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5 Best Remote Control Boats For Kids – [2018] RC Boat Reviews & More


Are you planning to buy the best remote controlled boat for kids? There are a few factors you need to consider. Remote controlled toy boats for kids are designed to be used by kids that are as young as two and half years. They are small enough to be operated in indoor ponds or outdoor water surfaces. The water surfaces should be calm because of the small size of the boats.

The toy boats communicate with the controller using radio waves operating at 49 or 27 Megahertz.

The best remote controlled speed boats for kids are those that operate in multiple frequencies. That enables two or more kids two play with their boats next to each other without any frequency interference. Otherwise, one kid’s remote controller will intermittently control the other kid’s boat.

If the boats are being controlled with different frequencies, that will not happen because each boat’s receiver will only be able to listen to unique control signals from its controller.

It is the frequency that determines the uniqueness of the signals for toys boats. Hobby boats use advanced circuits that can recognize control signals sent from their controllers only.

Other factors to consider when buying the toy boats for kids are their speeds, battery capacity, and ability to regain an upright position if tipped to its side. The boats are motorized and only use electricity to power their motors.

Finally, the aesthetic appearance matters because it is a toy. Most children will love those toys that look like a “bad ass.” That will boost the kid’s confidence in the power of the toy boat if they will be racing them.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Controlled Boats


What is a remote controlled boat for kids?

A remote controlled boat for kids is a device that is designed like a mini-boat. It can float and be propelled on water as long as its relatively calm compared to the size of the toy boat. If the waves are bigger than the height of the boat, then it may not operate like regular boat does. On calm waters, they have a motion that is exactly as that of real boat.


What is the range of the remote control for the boat?

The boats have a range that is limited by the battery capacity that powers them and the range of the controller used to control them. Typically, some need to be as close as 100 feet of the controller to be able to receive the control radio signals.


How long do the batteries last in a remote controlled boat?

The batteries are able to last for between about three and five hours of continuous use. The exact duration will depend on battery capacity, speed of operation and range of the controller. A bigger capacity battery will power a boat for a longer period. It is also able to power a bigger motor.

How are the batteries recharged?

The batteries are recharged using the recharging adapters that come with the toy boats. You plug the adapter into the main’s socket or a generator power distributor. You then take out the battery and plug it onto the charger.


Does someone need training to operate remote controlled toys boat for kids?

No, you do not need any training to operate the remote controlled boats. The boats come with a manual that is easy to read and the remote controller has an easy to use interface. The knobs have clearly indicated functions that make them easy to master.


Where should the boats is operated on?

The boats are best used on outdoor water surfaces such as ponds and swimming pools. The water surface has to be clam for one to enjoy operating them. If they are bigger in size which most toy boat is not, then, you can operate them in water that slightly rough. The rule of thumb is to make sure that the water waves’ height is not more than the boat’s height.


Can the boats be operated at night?

Yes you can operate the boat at night, but you will need to illuminate the water surface. That is the only way you will be able to enjoy the experience.


How close should two remote controlled boats is operated?

When operating the toy boats for kids, you should keep a distance from other small boats that are operating under the same frequency. That is important to avoid interference. However, if the boats are operating at the different frequencies, then you can pilot them side by side.


Do I need a license to operate a remote controlled motorized toy boat?

You do not need a license to operate the boats. The frequencies that the boats are designed to operate on are set aside for civilian use.


Is there an age limit for remote control speed boats for kids?

There is no age limit, what is required is for you to be sure that your kid will able to operate the boat. That means if your kid is even two and half year sold, they will still be able to operate the boat with ease.


What safety measures should one observe when operating remote controlled speed boats indoors?

Unlike toy chopper and planes that can easily be flown into people’s faces, toys boats are much safer to operate. In fact, they are only risky to operate if the water surface is the water in the bath tub. That is because then, the boat might fly into the kid’s face is the make a mistake and speed them up towards them. Overall, if the boat is not listed in the recalled list of boat models, then it is safe. Toys boats are only recalled because of poor battery design.


Are motorized boats for kids of poor quality compared to mortised boats meant for hobbyists?

Motorized boats for kids are not of poor quality when compared to those designed for hobbyists which are more expensive. The difference in prize is brought about by the advanced functionality. The advanced functionality is mostly in the ability to operate in same frequencies as those of nearby boats without interference, and the ability of their batteries to sustain them for longer periods.

RC Boats Photo
Best Price
#1 For Toy Boat for Kids
Top Race Remote Controlled Speed Boat
table rc boats for kids top race
30 - 50 M
15 Min
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Babrit F1 RC High Speed Boattable rc boats for kids babrit f1
30 - 50 M

10 - 15 Min MIn
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Top Race Blue Speed Boattable rc boats for kids top race blue speed
30 - 50 M
15 Min
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Toy Boat for Kids Reviews

Let us take a look at different features, pros and cons, best remote controlled boat for kids. We will look at each toy’s distinguishing features and what makes it stand out. We also look at what makes some not as good as others.


Top Race® Remote controlled Speed Boat for Lakes and Pools

This is a speed boat that is designed to be used in pools and lakes. It can withstand waves that are as high as its height. It operates at 49MHZ. It can go forward and backwards, turn right or left and flip back to its upright position.

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– Red and white in color

– Multi-direction operation.

– Designed for operation in Lakes and ponds

– It comes with a rechargeable battery.

– It is remote controlled.


– Easy to operate.

– Recharges faster.

– It can flip back to its upright position.


– It experiences interference if operated at the same frequency with others.

– If you want to do boat racing, you need to find a boat that operates at a different frequency.


 Babrit F1 RC High Speed Boat

This is a multi-frequency boat that is powered by two powerful motors. It is designed for speed and can be safely recharged within three hours. Even though its frequency cannot be changed, the multi-frequency control minimizes chances of frequency interference.

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– It operates in the 49, 40, and 27 MHz.

– Strong and random signals.

– It is powered by two motors.

– Has self balancing capability.

– It has a maximum speed of 15 Km/h to 20 Km/h.


– Multidirectional operation.

– Precise port positioning.

– Rechargeable battery.

– It uses multiple frequencies.


– You must not leave the battery to recharge overnight.

– You cannot manually select the frequency of operation.

 Top Race® Blue Speed Boat

This is a high speed remote controlled toy boat that has been perfect for pools, lakes, and ponds. It can make sharp turns and is equipped with an auto-flip feature. The auto-flip feature enables it to regain its upright position in case it tips over when turning.


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– It can go forward, backwards, and sideways.

– It has an auto-flip feature.

– Comes with a rechargeable battery

– It controlled using the 27 MHz feature.

– You have to place it water to operate it.


– Easy to operate.

– No user training required.

– Can operate with the 47MHz boat without interference.

– Comes with an auto-flip feature for self stabilization.


– Cannot be operated next to a toy boat operating at 27MHz because of interference.

– Must be used by children of ages 8+



 Kid Galaxy Amphibious Remote Controlled Truck

This toy is able to operate in muddy water, water, sand, mud, grass, and pavement. It is designed to be used on all kinds of road surfaces that that most toys can’t go. It is an award winning toy that has received praises from educators and qualified professionals.


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– It can go anywhere that most toys will fail.

– This toy is easy to control.

– Operates at 27 MHz.

– It has sturdy wheel that operate on most surfaces.


– This toy is easy to control.

– You can make it go forward or backward.

– Can be operated on most surfaces that you can think of.

– Handles skidding very well.

– It can be operated by children over 3 years.


You need to race it with toys that operate at the 47MHZ to avoid interference.


 Udirc Venom High Speed Electric Boat

This is a powerful high speed boat that is designed to reach speeds of up to km/h. It will splash other speeds boats out of the water with its powerful after wash. You also get a warning when the boat’s battery is almost drained. The boat is made of an ABS plastic that resists tilting.


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– It combines speed and functionality to deliver an entertaining experience.

– It has a battery low warning system.

– Has a powerful hull and water cooled propeller.

– It circuitry must be kept dry.


– This boat is easy to pilot.

– It maximum speed easily surpasses other boats.

– Warns you when the battery is low.

– It is exciting to operate.


– You need to keep water out of its interior.

– Water in its interior will cause a short circuit.


 Babrit F1 Remote Control Boat

This is a multi-frequency speed boat that averages 15 to 20 KM/h and can be operated from a distance of 30 to 50 meters. It is also capable of balancing itself and can be precise piloted to port. It chooses a random frequency on which to operate and therefore minimizes chances of interference. You should not leave this battery overnight to recharge.


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– It can be operated up to distances of 50 meters.

– It is easy to pilot.

– It can balance itself and regain its upright position.

– Minimal frequency interference.


– Easy to operate.

– Uses multiple frequencies.

– The battery recharges within three hours.

– Uses a strong signal for maximum control

– It uses powerful 280 motors


– You cannot manually charge the frequency.

– You must not leave the battery to charge for more than three hours.


The best remote controlled boats for kids are those that are easy to operate, minimize frequency interference, and can easily be recharged. They should not require any maintenance because kids simply need toys they can play with and put away at the end of the day. Speed boats for kids are considered to be fun but safe compared to other toys such as helicopters or planes. We hope this guide has been helpful. You can now choose preferred speed boat toy for kids.

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