After the wildly popular post last week of a Hawk Attacking a Drone, we decided to look around to see if there are other instances of birds or prey or other less militant winged creatures taking on drones. The question of what the score is between drones and birds was something that got us curious so we started a journey throughout the world wide web to find out. Here is the result of our research.

Birds vs Drones: Geese Attack DJI Phantom 2

This incident happened when a group of golfers took their DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ with them to the golf course. They have been flying a bit too close to people and the geese for that matter, but the birds took revenge and took the quadcopter out. In the original video you get to see more golfing action, but we have taken the liberty to skip that part and take you to the part of the video where the action happens.

Credit: Chris C

Birds vs Drones: Birds Attack Drone Causing Crash Landing

This one happened to Buddhanz1 when ha seemed to have a casual flight when the birds teamed up against his Phantom and started attacking it from all angles.  Team work proved to be successful here as well since the drone ended up crash landing, probably because the battery being knocked loose according to the owner.


Birds vs Drones: Raven Attack Against Drone

This one is a less fierce encounter since the raven is only threatening the drone. With success after all. No wonder they say ravens are smart, they forced the drone away without physical contact.

Credit: arie7711

We don’t know what you guys think, but we find these recording fascinating, keeping in mind that anyone flying a quad should take precaution and not fly in areas where birds are apparently in control of the airspace. All the people posting the recordings said that the birds have not been injured. We sure hope so.

At the end of the day though: the score is 3 – 0 in favor of the birds :). And keep in mind, the tower of the Blue Mosque could not take the same kind of DJI drone out and it managed to land. So all we can say is that Nature is Awesome.

Birds vs Drones - Dronethusiast

More encounters of Birds vs Drones.

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