Now this is not your average drone video for sure. We Dronethusiasts always cherish the opportunity to create images and videos from a perspective that was not possible before without costing us a pretty penny having to hire an airplane. And that perspective was usually from high up above the ground. Which is of course beautiful and mankind have always craved for the experience of free flight. And a drone flight is pretty much the closest thing, specially if you use FPV goggles such as the Fat Shark Dominator HD or similar.

But now the Amsterdam public transport company organized an Amsterdam subway tunnel drone video recording well below surface. It was recoded in the subway line from Amsterdam-Noord all the way to Rokin station. The image below demonstrates the circumstances the crew had to work among. A pilot and an operator was following the drone on a bicycle and we can only assume that a third person had to do the pedaling somehow.

tunnel drone pilot amsterdam on bicycle

Pilot and cameraman on a bike following the drone.

Filming with a drone was a request from a supplier called Thales, a company providing ICT network construction to the North-South line. Apparently, they used it for a promo video. Coincidentally, the guys at the Amsterdam Metro Services have long been waiting for an opportunity like that, so they did the job with delight. 

The video is a little over two and a half minutes and demonstrates the flexibility of drones and the diversity of possible benefits in using them. The company commissioning the recording of this video would have clearly had the resources to hire a full size helicopter to record the video. But the shear size of such an aircraft would prohibit using it among such circumstances. While a quadcopter with this size and agility mastered the task with ease. Advanced camera technology becoming available in sizes easy to handle for a multirotor (such as a GoPro) helps a great deal in utilization and wide spread adoption of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). So let it be commercial/professional use or for the sake of an awesome hobby, we are confident that the drone is the next game changer in technology, becoming ubiquitous in many areas of daily life.

Amsterdam Subway Tunnel Drone Video, credit: NoordZuidlijn Great choice for music BTW.


Amsterdam Subway Tunnel Drone Video - Dronethusiast

Amsterdam Subway Tunnel Drone Video. Now this is not your average drone video for sure. We Dronethusiasts always cherish the opportunity to create images...

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  • younes at 11:52 am

    we have one tunnel, the tunnel diameter is 3 meter. i have one question , can i used quad copter in this tunnel?
    thank you

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