An UAV owner was right near by an accident and they rescue folks asked for his. And that is exactly what he did. Someone threw a pumpkin at a car on the highway and the driver lost control and slammed into the lake. He got out safe, but the tow truck operators had a hard time locating the vehicle.

Here is where the UAV and the pilot came in handy. Another great example of positive uses of drones. Ones that should be promoted. So that is what we do. Watch what happens, great footage!

Oh and kudos to the folks at CIP Media!

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  • Chris at 2:13 am

    What a great footage and a great example!

  • Steve at 3:28 pm

    I love the accident recovery video, the sad thing is that here in Texas and for that matter in The USA the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) is trying to shut down the use of Multiorotor radio control aircraft ( mistakingly calling them Drones) in search and rescue by even non-profit orginizations. Here in Houston Texas the Equisearch Group, a non-profit group of volunteers had their multirotor grounded when they were in search of a young women that went missing and was discovered 3 days later dead in a shallow creek where the Equisearch group was trying to use its multirotor craft and was grounded by the FAA. The FAA is using videos like the Drone-Boning as even more ammunition for them to try and ground these type of radio control craft saying that they are being used to violate privacy. There has been misuse of some of the multirotor craft by your run of the mill generic Peeping Tom types. I have even had a constable try and confiscate my Flamewheel 450 which does not have a camera or gimble claiming that it was a danger to fly around the perimeter of my own home. We as owners and operatrors of these craft need to stand firm ground and watch the web for different groups who are trying to ground our multirotor craft. We need to make sure that our voices are heard and that our Multirotor craft ( not Drones ) are not shot down by government agencies like the FAA. I too believe that we must fly our craft responsibly, if we act responsibly then these agnncies have less ammunition to shoot down our hobby, just saying, ya”know.

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