I have stumbled upon an interesting “drone” project with a successful crowdfunding campaign again, called Carbon Flyer. I guess these projects attract a lot of people and investors also, specially now that GoPro is also on its way to develop an in-house drone product line.


Carbon Flyer

Carbon Flyer

This project seems to be very interesting at first glance as they are right, foam frames are light weight but easy to break. Carbon fiber is lightweight and tough as nails. My main concern is the Bluetooth control which is great for smartphone applicability, but suffers range and lag challenges. Anyhow, these guys are destined for success in the RC/drone industry because they have developed some very relevant products before like this one (seriously):

Onion Glasses

Onion Glasses by Trident Design

Seems a bit like they are the serial “wantrapreneurs” of crowdfunding, though this carbon fiber paper plane is much more interesting than these other TV Shop like items they have done before. And you have to give it to them: they are also behind the Coolest Cooler, the most-funded crowdfunding product (that’s not available to buy) of all time, raising over $13.2 million. The funding campaign closed in August and now you have the chance to “Get on the waiting list” if you visit their website. Can you believe your luck? 🙂


Coolest Cooler

So I can’t help feeling that this project attempts to ride the wave of the drone hype, so I would be very cautious with backing them. But first of all, you have to decide if a small carbon plane with Bluetooth control excites you. Oh, and crash proof. 🙂 Here you go:

 Read more here: Indiegogo, Trident Design
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Carbon Flyer - A Drone From The TV Shop Guys
Article Name
Carbon Flyer - A Drone From The TV Shop Guys
Carbon Flyer, another funded crowdfunding project from folks who created TV Shop like hits on Indiegogo.

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