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Walmart May Use a Blimp to Deliver With Drones

wal mart blimp to deliver with drones

With all of the new technology, it is no surprise that a huge corporation like Walmart would be at the forefront of the next way to make life easier for their consumers and cut costs. Competing with Amazon, that is already using drones for some deliveries in different areas, it is only right that Walmart step up their game and keep up with one of their biggest competitors. In this day and time, it’s all about simplifying, and by removing the postman, it will not only be a great way for them to cut costs to their consumers and increase their revenue, it will also be a way to stay ahead of other large retailers that aren’t rolling out this idea any time soon.

walmart blimp warehouse drones

Walmart applied for the patent for this “gas filled aerial and transport system” in February of 2017, according to the US Patent and Trademark office. This means that they are almost ready to begin using a blimp system that has a fleet of drones ready to take off and deliver customer purchases This is much better than the alternative of flying each drone out from one stationary location.

The blimps would reach up to 1000 feet and have communication with an on-ground scheduling system that would notify them of shipments and deliveries. Amazon has filed a similar patent, but are wanting to use some type of on-ground transportation, likely that of a train, to cut back on the amount of flying time each of the drones would have to do for delivery.

wal mart blimp drones

With Walmart in constant competition with Amazon to dominate the eCommerce market, this patented idea may be a reality sooner than one would anticipate. With Amazon offering air deliveries already, this may force Walmart to create their hot air balloon and drone fleet soon just to keep up with sales. Since Walmart offered such an extensive and detailed patent, it is likely that it is going to be approved. Floating warehouses with drone deliveries may very well be the next stage in the shopping online experience.

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  1. I can confirm this is happening. A few weeks ago a Walmart blimp flew over our house about 900ft up. We thought it was a promotion. It flew over at least 4 times slowly. I want to say that it flew lower than 900 ft at one point.

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