RC Semi Trucks are exactly what they look like – remote control semi rigs that you can drive around. They are controlled by electric, gas, or whatever the case for fuel, more often than not a battery, and are definitely a lot of fun.

We’ve taken the best RC Semi Trucks – top 5 RC Semi Trucks for sale so you can have access to the best ones on the market.

RC Semi Trucks are typically built with heavy suspensions, giant off-road tires, and oversized shocks. They are awesome for tearing up gravel, grass, you name it. They’re built for the toughest terrain possible, can survive the thrashiest of jumps, and can take a ton of abuse.

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RC Semi Trucks Review – The Best of the Best

Amazon has got some awesome RC Semi Trucks for sale, so we went and found the best ones to compile a review out of.

Roxie RC Transport Truck

Read reviews and shop for the Roxie RC Transport Truck Here
Most people who are shopping for a remote control semi truck are looking for a fun toy to share with their kids. If that’s your interest, this Roxie brand big rig semi long hauler trailer truck is one of the best remote control toys around. For $30 you’re basically getting two toys in one, because it also comes with a (non-pilotable) helicopter to carry on the truck bed.

Features and Specs
– No assembly required

– Flashing LED headlights and taillights with authentic sound effects

– Scale size of 1/20

– Total size of 20”x4”x3”

Pros and Cons

– This truck is made of highly durable (and completely non-toxic) ABS material, making it a great toy even for younger kids who might play too rough

– It comes with a toy helicopter

– Very simple paint job and mold; not an accurate model

The Roxie RC Transport Truck is perfect for anyone looking for a remote control toy semi truck with a ton of cool features.

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rc semi truck Roxie RC Transport Truck

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Tamiya King Semi Hauler Truck

Read reviews and shop for the Tamiya King Semi Hauler Truck Here
If you’re a serious RC hobbyist looking for RC semi trucks for adults, there’s simply no better alternative to the King. This gorgeous realistic kit comes with a high-quality aluminum front and chassis, solid axle suspension, a 3-speed gearbox, tractor truck oil shocks, semi-trailer lights set, motorized support legs, and sound effects.

Features and Specs
– Realistic, high-quality model kit

– Extremely durable aluminum construction

– Scale size of 1/14

– Total size of 12”x12”x5”

Pros and Cons
– By far the toughest, most accurate, and most powerful remote control semi truck for sale

– Doesn’t come with a controller

– Too expensive and complicated for kids

If you don’t mind assembling it yourself and aren’t put off by the nearly $500 price tag, the Tamiya King Semi Hauler Truck is the best rc semi truck for sale.

tamiya king rc tuck

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The Velocity Toys Heavy Duty 12 Wheel Semi is perfect for those who want quite a looker that is both fully functional and a lot of fun to drive.

DOUBLE E RC Mercedes-Benz Acros

Read reviews and shop for the DOUBLE E RC Mercedes-Benz Acros Here

This is one of the most popular remote control semi trucks on Amazon, and with good reason. This officially licensed 1/20th scale Mercedes-Benz Acros model is a great remote control toy with a fully operational skew plate. These semi trucks are a lot different from RC Rock Crawlers but definitely just as fun!

Features and Specs
– High simulation trailer split joint

– Fully operational lift-and-lower skew plate

– Scale size of 1/20

– Total size of 40.6”x6.3”x6.7”

Pros and Cons
– One of the largest and most complex rc semi truck toys

– Doesn’t have the best handling

This is an excellent (and surprisingly affordable) toy RC semi truck model that kids and adults alike will enjoy greatly.

DOUBLE E RC Tow best rcTruck

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Velocity Toys Egyptian Camel Express 12 Wheel Semi

Read reviews and shop for the Velocity Toys Egyptian Camel Express 12 Wheel Semi Here

This unique and stylish RC Semi Truck has an awesome look, some great features, and a decent speed. Velocity Toys has long been one of our favorite remote control brands and this latest model continues their reputation for quality construction.

Features and Specs

– Electronic and fully functional, with all batteries included

– High gloss paint bright LED lighting

– Scale size of 1/36

– Total size of 18.5”x4”x4”

Pros and Cons
– The batteries are all included, which includes rechargeable ones for the truck itself so you don’t have to keep going out and purchasing more

– It does not have a suspension and is unable to huck another trailer, which may be disappointing for some

The Velocity Toys Heavy Duty 12 Wheel Semi is perfect for those who want a stylish, fully functional model that’s also quite fun to drive.
RC semi Truck Rechargeable

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Revell 85-1506 Peterbilt

Read reviews and shop for the Revell 85-1506 Peterbilt Here

Looking for an authentic, high-quality rc semi truck replica like the serious hobbyists use but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a model? This Revell Peterbilt has all the simulated durability you could ask for at a fraction of the cost.

Features and Specs
– Authentic electronic plastic replica

– Durable chrome detailing

– Scale size of 1/25

– Total size of 5.7″x3.75″x11.88”

Pros and Cons
– A high-quality hobby-grade rc semi truck model that costs less than fifty dollars

– Doesn’t come with a controller, will require some assembly that may be too complex for beginners

This beautiful purple-and-chrome semi truck is the perfect addition to any collection.
revell rc semi truck

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FAQS About RC Semi Trucks

If you don’t see your question, or an answer to it, listed below, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll answer it for you!

Do RC Semis use gas?

Yes, some RC Semi Trucks do you use gas as a fuel source. The fuel source needed to get the Semi to run will depend on which one you’re planning on purchasing. To make it easier on yourself you will need to do a bit of research into what the model runs on before you purchase it.

How fast can a RC Semi Truck go?

The majority of RC Semi Trucks can reach pretty high speeds depending on their fuel source. In short, depending on the model, they can be pretty quick.

For example, nitro RC Semi Trucks can go between 20 to 60 mph and electric RC Semi Trucks can go between 10 to 50 mph.

Can I change the cargo trailer on a RC Semi?

Yes, you can! Although, most will only do this if the cargo has become damaged, but you definitely can do it if you find one that you alike a lot better than the current one that you have.

Which fuel source is better for a beginner?

If you’re just starting out in the world of RC Semi Trucks, using a model that has an electric fuel source is definitely the way to go. They are more standard, more affordable, better for control, and are generally more quiet compared to a gas or nitro model.

Should I get a RC Semi Truck Kit instead of an RTR?

Yes and no. If you prefer to build things from scratch and enjoy doing so, but you also have some experience doing so, definitely get the kit. However, if this will be your first time, you might want to go for the RTR vehicle instead.

What are the different types of RC Trucks?

There are actually quite a few different types of RC Trucks to choose from, which are listed below for you:

– RC Rock Crawlers rip through the toughest of terrain and are the juggernauts of their category – they can take on enormous jumps, sand, steep hills, logs, ice, cliffs, snow, mud, huge rocks, you name it.

– Short Course Trucks are the most extensive, high maintenance of their category and are built for serious racing.

– RC Monster Trucks are the definite favorite with their unstoppable torques, powerful engines, and enormous tires – they don’t have the best speed, but they are awesome for tricks and general fun.

– RC Truggies and Buggies are where you want to be if speed is your biggest concerned – they aren’t all that durable, but they can definitely shred, are perfect for racing and are great for grittier terrain, such as sand, for example.

– RC Semi Trucks look exactly like the real thing, have a decent amount of speed, and are more for show than anything – although, some of them do come with some neat features and look identical to some of the real ones, so they’re pretty cool.

– RC Trucks are the generalization of the category, basically what you’d think of, and are great for all types of off-roading in general – they take abuse like no other!

RC Semi Trucks definitely stick out the most, though. Like we said, they’re very authentic, have some cool features, and are the apple of the category’s eye.


The Best RC Semi Trucks for Sale

There are a ton of great manufacturers, brands, models, you name it, out there for RC Semi Trucks, but we’ve got the best you can find ranked on one page! Finding the best RC Semi Trucks – top 5 RC Semi Trucks for sale is easy when you know which type you want, the features you’re looking to have, etc.

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    My dad passed away in 2018 and we have a remote control fuel tanker semi truck and trailer with controls and we are trying to find out what its value may be. I am sure my Dad paid about $900.00 for it when he bought mid 1990’s and it may not be worth that now, but I am being told $50.00 by our local hobby shop and I am struggling to believe that. Do you know of anyone who might be able to help me place a value on this truck?

    • Kelly F. at 2:55 pm

      Hi Cindy

      I see you posted this in mid January, so hopefully I’m not responding too late. I have been in hobby for well over 30 years. The only way that your late father’s truck is worth $50 is if it’s in pieces. That shop is probably trying to take it off of your hands at that price for 1 of 2 reasons… 1. So the shop owner can have it for himself; or 2. To make a tremendous profit off of the resale. Nevertheless, the value of the truck today would depend on several factors, such as: physical condition, functionality, hop-ups installed, electronics installed, just to name a few. You may have better luck trying to research “vintage rc” sites, workshops or conventions. Certainly do not take that 1 offer as standard until you do more research. I’d like to see pictures or even video of the truck if you can provide them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Good luck!

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