UAV industry in the US Market, commercial UAV manufacturing, and all types of case models that stoke the minds of the next generation of innovators.

drone conference the uas summit expo

Getting to see this expo during its most­ developed generation should be a top­notch experience for anyone involved in any bit of drone technology development or use.

The Commercial UAV Show

the commercial uav show drone conference

When and where: 23­ and 24 of August, Johannesburg, South Africa

This two­-day event attracts many visitors from a range of industries who are here to learn about the application of UAV systems and the way drone technology has the ability to change the face of many industries worldwide. Last year there were over 50 exhibitors, and 200 delegates from different sectors of the industry, and that number is expected to double for 2016.

the commercial uav show drone

Taking place in a beautiful setting and area that is ripe for benefiting from the many different types of agricultural possibilities of drone technology, this conference will definitely be one not to miss. As delivering goods like medicine and agricultural applications become more and more accessible daily with drones, this is an area of the globe that could stand to benefit immensely from their use.

The Commercial UAV Show, Asia 2016

the commercial uav show asia drone

Where and When: 1­2 September, Singapore

This information­packed conference and exhibition will showcase the many different faces of UAV applications and uses, from surveying and delivery to other types of uses for the technology that we all want to learn more about. Some of the globe’s leading UAV manufacturers and suppliers will be on hand with their special breed of expertise, with a focus on natural disasters, and the positive effects drones can have on the oil and gas industry.

the commercial uav asia show drone

This year, ten different startups are getting the chance to tell their story and show why their ideas are the best on the globe, and it will be quite dynamic indeed. Winners will receive a booth in the “startup zone” to lead meetings, and a 5­minute pitch to the best in show of conference attendees.

Interdrone: International Drone conference and Exposition

interdrone expo conference

Where and when: September 7­ and 9 2016, Las Vegas, NV

This is actually 3 very unique conferences all rolled into one: the Techon is for drone builders, OEM’s, and developers, the Enterprise is for flyers, buyers, and services providers, and the cinema element is for the aerial photographers and filmmakers out there interested in what drones can offer. Known as one of the true “Go­to” events showcasing drone technology, there will be great keynote speakers such as Amazon’s Paul Misener, and Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR and Founder of DIY Drones.

interdrone expo conference drone

Held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, this will be an event that any enthusiast, drone venture capitalist, manufacturer, or photographer will want to be present at. Last year’s attendees included well­knowns such as Sony, Airbus, The Weather Channel, Molex Incorporated, and Nikon.

Commercial UAVS, Royal on the Park

commercial uavs australia drone conference

When and Where: October 27 and ­29, Brisbane, AU

This event will be a great opportunity for attendees to listen to case studies, have interactive discussions with expert­led panels and round tables, and check out the newest goods that manufacturers are offering. Industry experts from Oil & Gas, Energy Services,Telecommunication, Water, and Defense and Border security will all be present, as well as some of the top engineering firms around the globe.

drone conference commercial uavs australia

This year you can hear from speakers such as Dan Geeves, the Senior Surveyor for Aurecon, and Darryn Dow, Chief Mine Surveyor and UAV controller for Peabody Energy. Getting humans out of harmful situations, surveying areas where disasters have hit, and discussing the future of air traffic control.

Drone Berlin

drone berlin conference

Where and when: 14­ and 15 October 2016, Berlin, Germany

This is the main drone event in the German market, where exhibition, conference, technical panels, and workshops with a focus on aerial photography all are taking place.

The accompanying drone film fest will have eye ­popping entrants showcasing their amazingly ­shot wares, and this may lead many to go back, find their favorite manufacturer on display, and order their product.

berlin drone conference

Relevant topics to today’s climate such as collision avoidance, working on longer flight times, sensor systems for the future, intellectual property and copyright, and obstacle detection will all be discussed in detail. Visiting this amazing conference in Berlin may just boost your business or piloting skills to the next level, and you’re going to enjoy this world­ class display of emerging technology.

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