The Halloween season is upon us, and with it comes all manner of decorations and costumes. In years past, pranksters have used drones to scare their neighbors, but now some people are taking advantage of the spirit and catching shots of some pretty awesome Halloween decor. What’s even better, we have multiple instances of drones being used to take some truly incredible shots that would be impossible otherwise. These videos are from all around the county, and each touches a different facet of halloween.

The Florida Keys are known for their water activities, and these witches have taken note. They’ve traded in their brooms for boards, paddleboards. This coven, nearly 24 strong, was caught paddle boarding in their witch costumes just off the coast of the keys. What’s more, the shot takes place at sunset, so you get some added beauty for a truly special video.

Another drone captured some cool decorations in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. The restaurant, Angelo’s II, features a giant inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow man on top of the building with monster tentacles coming out the windows. For movie buffs, you might recognize the scene from the famous movie “Ghostbusters”. It’s cool to see local businesses getting involved in the Halloween spirit, and even cooler to see it all capture on film from the angles only a drone can get.

Lastly, we have a drone video from across the pond in the UK. This video comes courtesy of James Maxeys pumpkin farm, which is one of the largest in the UK. Now 20, he’s been growing pumpkins every year at his parent’s farm since he was 13. Each year they’ve only gotten bigger, so he’s had a lot of time to expand the amount of pumpkins they can grow each year.

From the drone shots, it’s easy to see why this is one of the largest pumpkin farms in the UK. The shots show multiple angels of the farm, and show the sheer scope of the place and the massive amounts of pumpkins on display. Despite the size, the farm reports having trouble keeping up with the demand. Overall, the farm has over 20 different kinds of pumpkins, making it a popular spot for those preparing for Halloween.

While we’re on the topic, camera quality is everything when trying to get good shots of drones. Many drones have great built in cameras, but in many cases it’s possible to mount a 3rd party camera. Cameras like the Go-Pro are great, and are built to take excellent action shots. These and other cameras can take your video game to the next level. Don’t discount the built in cameras though as many drones have really taken this to new heights. Getting a built in 1080p camera on a drone is actually very affordable, and even many entry level drones feature this camera quality now a days.

Drone features can also play a big role in getting great shots. Some drones have features like GPS flying that can help stabilize the drone to take better quality pictures. These types of features are great, and can help even a mediocre camera take professional quality videos and pictures. They’re also great for beginners or immediate fliers who might be worried about taking shaky shots. Have the drone keep itself stable can help you focus on getting those perfect images and smooth video flybys.

As we approach Halloween we’re sure to continue to see more shots like the above come from drones. We’ll be following it closely, and keeping an eye out for the best ones. Keep an eye out for any halloween decorations or costumes this season!

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