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The Best RC Vehicles – Top 5 Vehicles For Sale


Because there are so many good ones out there, finding the best RC vehicles can be a challenge, but we have them all in one place. The best RC vehicles for sale can be found on Amazon based on our experience, so they are relatively easy to find through following this guide.

RC vehicles are trucks, cars, and any other type of vehicle that are powered by batteries or by gas. They are controlled using a special remote or transmitter from a distance and are a ton of fun.

They work by receiving the signal from the transmitter or remote’s radio wave to the RC vehicle’s antenna and circuit board, or whatever setup the model has for receiving the signal.

This further activates the motor inside of the RC vehicle and links it up with the transmitter or remote. Once the signal has been successfully received and properly synced up you’re free to drive it as you choose.

The Best RC Vehicles on Amazon

We have taken a look at all of the RC vehicles currently available on Amazon and took the top 5 for our review. These RC vehicles for sale are all of great quality, have some cool features, and are all around some of the most awesome RC vehicles we’ve seen on the market thus far.

Distianert 4WD Off-Road Buggy

Read reviews and show for the Distianert 4WD Off-Road Buggy Here

The Off-Road Buggy is a fast and fun vehicle that runs off simple electricity and can be used in any environment and in any weather. If you’re a beginner, you’ll have no problem driving this car, and if you’re an advanced driver you’ll still have a ton of fun with one of the best RC cars for sale.

– Shockproof suspension wheels that further protect the vehicle from shocks, vibration, and all sorts of damages
– 2.4GHz radio system with a powerful GP 390 brush motor and 4-wheel-drive
– Can go up to 30 mph
– Comes with an extra battery that is fully rechargeable
– 1/18 scale size

Pros and Cons
– You can get up to 25 minutes on a single charge with the original battery and then an additional 25 to 30 minutes with the second battery that you can switch out while in the field

– The body of the vehicle is made of extremely tough PVC that is both a thick chassis and an explosion-proof shell, which means that both minor and major crashes don’t pose much of a problem

– Hitting top speed continuously after switching to the second battery may cause the vehicle to overheat, which can be a serious problem if you keep pushing it to this point

This RC vehicle is fast, flexible, and great for all ages, and it comes at a price that won’t leave a dent in your wallet. What more could you possibly want?

best rc vehicle distianert

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RW Lamborghini Veneno Racing RC Car

Read reviews and show for the RW Lamborghini Veneno Racing RC Car Here

This gorgeous RC vehicle is both easy on the eyes and a lot of fun to drive. It comes in silver and red and runs on 5 batteries total. You will need 2 AA’s for the remote control and 3 AAA’s for the car itself.


– Can reach up to 10 mph
– Remote distance range of approximately 30 to 40 meters
– Has red tail lights that brighten when the car is backing up, as well as headlights that glow during forward motion
– Able to go left, right, forward, reverse, stop, and go in all directions in general
– 1/24 scale size
– Includes a damping effect design and is able to absorb any shock given

Pros and Cons

– If you wish to do so, you can replace the 3 AAA batteries in the car with ones that are able to be recharged instead

– There is a dial underneath the car that can be turned to go in different directions automatically – for example, setting the dial to the left or the right will change the direction of the car to drive in a circle endlessly

– It can only be used on smooth, flat surfaces, so it cannot drive on gravel, carpet, etc

This RC car is awesome for indoor use. Though the range isn’t excellent and the battery time isn’t that long, it’s still great for some recreational fun with your kids.

It’s perfect for those who want something small, yet very flashy, to drive around the house to kick some boredom.


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Read reviews and show for the ARRMA Granite BLX Here

This fully-equipped all-terrain RC monster truck is a durable, waterproof choice that won’t let you down even in the toughest conditions. The body is made of precision aluminum and super-tough steel that won’t quit even with the roughest play.

– Shockproof suspension wheels
– 4 wheel drive
– Controlled via Tactic TTX300 transmitter
– Can go up to 30 mph
– Takes 4 AA batteries, but is 2S LiPo-compatible for even greater speeds
– 1/10 scale size

Pros and Cons

– Extremely durable steel and aluminum body covered in a waterproof coating allows this RC vehicle to still operate even after a rough crash or in bad weather.
– Incredibly precise controls

– A little expensive

– Brushed motor means it will get less power than some of the vehicles on this list with brushless motors

This hobby-grade truck is perfect for fans who aren’t afraid to get dirty and take part in some dirt-blasting, rock-crushing fun with one of the most durable and best RC cars on the market.

best RC cars

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Jovial Kids RC Amphibian Tank

Read reviews and show for the Jovial Kids RC Amphibian Tank Here

We’ve written a lot about the best RC cars in this article, but this amphibious vehicle can go on land or water and switches its wheels for a cool pair of corkscrew-shaped treads. If you want a very unique toy that can do cool stunts on water, Jovial Kids has made the best option for you.


– Waterproof and weather-proof in any season
– 4-directional movement with two easy-to-operate buttons
– Up to 30 minutes of run time on a single charge
– The design includes two corkscrew-shaped threads, both of which are very durable
– Rechargeable battery

Pros and Cons

– It’s 100% waterproof, thanks to the watertight design, and can be driven on water, sand, grass, ground, and any type of surface or terrain

– This RC vehicle is extremely beginner-friendly

– May lack some of the features that advanced RC vehicle pilots are looking for, and the treads take some getting used to

This amphibian tank model is so popular that it’s frequently out-of-stock, so grab it while you can if this is the best choice for you. We usually write about RC toys in the air, and in this article we’ve mostly written about RC toys that travel on the ground, but there’s only a few good options for RC vehicles in the water and this is by far the best of the bunch.

best rc cars jovial kids

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Blomiky 4WD High-Speed Racing Off-Road RC Truck

Read reviews and show for the Blomiky 4WD High-Speed Racing Off-Road RC Truck Here

For those who want something that’s both an off-road RC vehicle and one that includes some serious speed, we’ve found your perfect match. This electric-powered RC truck is quite a marvel.


– Has a shockproof suspension system with anti-skid 4-wheel-drive
– Includes 2.4GHz transmitter controller
– 1/18 scale size
– Comes with 3 batteries total
– Lasts between 20 to 30 minutes on a single charge

Pros and Cons

– The extra batteries are great to have, which ensure that you can switch them out while on the field and continue to race and have fun

– It’s great for sand, grass, gravel, and even smoother surfaces, so this RC truck is great for both indoor and outdoor racing and driving

– Driving straight is a problem – to get it to drive slightly straight you need to flip it over and mess around with a button/switch system that can be confusing

If you’re looking to channel your inner speed demon, this RC truck can definitely help you do it!


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The Different Categories of RC Vehicles

There are a large number of categories of RC vehicles and more than a handful of different types of RC vehicles to choose from. The wide selection is great for figuring out which one you may like best, where you’d like to start, and which type relates to your needs the most.

RC Off-Road Vehicles

This category is great for areas that have rougher, off-road terrain, such as gravel or sand, for example. They have bigger tires when compared to the other types of RC vehicles, which are often raised, and are built to handle the roughest of roads.
The vehicles in this category consist of the following:

– Buggy
– Stadium/Truggy Truck
– Monster Truck
– Short Course Truck (SCT)
– Rock Crawler/Scaler

RC Off-road vehicles are awesome for messing around in an open field, on a dirt track, and virtually anywhere their tires can handle.

RC On-Road Vehicles

This category is made for pavement and smoother, flatter roads. They are more often than not 4-wheel-drive, come with suspension, and can reach some intense speeds.

For those who are interested in speed and skill more than anything when it comes to features and specs in a RC vehicle, this category is definitely for you.

The vehicles in this category consist of the following:

– Touring Car (TC)
– Pan Car
– Rally
– Formula 1
– Road Car

This category is also best for those who want a RC vehicle that they can modify to make it their own personal creation. A lot of the models come with LiPo batteries, which means you can switch them out for a different one to change the specs.

For example, if you want faster speeds, you can change the LiPo to one with a higher voltage to increase the speed.

Gas-Powered RC Vehicles

A RC vehicle that is gas-powered is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a RC vehicle that uses gas as a fuel source.

If you are planning on investing in a RC vehicle that is powered by gas, you’d better be prepared to have a steady source of the needed fuel to be able to use it.

Amphibious RC Vehicles

This category of RC vehicle is actually pretty awesome. It can be driven both on land and on water. While driving through a lake is generally out of the question, it’s not a good idea to fully submerge it, this category is able to fly through puddles and shallow ponds without frying the electrical parts.
best rc cars faq

Nitro-Powered RC Vehicles

Like the gas-powered category of RC vehicles, nitro-powered RC vehicles are exactly what they sound like. They use a mixture of oil, methanol, and nitromethane as their primary fuel source and must have a constant supply of it to be able to run.

Although, some models that are nitro-powered will require methanol, nitromethane and a blend of synthetic oil and castor oil, but it all depends on the model you get. Either way, nitro-powered RC vehicles require nitromethane to a certain degree.

Electric-Powered RC Vehicles

This category of RC vehicle runs on electricity as the main power source. While they are not as powerful as those that run on gas, for example, they’re faster, more efficient, have great torque, and are a lot easier to manage and maintain.

Instead of mixing or adding a fuel source, you simply charge the battery if it’s a LiPo, change the batteries if they are AA’s, or any other types of batteries, and you’re good to go. They’re also the quietest fuel source category, as well.

Racing RC Vehicles

This category is purely for RC vehicles that are designed for the purpose of racing. They have high speeds, require quite a bit of upkeep, and can be modified with whatever parts you wish to use. They typically come with LiPo batteries that make them incredibly fast.

This category does fit in with a lot of the on-road RC vehicles you can find, but we figured we’d add it separately anyway.

FAQS About RC Vehicles

When the conversation about the best RC vehicles arises, you may have some questions that need answers. If you don’t see your question being answered anywhere in our FAQ section, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll gladly give your question a straight answer!

How fast can an RC vehicle go?

Where speed is concerned, it all depends on the model and brand you choose to go with. It depends on the price, parts used, the weight, the motor, etc.

Some of the more expensive RC vehicles can reach up to 60 mph and over, while other models designed for the purpose of racing can go over 100mph.

If you’re geared toward getting a RC vehicle that utilizes speed more than anything else, you’ll no doubt appreciate one that is more for racing. On average, however, they typically go as fast as 50 to 60 mph unless specified otherwise.

Where is a good place to drive a RC vehicle?

The great thing about RC vehicles is that you can drive them virtually anywhere. On the sidewalk, your backyard, or even in your home. Although, depending on where you live you have a ton of options.

For example, skate parks and parking lots are great places for driving a RC vehicle. Open fields, for one, are great areas for RC vehicles with raised tires.

There are a ton of places to drive a RC vehicle, practically anywhere is good if you give it a try.

Where is a good place to race RC vehicles?

For the best racing experience possible where RC vehicles are concerned, you’re going to want flat terrain and somewhere that has a long stretch. Track fields, for example, are great places to race RC vehicles.

Parking lots, open fields, track fields, and any long, open area have great potential to be a RC vehicle racking spot.

Which RC vehicles are the best for beginners?

A RC vehicle that is powered by electricity is better for beginners. They are easier to maintain and very easy to understand. They don’t need any tuning like nitro engines do and they also don’t need to be cleaned.

Where size is concerned for beginners the smaller the better. The best scale for beginner RC vehicles is typically between 1/10 and 1/8.

If you are completely new to RC vehicles then your best bet is to start with a 1/10, see how you like it, and then go from there later on. These sizes tend to have great value, are easier to carry around, and are more practical in general.

Should I get a kit or one that has already been built?

Unless you’re a hobbyist with a serious interest in building your own RC vehicle, buying one that has already been built is your best bet.

While kits are relatively easy to find, RTR RC vehicles are found more commonly and are better for those who want to drive one every now and then.

Building a RC vehicle from a kit is definitely not for the faint of heart, unless it’s an entry level one, and can actually be quite complicated. RC vehicles designed for constant tweaking and even competitions most commonly come in kit form.

Should I get one with a brushed or a brushless motor?

Brushed motors, for starters, are inexpensive and pretty much get the job done. They are not as fast as brushless motors are but they do have a high-performance rate.

Brushless motors are faster, more efficient, and can run longer on a single charge of the battery. However, there are much more expensive.

Therefore, if you don’t mind spending a couple extra bucks to get a faster vehicle, brushless motors are best for you. Otherwise, if you want something with more control and are on a budget, brushed motors are the definite choice.
best rc cars size

What are the sizes I can choose from?

If we were to list all of the sizes of RC vehicles you could get, you’d be reading this all day. So, instead, we’re going to list the most common sizes you can choose from.

The smallest size is 1/32, which is pretty tiny, and the biggest is 1/5. From then on you’ve got 1/16, 1/10, and 1/8. The size you choose is going to depend on a couple of factors.

For example, if you want to make upgrades and switch some parts out to pimp it out big time, going with a 1/32 is a bad idea.

In this case, you’re going to want to go with a 1/10 or even a 1/8. This is because these two sizes generally have more upgrades available than a 1/32 would, which actually have very few you can do.

What’s a bumper, and should I get one?

Some models do indeed come with a bumper but the majority of them tend to not have one. Bumpers are great for beginners to save your front and read end when you crash, because you definitely will.

Using a bumper doesn’t mean you’re not a good driver, even the pros use bumpers more often than not, so don’t worry.

Investing in a bumper, unless your model comes with one, is a great idea. It helps you save both money and time on replacing parts in the long run.

A lot of new cars will come with smaller, cheaply made bumpers, so upgrading to ones you can buy yourself that are of better quality is your best bet.

What are the different tires RC vehicles have?

There are a handful of different tires that you can get for an RC vehicle. If you’re not happy with the tires the vehicle has come with, you can change them out for something different.
A lot of people do this based on the terrain that they plan on driving and/or racing on.

Listed below are the different types of RC vehicle tires and their basic descriptions:

Ribbed – Placed only on the front wheels, are good for off-road conditions, great for side-to-side traction, and typically are only used on 2-wheel-drive RC vehicles

Pins – High wear on harder surfaces, gives an even amount of traction for all directions, reduced traction on sand, and has low traction on harder surfaces

Slicks – Made from foam or rubber, gives an even amount of traction for all directions, has virtually no traction when off-road, and has high traction on harder surfaces

Grooved – Has high traction for side-to-side, low traction during acceleration on sand, and has medium-low wear on harder surfaces

X Pin – Has relatively low traction on harder surfaces, traction is less affected when driving on sand, gives an even amount of traction for all directions, and has medium to high wear on harder surfaces

V-Groove – Very similar to Slick tires but has improved traction during acceleration on wet surfaces

Paddle – Has high wear on harder surfaces during acceleration, reduces steering on 2-wheel-drive vehicles drastically, gives an even amount of traction for all directions, and has great traction when driving on sand

As previously stated, the tires you end up choosing should greatly depend on the model of your choosing, where you plan on driving, and the conditions of the weather, terrain, etc.

The Best RC Vehicles

Though there are multiple categories, many more different types, and overall a ton of RC vehicles to choose from, the selection is wide for a very good reason. These cars range from inexpensive and very simple all the way to expensive and just as extensive.

Figuring out which one is the best for you is actually very easy, especially when it comes to looking at the best RC vehicles for sale.

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